Aliens can not contact due to gravity of super earth, if not.!

According to a new study, due to superstition gravity, aliens can not contact the earthquake. This means that the aliens are not able to get out of the super Earth's gravity, the reason is that they can not come on Earth.

If the scientists believe that the Super Earth affirms the existence of aliens, but if it is true that aliens who live on super mean, then only one reason why they can not come to Earth is that they have super gravity of superstition.

What is super sense

You know that the super Earth Solar system is the one stra planet, whose moss is several times more than the Earth satellite but much less than planets like Uranus and Neptune.

According to Michael Hypock, a scientist associated with the Sonneberg Observatory of Germany, because super Earth is bigger and heavier than Earth, due to which there is more gravity here and it affects the space flight. That is why it is difficult to travel in space.

Because of this, it is difficult for aliens to come out of super sense and they can not even reach the Earth. Secondly, super Earth should travel from Earth to a great amount of fuel for travel, and this is not possible for aliens because of not having a Technology Effect.

In the new study, it was researched how much fuel needed to launch rocket to super space. It has been learned that a large part of the Super Earth will be used to launch such a rocket, so the flight in Spice is difficult.

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