NASA insight vehicle ready for new campaign on Mars

Cape Canverell. Six years after the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, American space agency NASA is fully prepared to launch its new spacecraft Insight. It will be launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Station in California on Saturday. In this campaign, a robotic geologist (robot geologist) is also being sent who dig deep on the red planet and measure the vibrations on the surface. With this, the size and structure of Mars will also be studied deeply.

The cost of this joint operation of the US and Europe is one billion dollars (about 66 thousand crore rupees). Scientists say that Mars is still a mysterious planet. By studying its internal structure, we can get information about the origins of other planets including the Earth. Insight has been designed on the lines of the Phoenix Spacecraft. A device of cylinder size is also being sent for 16 feet of digging on the planet. To measure the vibration, the mechanical arm of the vehicle will install the seismometer on the surface.

Two satellites equal to Brief Case

Small size two satellites (cubets) are being launched with Insight as well. These two satellites called Wal-E and Eve will pass by near Mars. Scientists say that after reaching the planet on November 26, their role will be examined in establishing contact with Insight.

NASA's Mars campaign is the most successful

America is the only country that has succeeded in landing and operating spacecraft on Mars. For the first time in 1976, the Vikings were landed on the Red Planet. Subsequently, in 2004 Spirit and Opportunity and the 2008 Phoenix Rover had reached Mars. Phoenix was able to reach the pole of the red planet. Curiosity rover had landed on Mars in 2012.