Even if you read 100 times, again 101 times this article would like to read all..!

Apple (iPhone) owner Steve Jobs died of tuberculosis in 2011. Its last words.

Even if you read 100 times, again 101 times this article would like to read all

Steve Jobs
I reached the peak of Uttung success in the professional field ...From my perspective, my life and success have also become synonyms ...
Yet, besides my work, if I said happiness, I rarely found it. Ultimately, the one I surrendered, my wealth has become just a true fit for me.
Today, at this moment, when I was bedridden due to illness, I was reminded of my life. The publicity and wealth which I considered to be the highest and the only way to say that it is fading, when all of us are becoming shuddy, and therefore it is meaningless.
Today, while approaching death, the medical devices that show green light and life are visible to me, when I hear the sound of the instruments in it, I also know the breathlessness near near approaching death ...
Now, I realize that after collecting enough money for the future, you have to do something more important than wealth:It is possible to engage in nurturing or social service
Continuing to run behind only money, the man goes inside and out just inside and out ... just like me .
Throughout my life, I have never been able to bring wealth with honor.
What is the most costly bed in the world? ... "Sickbed"
You can hire a driver to hire your car, and you can hire those who earn money for you ... but you can not hire anyone to take your sickness anytime.
Lost objects can also be found. But the only thing is that once one has escaped from the hand, no measure can be found again ... and it is "our life" "time" "time".
The person who is on the table of surgery says that 'you have only read one book'. It is a book, "A book of healthy living".
Presently, you are standing by bringing any one or a day in such a way, even if you are going through the age of your life - the last issue of the play is clearly visible.
Do not ignore yourself ... Respect yourself. Treat others with love too.

People learn to use human beings, and learn money to use real money, and men should be saved. The beginning of our life is by our crying, the end of our life is by the cry of others, the middle of the life which is filled with a happy smile, and always happy for it Stay and keep others happy ... !!!

Once again, Geo will know this great gift given to all users, then will be happy,Reliance 4G,jio sim

Digital World: Friends Welcome to the world of digital, yes yes you have read correctly in the title. Friends recently, Jive Mobiles has just launched a Reliance 4G VoLTE smartphone for RS 699 with Reliance Jio. During the launch, the company has issued a statement saying that cashback of 2200 rupees will be given under the Geo Football offer on all 4G VoLTE smartphones of Reliance Jio sim Zvi Mobiles.

Friends, as well as the company has said in their statement, that the world's first touch and type smartphone hybrid model has been launched for consumers by moving from the feature phone to the smartphone.

At the same time, Pankaj Anand, CEO of Jio Mobiles, said that keeping in view the increasing demand of smartphones and the demand for smartphones in rural areas, we have understood the changing needs of our customers and it is necessary to bring the product accordingly. The alliance with Reliance Jio is the right step towards achieving our goal of reaching the last point of communication.

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Samsung is launching its flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9,Galaxy Unpacked 2018, extraction camera

Galaxy S9 leaked photo

Samsung is launching its flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + today. It will be launched at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event. These smartphones will be the next models of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. Both of these smartphones will get much updates today compared to the previous model. For your readers, aajtak.in will provide live coverage of this event, and will inform every aspect of this event and the phone.

Today, even before the launch of these smartphones, this particular video has been leaked to the internet, showing all the features. This new smartphone has been labeled 'The Phone Reimaged' tagline. Also on Flipkart the teaser has been released for this smartphone. There are speculations that this smartphone can be launched in India soon.

Media reports also reveal that this will be the first smartphone with a dual extraction camera. In this new smartphone, the fingerprint scanner will be present at the bottom of the camera compared to Galaxy S8. According to the alleged leaked video, this smartphone can also be a great business smartphone.

The leak has not stopped here, some of the pictures of the Galaxy S9 have been leaked even with the handle of Twitter user Ivan Blas. Although this smartphone is actually what it is, it will be known only after launch. Its live streaming will be from 10:30 PM IST Indian time on Samsung's official website.

Sad News, Bollywood actor Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai |

Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest, confirmed her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. Sridevi was 54. The first female superstar of Bollywood was reportedly with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi at the time of death.

Bollywood actor Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest, confirmed her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. She was 54. “Yes, it is true that Sridevi passed away. I just landed here, I was in Dubai and now I am flying back to Dubai. It happened roughly around 11.00-11.30. I don’t know more details yet,” Sanjay confirmed the news to indianexpress.com. Sridevi was reportedly with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi at the time of death. They were with the entire Kapoor family in UAE to attend the wedding ceremony of Mohit Marwah.

Born as Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, Sridevi worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films before entering Hindi films. She started acting in the late 1960s, but her performance in Malayalam film Poombata (1971) won her the state award for best child artist.

Sridevi made her Bollywood debut as a child artist in Julie (1975). Her first adult role was at the age of 13 in Tamil film Moondru Mudichu (1976). Sridevi went on to become one of the biggest female stars India ever had. The government of India awarded her Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honour, in 2013.

Top Project Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

What Are The Skills And Qualifications Needed For Project Coordinator?
Answer :

Project Coordinator Skills and Qualifications:

Performance Management
Project Management
Foster Teamwork
Quality Management
Tracking Budget Expenses
Results Driven
Time Management

What Was A Fairly Challenging Project You Managed?
Answer :

During the first year of my career, I was assigned a conference coordination involving 50 local delegates. Just a week before the big day, number of delegates was doubled and international speakers and facilitators were included in the guest list. The budget was raised but due to pressing time it was very challenging to arrange travel and stay including visa clearances of international partners. However I managed it and the conference went exactly the way client wanted.

