Sell and obtain previous things on Facebook!

Facebook has brought a brand new feature to marketplace to shop for and sell previous articles. Currently, these options square measure presently being tested in Bombay. If this experiment is prosperous, then this feature are provided throughout Bharat. Through that you'll be able to sell the nice stuff you use. Facebook users like Olx and Quickr will currently use this feature. This feature is already in twenty five countries with US. Out of those seventeen countries, this feature was recently roll-out. This includes European country, France and European nation. within the Facebook app, users can see the icon of look. during this you have got to transfer the pic of that you would like to sell.

Customers can contact you thru Facebook and acquire any details. the corporate has already processed that no payments are created through Facebook. Olx was a illustrious thanks to obtain previous product. However, Facebook can even see the seller's profile on Facebook, this can be the largest advantage.

Apart from this, Facebook's users have a good quantity of your time to check however this feature works.

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