Now run on your PC, Whats-app has two accounts, this is the easiest way

Do you want to run 2 Whats-app accounts simultaneously on your PC?

There are many ways in which you can use 2 Whats-app account simultaneously on your smartphone. But how to access 2 accounts simultaneously on the PC, this is the biggest question. In such a way, our news is from your work. We are going to tell you some easy ways you can run 2 accounts simultaneously on your PC. For this you need to take care of 2 things. First of all, the latest versions of Whats-app version of your phone, and the second one has a stable Internet connection in your mobile. So, knowing about these methods,

Step 1
Go to your PC's browser and type

Step 2

You have to scan your QR code here. Go to WhitesAP account on your mobile and scan QR code.

Step 3

Now open the browser's new tab to run another WhatsApp account.

Step 4

In this new tab, type and enter it.

Step 5

You also need to scan your QR code here. Now scan your QR code on your mobile with another WhatsApp account. After this you will be able to run two Whatsapp accounts on your PC simultaneously.