What Are The Duties Of A Project Coordinator?
Answer :

Project Coordinator Job Duties:

Accomplishes work requirements by orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, and coaching employees.
Meets work standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving operational problems; identifying work process improvements.
Meets cost standards by monitoring expenses; implementing cost-saving actions.
Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications.
Enhances department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

What Are Some Of The Things That You And Your Supervisor Have Disagreed About?
Answer :

Shifting priorities is usually the main reason for any type of disagreement. I may be working on a project that has a tight deadline and my supervisor may pull me from that project to work on something else. It can be frustrating to stop working on a project after I have built up a great deal of momentum only and to switch gears on the fly and start on something completely different.

How Do You Plan A Project?
Answer :

The first thing I do when making a plan for a said project is to create a feasibility study. The next step is to plan how a project will progress - this includes setting targets and milestones. Distributing responsibilities and allocating resources is next, followed by taking measures to ensure that deadlines are met.

How Do You Handle The Uncertainty In A Project Coordinator's Role?
Answer :

It is important to apply quick and creative thinking when dealing with uncertainties in a project. Team members may not get along and funding may stop - it is up to us to ensure the efficacy of a project by employing tolerance, tact and flexibility.

What Level Of Expertise Do You Have In Getting Bills Cleared By External Vendors?
Answer :

I have been in the field for a while now and most commonly needed vendors are on my personal contract panel. I have never had clearance issues with vendors since being a professional, I never commit or deliver any service on credit.

What Are The Main Steps Involved In Planning A Project?
Answer :

Project management has three main phases. The preliminary phase involves understanding the project requirements after meeting with the clients and setting a budget. The second phase is that of planning and time line development and the final phase involves implementation of the plan.

What Are The Personal Strengths That Aid You As A Project Coordinator?
Answer :

Remarkable interpersonal skills, ability to negotiate and working out conflict resolution in a win-win manner are three positives that have always supported me in this role.

Name The Accounting And Administrative Tasks That A Project Coordinator Has To Accomplish?
Answer :

Budget management, discrepancy balancing, timeline development and implementation are the core accounting and administrative tasks a project manager needs to master.

Which Internal Consulting Tools Are You Familiar With?
Answer :

I am well versed in Oracle, EBS and SalesForce. I am a tech savvy and computer friendly person and can adapt to any software preferred by the company or client.

What Are The Three Main Purposes Of A Project Coordinator Position?
Answer :

The position mainly exists to serve as a liaison among client and service providers, to develop the client's idea on a fixed budget and to support the clients and organization throughout the project planning till operational implementation.

How Would You Define The Typical Working Conditions Of A Project Coordinator?
Answer :

Busy, complex, involved with cross company teams and many levels of the organization management, its affiliates, and customers, all at once. Do not hesitate to say that because of the breadth of your field of work, a typical day is characterized by uncertainty and surprise. This requires quick and creative thinking, flexibility, tolerance, adaptability, and formidable multi-tasking skills.

What Is Involved In Planning A Project?
Answer :

A coordinator typically produces feasibility studies for project ideas. He then plans project progress: sub targets and tasks, goals, milestones, etc. Personnel planning means distributing responsibilities between the assigned employees in the most effective way.

Give An Example Of Working In A Team With Specialists As A Project Coordinator?
Answer :

If, for example, you have worked in a development company, an obvious example is working closely with the development team to define goals, coordinate resources, solve conflicts, and minimize risks. Project coordinators direct resources and are thus connected to resource managers and the procurement. They work to satisfy quality, deadlines, and budget limitations, and might also work closely with specialists like quality engineers.

What Is A Project Coordinator?
Answer :

The Project Coordinator is an integral member of the project team responsible for delivering building development projects of varying size and complexity.

Top Project Manager Interview Questions & Answers

How Will You Define A Project?
Answer :

A project is a set of task/activities undertaken to create a product, services or results. These are temporary, in the sense that they are not routine work like production activity but most often one time set of activities undertaken.

What Is Your View Of Project Management?
Answer :

Project management involves applying the knowledge & skills of the project team members including the project manager, application of tools and techniques available to ensure the defined tasks are completed properly. Proper completion means implies achievement of end results within given cost and time constraints. It usually means balancing of the constraints of scope, budget, schedule, quality, risks and resources.

Are There Distinct Kinds Of Activities In A Project?
Answer :

Most often any project goes through some easily identifiable set of activities during its lifetime. Some typical activities can be identified as related initiating a project. Planning set of activities are required to plan the activities to be undertaken to achieve the defined goals. Executing group of activities help getting the project done. A related set of activities are required to monitor and correct the course of actions to keep the project on the planned course charted for it. Final set of activities are related to the systematic closure of the project. Most important of which is, of course, to formally record what has been learnt during the execution of the project. When documented, this set of documents, related forms to be used, the way estimates are to be made, database of estimates of similar projects etc. are often referred to as Organizational process assets.

What Do You Think Is The Difference Between Projects, Programs And A Portfolio?
Answer :

Projects are undertaken for a specific or a set of related purposes. A program is a set of projects managed in a coordinated manner to achieve different parts of an overall goal. For example the NASA lunar landing program had the development of the command module and the lunar landing modules as separate projects. A portfolio is a collection of projects, programs and even other portfolios that help an organization achieve some common high level business purpose.

Who Is A Stakeholder?
Answer :

Any person, organization or an entity whose interest is affected, positively or negatively, because of the project. The influence of stakeholders is an important issue to take into account in any planning and subsequently during execution of it as well.

What Are Organizational Influences?
Answer :

Every organization has a certain way of doing things, collective wisdom about how things can best be done, etc. and these influences the planning and execution processes. These influences need to be taken into account when estimating, planning for activities related to projects. These are often mentioned as organizational environmental factors.

Can You Explain Project Life Cycle?
Answer :

A project has distinct phases when the range of activities required to carry out the project work differ. There is a distinct “start” phase, followed by an organizing and preparing phase. “Carrying out” is the actual execution part of the project. “Closing” phase makes sure the temporary activities related to the project are closed systematically. The points in time when the phase changes happen are named variously as phase gate, exits, milestones or kill points. If a project is to be closed, it is decided at these stages based on the performance or if the need of the project has disappeared.

