Android user accused of data theft, the regulator is investigating.

The well-known search engine company has accused Google of wrongly gathering Android user data in Australia. Google has alleged that Oracle, a software company that makes this allegation, is using software. Although there have been such allegations earlier in the previous year on Google in November last year. Oracle has appealed to the Australian Competition and Privacy Regulator to investigate this matter. In the Australian regulatory order, Oracle said on May 15 that Google is gathering millions of Android users without informing them without informing them, for which the telecom companies have to pay charges for data usage. Let's say that the social media company Facebook has also been accused of data theft a few months ago.

Google cleared cleanliness: Answering the allegations, the company spokesman said that Google has permission to collect users' data. For data consuming in the use of any type of location related service, users are charged according to plan of telecom companies. Use of any such service depends on the user. If users think that they are being charged for consuming data then they can deactivate their service by going to their user settings.

The Australian regulator is investigating: Australian regulator has said that he is currently investigating Oracle's complaints. We are finding that users (users) have any information about it or not. If any of the users use any search or location service, then the telecom companies are charging the data in the gigabyte for consumption. In some mobile plans, users get fewer data, after which telecom service providers are charging separately for the data used.

There is a long dispute between the two companies: Please let us know that there is a long-standing dispute between Oracle and Google regarding the royalty given on using the Java platform. Oracle wants Google to give her royalty to Java, while Google has been offering that the Java platform should be used for free.

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Good News for Whatsapp Group Admin

Whatsapp rates are updated on a few days' intervals for new users. Now Whatsapp has brought 'Restricted Group' feature. Presently, this feature is available in both the platforms of Android and iOS.

There has been a lot of controversy in the past few days due to the group on Whatsapp. Some members of the group share some controversial posts and the result is that Group Admin also has to suffer. So many people avoided making the group. Apart from this, many groups do not share controversial content, although some members are sharing posts, photos and videos all through the valley day. Many people ram ram to the group when they are tired of all these things.

That's what Whatsapp has spotted, and has brought a new feature related to it.

What is 'Restricted Group'?

Group admin will get special rights from WhatsApp's 'Restruct Group' feature. When the 'Restrict Group' feature is actually implemented, the group admin will breathe a sigh while driving the group genuinely. Because of this feature, the group can post a controversial post sharing in the group. By doing so, members may read posts, view other members of the group, but they can not post anything.

When this feature is opened for all users, it can be used in the group's settings and used.

In the meantime, this feature will be useful to prevent posting of controversial posts or group posts by the group.

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Aliens can not contact due to gravity of super earth, if not.!

According to a new study, due to superstition gravity, aliens can not contact the earthquake. This means that the aliens are not able to get out of the super Earth's gravity, the reason is that they can not come on Earth.

If the scientists believe that the Super Earth affirms the existence of aliens, but if it is true that aliens who live on super mean, then only one reason why they can not come to Earth is that they have super gravity of superstition.

What is super sense

You know that the super Earth Solar system is the one stra planet, whose moss is several times more than the Earth satellite but much less than planets like Uranus and Neptune.

According to Michael Hypock, a scientist associated with the Sonneberg Observatory of Germany, because super Earth is bigger and heavier than Earth, due to which there is more gravity here and it affects the space flight. That is why it is difficult to travel in space.

Because of this, it is difficult for aliens to come out of super sense and they can not even reach the Earth. Secondly, super Earth should travel from Earth to a great amount of fuel for travel, and this is not possible for aliens because of not having a Technology Effect.

In the new study, it was researched how much fuel needed to launch rocket to super space. It has been learned that a large part of the Super Earth will be used to launch such a rocket, so the flight in Spice is difficult.

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NASA insight vehicle ready for new campaign on Mars

Cape Canverell. Six years after the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, American space agency NASA is fully prepared to launch its new spacecraft Insight. It will be launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Station in California on Saturday. In this campaign, a robotic geologist (robot geologist) is also being sent who dig deep on the red planet and measure the vibrations on the surface. With this, the size and structure of Mars will also be studied deeply.

The cost of this joint operation of the US and Europe is one billion dollars (about 66 thousand crore rupees). Scientists say that Mars is still a mysterious planet. By studying its internal structure, we can get information about the origins of other planets including the Earth. Insight has been designed on the lines of the Phoenix Spacecraft. A device of cylinder size is also being sent for 16 feet of digging on the planet. To measure the vibration, the mechanical arm of the vehicle will install the seismometer on the surface.

Two satellites equal to Brief Case

Small size two satellites (cubets) are being launched with Insight as well. These two satellites called Wal-E and Eve will pass by near Mars. Scientists say that after reaching the planet on November 26, their role will be examined in establishing contact with Insight.

NASA's Mars campaign is the most successful

America is the only country that has succeeded in landing and operating spacecraft on Mars. For the first time in 1976, the Vikings were landed on the Red Planet. Subsequently, in 2004 Spirit and Opportunity and the 2008 Phoenix Rover had reached Mars. Phoenix was able to reach the pole of the red planet. Curiosity rover had landed on Mars in 2012.


Now run on your PC, Whats-app has two accounts, this is the easiest way

Do you want to run 2 Whats-app accounts simultaneously on your PC?

There are many ways in which you can use 2 Whats-app account simultaneously on your smartphone. But how to access 2 accounts simultaneously on the PC, this is the biggest question. In such a way, our news is from your work. We are going to tell you some easy ways you can run 2 accounts simultaneously on your PC. For this you need to take care of 2 things. First of all, the latest versions of Whats-app version of your phone, and the second one has a stable Internet connection in your mobile. So, knowing about these methods,

Step 1
Go to your PC's browser and type

Step 2

You have to scan your QR code here. Go to WhitesAP account on your mobile and scan QR code.

Step 3

Now open the browser's new tab to run another WhatsApp account.

Step 4

In this new tab, type and enter it.

Step 5

You also need to scan your QR code here. Now scan your QR code on your mobile with another WhatsApp account. After this you will be able to run two Whatsapp accounts on your PC simultaneously.