Now send money with message on WHATSAPP, start up UPI feature, use this way

The UPI (Universal Payment Interface) has begun on Whatsapp Beta for Android and iOS users. Through this feature, users can make money transactions with WhatsApp. The combination of the UPA and Whatsapp is being seen as a major step in the world of digital payments. After the launch of the Kaspless Campaign, many platforms of digital payment has been started in the country, the names of which are named as PetiM, Google Teas. To make money transactions with WhatsApp, both users (money-makers and money-takers) must have this payment feature.

This feature is currently available only to the limited users of
Whatsapp Beta
. This feature is given in the section containing attachments of the chat window. Now the option of the UPA has been added to the list of galleries, videos and documents. When a click opens, a window opens, where the options of banks appear. You can then join the UPA through your bank account. The new user user has to make an authentication pin here. If you have not used it yet, then you will have to generate a UPA account by going straight to the UPA or the bank's website or app.

First of all, the money you send, go to the Whatsapp profile.

Next, select the attachment icon on the chat window

Now the payment option will be visible. Clicking on it will bring you terms and conditions. Accept them.

After this the user has to verify his number.

You can choose your bank in the list.
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