What To You Understand By A Project Charter?
Answer :

This is a document where it all begins. Project authorization is done on this document and a project would be initiated with the top level requirements listed in this document. Initial requirements as seen by stakeholders and the outcomes of the project also are listed in it.

What Do You Understand By Plan Baselines?
Answer :

Baselines are the final version of all plans before the project execution starts. Project baselines are the starting versions of all related plans of a project, be it the time schedule, the quality plan, the communication plan or whatever. This acts as the reference against which project performance is measured.

What Qualifications Are Required To Be An Effective Project Manager?
Answer :

Besides being a good professional manager, the PM needs to have additional personal skills for being effective. It is not only essential for him to have project management skills but be proficient in them. Attitude, core personality characteristics and leadership qualities are needed. Team management and leadership skills that help the team reach common objectives and goals are required.

What Are Processes And Process Groups?
Answer :

A process is a defined way of doing things. Not only does the process define the actions to be taken but also in what sequence they are to be carried out. Process groups are a set of processes that are applicable to various stages of a project. For example, initiating process group, planning process group, etc. Each of the processes has a defined set of inputs and produce defined outputs by applying a set of tools and techniques on the input.

What Are The Knowledge Areas Relevant To Doing A Project?
Answer :

Scope management, time and cost management knowledge areas are quite obvious. Same goes for quality management too. To complete a project in all its aspects one needs to be aware of the project integration knowledge area. Communications is an essential issue so is the communication management knowledge. Procurement and risk management are two vital support areas. Since people get things done Human resources management is also an equally important area.

What Is Raid As It Related To Project Management?
Answer :

RAID stand for risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies. These are vital items that a PM should always be aware of. There are always risks about actions and a PM must take least risk actions. Unless assumptions about any estimates or actions are clear, these can go wrong. Issues and dependencies also limit the choices of actions often.

What Are The Important Processes For Project Integration Management?
Answer :

It starts with a project charter development. Project management plan development is another important activity. Direct and manage project execution and monitor and control are plans that are to be followed all through the project. Closing of the project (or the current phase) is the final set of activities for integration management. Since changes are often unavoidable an integrated change management plan must be developed to guide all changes systematically.

What Is A Sow?
Answer :

SOW or the statement of work is a detailed description of the outcomes of the project in terms of what products, services or results are expected from the project. Most detailed SOW are usually given by the customer if he is the one requesting the project.

What Does Scope Management Involve?
Answer :

Typically this process involves collecting requirements, defining scope, creating WBS, verifying scope and controlling the scope. The project scope statement, WBS and WBS dictionary defines the scope baseline. Controlling the scope process must minimize scope creep.

How Should Changes Controlled?
Answer :

Through the integrated change control process. Requested changes will have to be reviewed by a change control board. Only the approved changes shall be included in the document changes guiding project execution.

What Is Work Breakdown Structure (wbs) And How Does It Affect The Work Estimates Of Tasks/activities?
Answer :

Work breakdown structure defines the work activities required for the project and the sub activities of each of the work requirement. The breakdown goes down to levels where all the work required is clearly understood. Work need not be broken down further than that. Work breakdown dictionary includes additional details that help define the tasks. Time and effort estimates can be accurate when everything about the work and dependencies are known.

How Do You Define A Milestone?
Answer :

Milestone is a point in project schedule when some objective, a part of a result or a part of the planned services planned are achieved.

What Are Some Techniques Used For Defining Scope?
Answer :

Product breakdown, requirements analysis, systems engineering, systems analysis, value engineering, value analysis and alternatives analysis. Alternatives analysis can be helped by brain storming, lateral thinking and pair-wise comparisons, etc.

How Do Project Scheduling Help Achieve Project Execution?
Answer :
When the activity effort and resource estimates are known getting the work done depends on how the tasks are sequenced. Dependencies with other activities have to be clearly known. The basic sequence is determined by what activities should be carried out first and what should follow. Unconnected tasks/activities can be sequenced in parallel to reduce project time. Most optimized sequencing would give you the best possible time needed given the resources allocation is ideal and there are no constraints there. Scheduling is done from activities list prepared after WBS has been finalized.

How Is The “activity Time” Estimates Done?
Answer :
Parametric estimates, three point estimates and analogous estimates are the techniques used for estimating activity time estimates.

How Do You Estimate In The Three Point Estimating Method?
Answer :
One optimistic estimate, a pessimistic estimate and one “most likey” estimate is considered for an activity. (Op estimate+6 X most likely+ pess. Estimate) is calculated and divided by 6. This result then may be further iterated. This is the estimate to be used.

How In The Project Time Schedule Represented Most Often?
Answer :
Activity scheduling network diagram is the most common form of representation for the project time schedule. This is often accompanied by milestone chart, and bar charts.

What Is A Critical Path In Schedule Network Diagram?
Answer :
When activity scheduling is done there will be activities whose start time and/or end times are not critical. It may be possible, due to dependencies, to start a task later than the date on the schedule, similarly an activity could be completed later as there are no other activity waiting for its completion. These time pads are called floats. There is always a path from start to finish, which does not have any floats. Not only all the activities in the path must be carried out in planned time, but also there cannot be any delays. Any delays will directly reflect on project completion time. This chain of activities or the path from start to finish is known as the critical path.

What Are The Ways A Project Time Schedule Can Be Compressed?
Answer :
Crashing and fast tracking are two methods of accelerating a project time schedule. Crashing method tries to optimize the schedule making use of the time floats available while keeping costs under control. Fast tracking is to make selected activities faster by applying additional resources if necessary. It may mean paying team members overtime, paying for the time of a consultant, etc.

