Spiderman Man, Hulk, father of superheroes Stan Lee died

Spiderman Man
Image by thedailybeast
Stan Lee (age 95), who was recognized as the face of America's comic book culture, breathed his last at a private hospital.
  • Lee's daughter J. C. Lee had given this report to Dudhara, who had been admitted to Seeders Medical Center after losing his health. But there he got his life ...
  • He wrote the characters of surfers like Spider-Man, X Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Doctor Stange, and Captain America.
  • Stan Lee, the wealthy personality of comic writers, editors, filmmakers, actors, and publishers, was the force of Marvel Comics ...
  • On the occasion of 'Chakra' superhero film, Lee has done film production in India. Chakra was an animation pic

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  1. Great info about Stan Lee. Thanks for sharing. RIP Stan Lee.