What is Internet of Things - IOT (Internet of Things,M2M,Human intervention,health information,ECG,internet fridge,LED screen,GPRS,human intervention,humans in the future)

IOT Internet of Things is a system of interconnected chips. Things means a unit or thing that can be anything human, object or animal. It is also known as M2M. Every unique item connected to this system i.e. Object, animal and human being is given a unique ID (identification), all of which are connected on the network, and each program has the ability to press each other without any button Keep sending. Human intervention in this system is very low, all work is done automatically.

For the example of IOT, for the health information of the patient in heart disease, he gives a band to wear, which has a sensor system, which removes the patient's biometrics (ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate and Activity level) and sending the doctor to the doctor. With its use, the patient can go to the hospital without having to do his daily work and remain under the supervision of the doctor.

Another IOT example can be taken from the internet fridge, this refrigerator can connect to wi fi on the internet. It can take photos of the goods kept in the fridge and show it on your mobile and can also show alarms, reminders and messages on the LED screen on its gate. Add more features to this, it is also possible that milk can be ordered in milk and when milk is low.

Things and sensors connected to the IoT system can be interconnected by any means, such as RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G or 4G.

Future - 'Internet of Things' is going to be such revolutionary work in the future by the IOT, which will never have been imagined. According to Gartner's estimates of research firm, by 2020, there will be a turnover of 26 billion IOT units, which do not include computers and mobile phones. By presenting the routine work done by humans, by automating the IOT system and intelligence, the work will automatically be done and the human intervention will be reduced. This will provide new facilities to humans in the future, but the damage will be done that the work done by the man will be done efficiently by the machines, which can reduce the work opportunities for the people ie the jobs.

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