What Is Effort Variance?
Answer :
It is the difference in estimated effort and the effort actually needed. Work performance is monitored periodically to find if there is any variance in efforts so that corrective actions could be taken.

What Is Evm, Earned Value Management?
Answer :
At every monitoring point the planned value (PV), earned value (EV) and actual cost (AC) are monitored. PMB, performance measurement baseline is the aggregation of all planned values. Variances from baselines are determined and Schedule variance (SV) and cost variance (CV) are calculated. If earned value is equal to the planned value then the project is achieving what it is supposed to. If there is schedule or cost variance is significant, appropriate action needs to be taken to correct the slips. Estimate at completion (EAC) is estimated and compared with budget at completion. In case there is a slip, the cost consequences will be known.

What Does A Processes Ensure?
Answer :
According to a dictionary, “A is a way of systematic monitoring and evaluation of aspects of a project, service or facility to ensure that standards of quality are met”. Thus, whatever ensures products meet customer expectations are part of A efforts. Ensuring quality of everything that goes into making a product and that no mistakes are made while making it ensures quality.

What Is Quality Control?
Answer :
QC procedures include inspections to ensure quality requirements are being met

What’s The Need For Process Improvement Plans?
Answer :
A cornerstone of A is that processes are continuously improved. Process improvements help mistakes in processes and thus help improve quality.

What Is The Tool Used For Arriving At Improvements In Processes?
Answer :
GM, or the goals, questions and metrics is the method used. Goals are set, questions are asked about what improvements can be made and metrics (measurements that tell us something about the process) are carried out.

What Are The Important Aspects Of A Hr Plan For The Project Team?
Answer :
Acquiring the team, forming the team, assigning roles & responsibilities, appraisal policies, rewards & recognition are the areas where clear cut policies should exist and be well known to team members.

Why Is The Performance Management Process In The Hr Management Plan Important?
Answer :
People like to be recognized for their contributions. The project management team needs to recognize talent and reward and recognize the performers. The assessment should not only be fair but seen to be fair.

How Do You Determine The Communication Needs Of Stakeholders?
Answer :
The communication needs of stakeholders depend on their position in the power/influence grid, power/interest grid as also impact/influence grid. Salience modeling is another technique to determine who is the most effective for the interest of the project. This is a qualitative assessment and will determine the kind and details of communications they need on the project.

What Are The Types Of Risks You May Encounter In A Project?
Answer :
These could be categorized as technical, external, internal/organizational, etc. Depending on the type of projects other categories may have to be considered.

What Is A Risk Register?
Answer :
This is a register/document that contains all the identified risks of a project. List of actions of potential actions are also included.

Are There Any Positive Aspects Of The Risk Identification Process?
Answer :
The risk identification process may be able to come up with some opportunities too.

What Is Risk Impact And Probability?
Answer :
When assessing risks the project team also tries to determine the probability of the risk actually happening and the impact it will have on the project when it does.

What Is The Role Of Ishikawa/ Fishbone Diagrams In Determining Root Causes Of Risks?
Answer :
This is a graphical method of determining cause and effect relationships leading to a specific risk. One could then determine mitigation actions for that risk.

What Do You Understand Of Pareto (80/20) Principle/analysis?
Answer :
This is a statistical analysis method that helps decide priorities between several actions to be taken. The basis is that there are about 20% action which when executed gets you 80% of the results. In QA this is used to identify the 20% of causes that create 80% of the problems.

What Are Fixed Type Contracts In Procurement Processes?
Answer :
The seller must supply the contracted items at a fixed price determined at the time of contract.

What Are Time & Material Contracts?
Answer :
In this type of contracts the contractor gets paid for time used on the project and expenses for material used and other agreed upon expenses.

What Is The Primary Purpose Of Procurement Management Plan?
Answer :
To determine what exactly is to be procured, ensure they are procured at the best price and is made available to the project team at the right time.

What Does Procurement Administrator Involve?
Answer :
To keep monitoring and ensure that all open procurement contracts are progressing as expected

Why Does A Pm Need To Be Very Proactive?
Answer :
A PM needs to be able to see any signs of a deviation in time and/or cost to project progress as early as possible. This gives the team as much reaction time as possible to correct the situation or to minimize the impact.

Forming A Team, Developing The Team And Improving Knowledge Are Direct Responsibilities Of The Project Manager, Do You Agree?
Answer :
It is the team that executes the project. Thus ensuring you has right people is essential. Developing the team is important as whatever gaps are there need to be bridged. Improving self and the team knowledge is equivalent to the continuous improvement of A process and should impact the quality of the project outcome.

Do You Think Professionalism And Integrity Are Essential Qualities Of A Pm?
Answer :
PM is charged with managing all aspects of the project. Unless he is a professional and has integrity there are many things that can go wrong. Not so truthful progress reporting will easily boomerang on the PM but the organization will have a delayed or a failed project.

Explain The Team Forming Process?
Answer :
After the members are collected as a project team there is a turmoil before everything settles down. This is known as the forming-storming-norming-performing process. The team people go through a storming of relationships when before settling to the role assignment. Over time they then get used to the structure of the relationship, that is the norming phase. It is only after everybody has settled into their new roles that the team starts performing.

Top Answers to MySQL Interview Questions

1. What is SQL Server?
SQL Server is   one of the Database Management Systems (DBMS) and is designed by Microsoft.  DBMS are computer software applications with the capability of interacting with user, various other applications as well as the database itself. The objective is capturing and analyzing data and manages definition, querying, creation, updating as well as administration of database.

2. How and why use it?
SQL Server is free and anyone can download and use it. The application uses SQL (Structured Query Language) and is easy to use.

3. What are the features of MySQL?
MySQL provides cross-platform support, wide range of interfaces for application programming and has many stored procedures like triggers and cursors that helps in managing the database.

