Reliance Jio's broadband service will start by the end of March, trials are going on in 10 cities

After the telecom sector, the Reliance Geobroadband sector is now preparing to make big bangs a few days later. According to Telecom's report, Reliance Geo is now ready to enter the Broadband area through Geo Fiber and is going to launch it officially by the first quarter of this year i.e. the end of March. This service of Reliance Geo will be named GeoFebber or JioFiber (Fiber to the Home-FTTH).

What is Geophysic Techniques

Let us tell you that trials of Geophyser are going on in 10 cities including Delhi NCR. 100gb free data is being given to Lucky customers every month. Through FTTH broadband technology, through optical data center, customers are delivered directly to the customers. This is the reason that speed of FTTH is faster than other broadband.

Trial phase will be free for three months

From Reliance Jio, it has been said that those who join the trial phase will be given free broadband facility for only three months. It is believed that the company is planning to market broadband services like Geo SIM, which will benefit the customers free of cost till the broadband service launches.

Settap box for Internet TV with FTTH

Reliance Geo is planning to provide high speed broadband service and setup box (Internet TV) connection with the same connection under its geofiber service, with the help of which the benefits of the facilities other than consumer TV channels, video games, video on demand Will be able to lift The funny thing is that customers do not have to pay different companies for their landline, broadband and cable TV connections.

Cheap Geophyser Service

You may have noticed that the value of fixed broadband data is much lower than wireless data. After the arrival of Geo in the wireless data market, such as mobile data prices were reduced by other companies, it is expected that after the arrival of Geophieber, broadband service can also be very affordable. One impact of this would be that other companies offering broadband service can reduce the prices of their plans to retain their customers. As we have seen the decrease in prices of our plans by the Broadband Service Provider ACT Fiber, DEN, Spectra and other companies.

Image and content by khabar baat, and concerted by Google