Android user accused of data theft, the regulator is investigating.

The well-known search engine company has accused Google of wrongly gathering Android user data in Australia. Google has alleged that Oracle, a software company that makes this allegation, is using software. Although there have been such allegations earlier in the previous year on Google in November last year. Oracle has appealed to the Australian Competition and Privacy Regulator to investigate this matter. In the Australian regulatory order, Oracle said on May 15 that Google is gathering millions of Android users without informing them without informing them, for which the telecom companies have to pay charges for data usage. Let's say that the social media company Facebook has also been accused of data theft a few months ago.

Google cleared cleanliness: Answering the allegations, the company spokesman said that Google has permission to collect users' data. For data consuming in the use of any type of location related service, users are charged according to plan of telecom companies. Use of any such service depends on the user. If users think that they are being charged for consuming data then they can deactivate their service by going to their user settings.

The Australian regulator is investigating: Australian regulator has said that he is currently investigating Oracle's complaints. We are finding that users (users) have any information about it or not. If any of the users use any search or location service, then the telecom companies are charging the data in the gigabyte for consumption. In some mobile plans, users get fewer data, after which telecom service providers are charging separately for the data used.

There is a long dispute between the two companies: Please let us know that there is a long-standing dispute between Oracle and Google regarding the royalty given on using the Java platform. Oracle wants Google to give her royalty to Java, while Google has been offering that the Java platform should be used for free.

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