4. What is traditional Network Library for the system?
In either Windows or POSIX systems the named pipes provide ways of inter-process communications to connect different processes running on the same machine. It dispenses with the necessity of using the network stack and data can be sent without affecting the performance. Servers set up named pipes to listen to requests. Client process needs to know the specific pipe name to send the request.

5. What is the default port for MySQL Server?
The default port for MySQL Server is 3306. Another standard default is port 1433 in TCP/IP for SQL Server.

6. What do DDL, DML, and DCL stand for?
DDL is the abbreviation for Data Definition Language dealing with database schemas as well as the description of how data resides in the database. An example is CREATE TABLE command. DML denotes Data Manipulation Language such as SELECT, INSERT etc. DCL stands for Data Control Language and includes commands like GRANT, REVOKE etc.

7. What are meant by Joins in MySQL?
In MySQL the Joins are used to query data from two or more tables. The query is made using relationship between certain columns existing in the table. There are four types of Joins in MySQL. Inner Join returns the rows if there is at least one match in both the tables. Left Join returns all the rows form the left table even if there is no match in the right table. Right Join returns all the rows from the right table even if no matches exist in left table. Full Join would return rows when there is at least one match in the tables.

8. What are the common MySQL functions?
Common MySQL functions are as follows: • NOWO – function for returning current date and time as single value. • CURRDATEO – function for returning the current date or time. • CONCAT (X, Y) – function to concatenates two string values creating single string output. • DATEDIFF (X, Y) – function to determine difference two dates.

9. What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR?
When the table is created, CHAR is used to define the fixed length of the table and columns. The length value could be in the range of 1-255. VARCHAR command is given to adjust the column and table length as required.

10. What are HEAP Tables?
Basically HEAP tables are in-memory and used for high speed temporary storages. But TEXT or BLOB fields are not allowed within them. They also do not support AUTO INCREMENT.

11. What is the syntax for concatenating tables in MySQL?
The syntax for concatenating tables is MySQL is CONCAT (string 1, string 2, string 3)

12. What are the limits for using columns to create the Index?
The maximum limits of indexed columns that could be created for any table is 16.

13. What are the different types of strings in Database columns in MySQL?
Different types of strings that can be used for database columns are SET, BLOB, VARCHAR, TEX, ENUM, and CHAR.

14. How the user can get the current SQL version?
The syntax for getting the current version of MySQL is SELECT VERSION ();

15. Is there an object oriented version of MySQL library functions?
MySQLi is the object oriented version of MySQL and it interfaces in PHP.

16. What is the storage engine for MySQL?
Storage tables are named as table types. The data is stored in the files using multiple techniques such as indexing, locking levels, capabilities and functions.

17. What is the difference between primary key and candidate key?
Primary key in MySQL is use to identify every row of a table in unique manner. For one table there is only one primary key. One of the candidate keys is the primary key and the candidate keys can be used to reference the foreign keys.

18. What are the different types of tables in MySQL?
MyISAM is the default table that is based on the sequential access method.

HEAP is the table that is used for fast data access but data will be lost if the table or system crashes.
InoDB is the table that supports transactions using the COMMIT and ROLL BACK commands.
BDB can support transactions similar to InoDB but the execution is slower.

19. Can you use MySQL with LINUX operating system?
Yes, the syntax for using MySQL with LINUX operating system is /etc/init.d/mysqlstart

20. What is the use of ENUM in MySQL?
Use of ENUM will limit the values that can go into a table. For instance; the user can create a table giving specific month values and other month values would not enter into the table.

21. What are the TRIGGERS that can be used in MySQL tables?
The following TRIGGERS are allowed in MySQL:• BEFORE INSERT


22. What is the difference between LIKE and REGEXP operators in MySQL?
 LIKE is denoted using the % sign. For example:SELECT * FROM user WHERE user name LIKE “%NAME”.• On the other hand the use of REGEXP is as follows:SELECT * FROM user WHERE username REGEXP “^NAME”;

23. How to use the MySQL slow query log?
Information that is provided on the slow query log could be huge in size. The query could also be listed over thousand times. In order to summarize the slow query log in an informative manner one can use the third party tool “pt-qury-digest”.

24. How can one take incremental backup in MySQL?
User can take incremental backup in MySQL using percona xtrabackup.

25. How can you change the root password if the root password is lost?
In such cases when the password is lost the user should start the DB with – skip-grants-table and then change the password. Thereafter with the new password the user should restart the DB in normal mode.

26. How to resolve the problem of data disk that is full?
When the data disk is full and overloaded the way out is to create and soft link and move the .frm as well as the .idb files into that link location.

27. What is the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands in MySQL?
Basically DELETE TABLE is logged operation and every row deleted is logged. Therefore the process is usually slow. TRUNCATE TABLE also deletes rows in a table but it will not log any of the rows deleted.  The process is faster in comparison. TRUNCATE TABLE can be rolled back and is functionally similar to the DELETE statement using no WHERE clause.

28. What are types of joins in MySQL?
There are four types of Joins in MySQL. Inner Join returns the rows if there is at least one match in both the tables. Left Join returns all the rows form the left table even if there is no match in the right table. Right Join returns all the rows from the right table even if no matches exist in left table. Full Join would return rows when there is at least one match in the tables.

29.What are the storage models of OLAP?
The storage models in OLA are MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP.

30. How to define testing of network layers in MySQL?
For this it is necessary reviewing the layered architecture and determining hardware and software configuration dependencies in respect of the application put to test.

31. What is the difference between primary key and unique key?
While both are used to enforce uniqueness of the column defined but primary key would create a clustered index whereas unique key would create non-clustered index on the column. Primary key does not allow ‘NULL’ but unique key allows it.

32. What is meant by transaction and ACID properties?
Transaction is logical unit of work where either all or none of the steps should be performed. ACID is the abbreviation for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability that are properties of any transaction.

