4 new currency notes: Here's what makes them unique

By Moneycontrol News
The Federal Reserve Bank of India last week introduced the Rs two hundredcurrency note in an exceedingly bid to ease lower denomination transactions.

The newest addition to India’s currency series implies that the run has free four new currency notes – Rs fifty, Rs 200, Rs five hundred and Rs two,000 - within the10 months since devaluing massivebanknotes in an attempt to throttle on black cash. Plans to introduce a replacement Rs one,000 note also arereportedly afoot.
Here area unit the a number of the distinct options of the new currency notes:
The new set of currency notes aims to showcase the nation’s wealthy and various culture, her struggle for freedom and her proud achievements over the years. All the four new currencies have distinct styles that area unit completely differentfrom the previous Mahatma GandhiSeries of bank notes in terms of color, size and theme.
Apart from the new theme of India’s heritage sites on these note series, the new currencies area unit completely different from the recent notes in several aspects. A few
The new notes even have style parts in myriad, geometric figures, convolutedforms, and shapes.
> Rs two hundred and Rs two,000 note
The never-seen-before notes of base-yellow Rs two hundred and magenta clad Rs two,000 have motifs of Sanchi Stupa and also the Mangalyaan moon mission severally.
new alternative parts accessorialin these notes area unit numerals in Nagari script and also the image of Swachh Asian nation.