Even if you read 100 times, again 101 times this article would like to read all..!

Apple (iPhone) owner Steve Jobs died of tuberculosis in 2011. Its last words.

Even if you read 100 times, again 101 times this article would like to read all

Steve Jobs
I reached the peak of Uttung success in the professional field ...From my perspective, my life and success have also become synonyms ...
Yet, besides my work, if I said happiness, I rarely found it. Ultimately, the one I surrendered, my wealth has become just a true fit for me.
Today, at this moment, when I was bedridden due to illness, I was reminded of my life. The publicity and wealth which I considered to be the highest and the only way to say that it is fading, when all of us are becoming shuddy, and therefore it is meaningless.
Today, while approaching death, the medical devices that show green light and life are visible to me, when I hear the sound of the instruments in it, I also know the breathlessness near near approaching death ...
Now, I realize that after collecting enough money for the future, you have to do something more important than wealth:It is possible to engage in nurturing or social service
Continuing to run behind only money, the man goes inside and out just inside and out ... just like me .
Throughout my life, I have never been able to bring wealth with honor.
What is the most costly bed in the world? ... "Sickbed"
You can hire a driver to hire your car, and you can hire those who earn money for you ... but you can not hire anyone to take your sickness anytime.
Lost objects can also be found. But the only thing is that once one has escaped from the hand, no measure can be found again ... and it is "our life" "time" "time".
The person who is on the table of surgery says that 'you have only read one book'. It is a book, "A book of healthy living".
Presently, you are standing by bringing any one or a day in such a way, even if you are going through the age of your life - the last issue of the play is clearly visible.
Do not ignore yourself ... Respect yourself. Treat others with love too.

People learn to use human beings, and learn money to use real money, and men should be saved. The beginning of our life is by our crying, the end of our life is by the cry of others, the middle of the life which is filled with a happy smile, and always happy for it Stay and keep others happy ... !!!