33. How can one restart SQL Server in single user or minimal configuration modes?
The command line SQLSERVER.EXE used with –m will restart SQL Server in single user mode and with –f will start it in minimal configuration mode.

34. What is the difference between BLOB and TEXT?
BLOBs are binary large object holding huge data. 4 types of BLOB are TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIBLOB, and LONGBLOB. TEXT is case-sensitive BLOB. 4 types of TEXT are TINY TEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONG TEXT.

35. What is the basic MySQL architecture?
The logical architecture of MySQL is made of ‘connection manager’, ‘query optimizer’, and ‘pluggable engines’.

Source from https://intellipaat.com/

Now send money with message on WHATSAPP, start up UPI feature, use this way

The UPI (Universal Payment Interface) has begun on Whatsapp Beta for Android and iOS users. Through this feature, users can make money transactions with WhatsApp. The combination of the UPA and Whatsapp is being seen as a major step in the world of digital payments. After the launch of the Kaspless Campaign, many platforms of digital payment has been started in the country, the names of which are named as PetiM, Google Teas. To make money transactions with WhatsApp, both users (money-makers and money-takers) must have this payment feature.

This feature is currently available only to the limited users of
Whatsapp Beta
. This feature is given in the section containing attachments of the chat window. Now the option of the UPA has been added to the list of galleries, videos and documents. When a click opens, a window opens, where the options of banks appear. You can then join the UPA through your bank account. The new user user has to make an authentication pin here. If you have not used it yet, then you will have to generate a UPA account by going straight to the UPA or the bank's website or app.

First of all, the money you send, go to the Whatsapp profile.

Next, select the attachment icon on the chat window

Now the payment option will be visible. Clicking on it will bring you terms and conditions. Accept them.

After this the user has to verify his number.

You can choose your bank in the list.
Images by Google

Apollo Carmix Self Loading Transit Mixer

Apollo Inffratech Pvt Ltd announces Joint Venture with the world leader CARMIX– Italy exclusive for the India market. Please visit www.carmix.com for the company background, history and proven product line.
CARMIX background comes in fact from CARMAN the Company that in the early sixties started assembling parts and components supplied from old military and agricultural vehicles. Many years and millions of cubic meters of concrete later, CARMIX customers are enjoying the world’s best self-independent Self-loading Mixers.
We are ecstatic to introduce Apollo Infratech's newly established joint venture with Italian corporation, Carmix, a worldwide leader and powerhouse in manufacturing of the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer, known as Apollo Carmix Equipments Private Limited(ACEPL)
Products Manufactured by ACEPL in India
25 FX
Drum capacity: 3450 liters. 
Real concrete yield per batch: 2.5m³
Hydrostatic – Bosch-Rexroth.
4 wheel drive.
Kirloskar Oil Ltd. Model: 4R 1040 T, BS III, Water Cooled 4 Stroke turbo charged diesel engine Ratings: 76 HP@2200 rpm.
Capacity 400 liters, complete with hydraulic opening gate.
Reversible driving seat.
4 TT
Drum Capacity 5,200 liters.Concrete output: 4 m³ per batch.
Water: 2×400 liters. Diesel: 115 liters. Hydraulic oil: 80 liters.
Hydrostatic – Bosch-Rexroth.
4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering.
Kirloskar Oil Ltd Model : 4R 01040 TA, BS III. Ratings : 110 HP@2500 rpm.
One joystick to control main functions.
For more derail visit https://apollocarmix.com/contact-us/

These latest features will start soon in Google Maps

Google Map is one of Google's biggest successes. This app has more than a billion users worldwide. Its platform is constantly growing and tested with letest features. Android Police has informed to add some latest features to the Google Maps version 9.71 Beta.We do not know when these facilities will arrive on your handset, but they are likely to arrive soon.

Many of these latest features will be available in the app

There is a screenshot button instead of the SharePoint button in Google map. This has started appearing to some users. The function of the screenshot button is not known, but it can be similar to a share button on Google Map.

Battery status

While sharing the location while sharing the location, Google Map will show the other battery status of your handset to another person, to tell the person how long you will be in touch. This would be useful if your device's battery level is low because the other person can understand the situation. Set the shortcut

Set shortcuts to favorite stations. Google Map will allow you to set shortcuts or favorites on your favorite Metro stations. These shortcuts or routes can be visible to other Metro passengers who are using the same Metro station and will also be useful for them.

Arrival notification

On arrival will inform you in advance. Together will tell the exact time of your arrival. It can be useful just like other features.

Trip sharing

Will be able to share trip with other users. This will include a latest features where users can share their travels with others. It is possible if you are on the way to your destination or you have already reached the destination.

First Salse @12 PM, 22nd Feb, xiaomi launches two new products including xiaomi mi5 in India


About a year after the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, the company has now rolled out a new model to replace it in the Indian market.  xiaomi mi5 Plus was first introduced in China. It has been launched in India by the name of xiaomi mi5. Of course this smartphone has come with many specialties, but is it able to pursue Shamami's 'Vijay Yatra' in India? We have done the whole investigation.
xiaomi mi5 design
Redmi Note 5 is the first handset of the company's Radmi series to come up with the 18: 9 display. By looking at xiaomi mi5 , your eyesight first remains on its screen. The front part is completely lost in the 5.99 inch display. Edges are curved, like Google Pixel 2 XL The screen is full-HD + resolution. Pixel density is 403 pixels per inch. Protection for 2.5 D Curved Gorilla Glass 3 is available for protection. The long display means that the borders in the shore have become thin. But the edges on the upper and lower sides are slightly bigger. On the upper side is the Metallic earpiece beside the Selfie camera and the upstream Diffused LED Flash replaced. Bottom bezel is kept empty.

