These latest features will start soon in Google Maps

Google Map is one of Google's biggest successes. This app has more than a billion users worldwide. Its platform is constantly growing and tested with letest features. Android Police has informed to add some latest features to the Google Maps version 9.71 Beta.We do not know when these facilities will arrive on your handset, but they are likely to arrive soon.

Many of these latest features will be available in the app

There is a screenshot button instead of the SharePoint button in Google map. This has started appearing to some users. The function of the screenshot button is not known, but it can be similar to a share button on Google Map.

Battery status

While sharing the location while sharing the location, Google Map will show the other battery status of your handset to another person, to tell the person how long you will be in touch. This would be useful if your device's battery level is low because the other person can understand the situation. Set the shortcut

Set shortcuts to favorite stations. Google Map will allow you to set shortcuts or favorites on your favorite Metro stations. These shortcuts or routes can be visible to other Metro passengers who are using the same Metro station and will also be useful for them.

Arrival notification

On arrival will inform you in advance. Together will tell the exact time of your arrival. It can be useful just like other features.

Trip sharing

Will be able to share trip with other users. This will include a latest features where users can share their travels with others. It is possible if you are on the way to your destination or you have already reached the destination.