Due to the new aspect ratio the phone has become longer and slim. Weight is 180 grams and with the help of the finest grip, it easily comes in hand. There are power and volume buttons on the right side of the phone. Hybrid Dual SIM is on the left hand side. Hands reach easily to the power button, but the volume buttons have to be hard to reach. The phone has given micro USB port. By the way, our wanted USB Type-C port was. The top IR emitter has been given. This phone will serve as a remote control for home appliances.

The design of the previous part of the phone is similar to the Redmi Note 4. In the middle of the rear panel are cameras, dual-tone LED flash and fingerprint scanners. The phone is slim with the Radmi Note 4 but due to the camera's bulge, it is raised on a flat surface like a rock. It will be available in Gold, Black, Rose Gold and Blue colors. We've reviewed the black color variants.

Specifications and software of xiaomi mi5
In terms of specification, a lot has not changed in the new handsets compared to the old phones. There is also Snapdragon 625 processor in Shawmi xiaomi mi5 . The clock speed of this octa-core processor is 2.0 GHz. For the graphics it has Adreno 506 GPU. This time the company has discharged 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage variant which was part of Note 4 family. In the new Redmi Note 5, the user has the option of choosing between 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage and 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage.

The handset has a 12 megapixel primary camera. It is equipped with F / 2.2 aperture and PDAF. If seen, the resolution of the Note 4 is less than the 13 megapixel camera. However, xiaomi mi5 says that due to large pixels, it will be able to take better pictures in comparison to the previous version. The phone has a hybrid dual sim tray. You will be able to use MicroSD card up to 128GB with one Nano SIM or a Nano SIM at one time. It has Bluetooth 4.2, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, USB-OTG and FM radio.

xiaomi mi5 has given a battery of 4,000 mAh to power the Note 5 handset, while the old Note 4 battery is 4,100 mAh. The battery can not be removed It supports quick charging technology. However, the charger given in the retail box of the phone is not made for this purpose.

The xiaomi mi5 runs on the MUI 9 based on Android 7.1.2 Nouga. Shawmy's custom ROM is quite different from stock Android. It may take some time for new users to get used to it. Changes have been made to the settings menu. We often used the search. Support for dual apps is available in the MI. You will be able to keep your data safe with the help of second space. You have gestures that can be taken for screenshots and launches app.
In the phone you will find many Google and Microsoft apps already installed. Apart from this, apps like Shaomi's KM Store, Me Remote, Me File Manager and Me Video are also part of the phone. Amazon, ruckus and WPS Office applications are already installed. Except the Google and Shawmi apps, the app can be removed.

xiaomi mi5 Performance, Camera and Battery
Radmi Note 4 was a great all-rounder handset. Very few handsets could challenge it. Even with the xiaomi mi5, the company did something similar. According to the price, the Redmi Note 5 comes with powerful hardware. There is a smoother use of the UI 9 and the processor controls load time. Some basic apps open very quickly and the Powerful App does not take too much time. We reviewed 4 GB RAM variants, which is enough for multi-tasking. The performance of the phone in the benchmark test was only for the Chemoi Redmi Note 4.

We can also say that the handset is also excellent as a media player. The phone played every kind of video and audio file. Viewing angles are good. The loudspeaker is also fast. Keep in mind that while holding the phone, your hands are not touched by loudspeakers.

xiaomi mi5 battery impressed us Despite the bigger screen and lower battery capacity compared to the older version, the handset ran for 16 hours and 8 minutes in our video loop test. In normal use it will be able to support the user throughout the day.

Although the upgrade to the sensor in Radmi Note 5, the camera software is only old version. As soon as the camera is turned on, it automatically goes into Auto mode. You can also put it in Manual, Beauty and Panorama mode. In the manual mode only options are given to change white balance and ISO settings.

The pictures taken from the Redmi note 5 days and in low light were good. There was no lack of detail in landscape shots taken at daylight. Exposure is also true on most occasions. Camera Focus Faster. This is helpful for macros shot. Macros shot came better than expected. In the pictures taken after turning on the HDR mode, the dark sections come with more detail. But the light parts are burnt out.

The camera itself goes into night mode in low light. Nose was less in landscape shots. Redmi Note 5 performed well even after taking a picture from a certain distance. The macro shot requires steady hands, but the output is commendable.

In the Redmi Note 5, there is a defused Self Fulfite, which is helpful in low light. The app also has a beauty mode, which automatically edits the shot. Selfie is a little greedy, but it is worth to use on social media. It is possible to record videos with up to 4 resolution rear cameras, while the 1080p pixel resolution from the front camera. Stabilization mode is not given, considering the price, it is not a matter of disappointment.

Image copyed by mi.com and content converted by google translater from ndtv

BSNL launches new plan, bsnl online recharge call for 6 months and get internet free

 Bsnl online recharge on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched the 'Maximum 999' plan for the new Rs 999, to give competition to spirits and Geo customers. As the name suggests, the price of this plan is Rs 999 but now the question is what will the users benefit from this plan?

Customers will receive 1GB of high speed data every day in BSNL's 'Maximem 999' plan for ,Bsnl online recharge and the net will continue running after the data is over but the speed will be 40kbps. Along with this you will be able to make unlimited local, STD and roaming calls in free. The validity of this plan will be 6 months (181 days).

It is worth mentioning that this plan of BSNL is not for North East, Jammu and Kashmir and Assam. At the same time, to apply in Delhi and Mumbai, money will be charged at 60 paise per minute.

Image By Google and content by hundu news

 Reliance Jio's broadband service will start by the end of March, trials are going on in 10 cities

After the telecom sector, the Reliance Geobroadband sector is now preparing to make big bangs a few days later. According to Telecom's report, Reliance Geo is now ready to enter the Broadband area through Geo Fiber and is going to launch it officially by the first quarter of this year i.e. the end of March. This service of Reliance Geo will be named GeoFebber or JioFiber (Fiber to the Home-FTTH).

What is Geophysic Techniques

Let us tell you that trials of Geophyser are going on in 10 cities including Delhi NCR. 100gb free data is being given to Lucky customers every month. Through FTTH broadband technology, through optical data center, customers are delivered directly to the customers. This is the reason that speed of FTTH is faster than other broadband.

Trial phase will be free for three months

From Reliance Jio, it has been said that those who join the trial phase will be given free broadband facility for only three months. It is believed that the company is planning to market broadband services like Geo SIM, which will benefit the customers free of cost till the broadband service launches.

Settap box for Internet TV with FTTH

Reliance Geo is planning to provide high speed broadband service and setup box (Internet TV) connection with the same connection under its geofiber service, with the help of which the benefits of the facilities other than consumer TV channels, video games, video on demand Will be able to lift The funny thing is that customers do not have to pay different companies for their landline, broadband and cable TV connections.

Cheap Geophyser Service

You may have noticed that the value of fixed broadband data is much lower than wireless data. After the arrival of Geo in the wireless data market, such as mobile data prices were reduced by other companies, it is expected that after the arrival of Geophieber, broadband service can also be very affordable. One impact of this would be that other companies offering broadband service can reduce the prices of their plans to retain their customers. As we have seen the decrease in prices of our plans by the Broadband Service Provider ACT Fiber, DEN, Spectra and other companies.

Image and content by khabar baat, and concerted by Google

The Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI)

The Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI), which issued the Aadhaar number, says that even if the Aadhaar number is not available, the benefits of the necessary services can not be denied. This includes essential services like getting ration, admission in schools and availing health services under public distribution system.

In a statement, UIDAI has asked government departments and state governments to 'ensure that the actual beneficiaries of essential services and benefits should not be refused to take advantage of them if they do not have Aadhaar numbers. Whether it includes the necessary requirements like getting ration under public distribution system, getting admission in schools, hospital admission, and taking advantage of health services. "

According to the statement, in this regard, its circular issued by UIDAI on October 24, 2017 should be followed and it should be ensured that in the absence of the base, the real beneficiary is not deprived of its benefits. UIDAI has said that it has taken such reports seriously, in which it has been said that due to absence of Aadhaar card, the hospital was deprived of essential services like recruitment or treatment.

Post office account holders will get ATM card

On the complaint of Savings agent in-charge Vinod Dubey, Deputy Superintendent of Police Fatehgarh Ashwani Kumar Nandrajog conducted a surprise inspection of the sub-post office. During this time they found disorganization of many places. They rebuffed the staff and instructed them to improve the arrangements. Postal Superintendent Ashwani Kumar Nandrajog said that now every payment in the post office will be through savings account. Savings account holders will be given ATM cards like banks, which will work in every kind of ATM and will not charge any fee. He told that there is a shortage of staff in the post office. There are 175 employees in the entire district, relative to which only 90 people are working. The letter will be written to the higher officials for the recruitment of employees.

Datawind Internet Plan: Only 1 rupee will get unlimited internet, like this will apply

After the arrival of Reliance Jio in the telecom industry, where other companies' condition became obsolete, on the other hand, the customers got huge advantage...

new Delhi. After the arrival of Reliance Jio in the telecom industry, where other companies' condition became obsolete, on the other hand, the customers got huge advantage. Due to Geo, today every company offers cheap internet and calling. But now after the outburst abroad, one cup is ready to make Tehelka in India too. You will be surprised to hear that the company is going to offer you Unlimited Internet in only 1 rupee. For this, the company has joined hands with the Indian telecom company BSNL. This company, called DataWind, is going to give the mobile and broadband affordable services to customers by contracting with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

When will you get the convenience

DataWind has claimed that the service has been tied up with BSNL. The company will start the service by the middle of this month. For this the company's painting app 'Meranet' will be used. Under the Merchant scheme, customers have a plan to provide unlimited internet according to the price of only 1 rupee per day.

Have done abroad

Prepare to cheer on the cheap Internet in India, this company has made a lot of money through this app in Indonesia before India. Apart from Indonesia, Datavind has made low cost Internet packs and low cost mobile phones and tablets in many countries of the world. The company's focus through this app called Marenet is to attract customers in India. Datavent's headquarters is in Canada.

Will get such advantage

Under the company's scheme, customers will get unlimited data in 30 rupees. It is being speculated that after the company's plan the internet will become even cheaper in the Indian market. For this, BSNL users have to install an app made by the DataWind Company in the smartphone. After this, people can take advantage of it.

4 new currency notes: Here's what makes them unique

By Moneycontrol News
The Federal Reserve Bank of India last week introduced the Rs two hundredcurrency note in an exceedingly bid to ease lower denomination transactions.

The newest addition to India’s currency series implies that the run has free four new currency notes – Rs fifty, Rs 200, Rs five hundred and Rs two,000 - within the10 months since devaluing massivebanknotes in an attempt to throttle on black cash. Plans to introduce a replacement Rs one,000 note also arereportedly afoot.
Here area unit the a number of the distinct options of the new currency notes:
The new set of currency notes aims to showcase the nation’s wealthy and various culture, her struggle for freedom and her proud achievements over the years. All the four new currencies have distinct styles that area unit completely differentfrom the previous Mahatma GandhiSeries of bank notes in terms of color, size and theme.
Apart from the new theme of India’s heritage sites on these note series, the new currencies area unit completely different from the recent notes in several aspects. A few
The new notes even have style parts in myriad, geometric figures, convolutedforms, and shapes.
> Rs two hundred and Rs two,000 note
The never-seen-before notes of base-yellow Rs two hundred and magenta clad Rs two,000 have motifs of Sanchi Stupa and also the Mangalyaan moon mission severally.
new alternative parts accessorialin these notes area unit numerals in Nagari script and also the image of Swachh Asian nation.