Now, Twitter, Facebook, LPG booking, know how

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): The booking of LPG had to go before the agency's office. After this, the facility of booking from registered mobile phone with the Petroleum Company is provided. Now giving more convenience to the people, the Petroleum Company is tweeting - the facility of booking kitchens is also providing. You can also book a LPG cylinder while posting something on Facebook. This will not only save you time, but it will also be quite convenient.

However, this facility will be available to the same customers who take gas from Inden because this facility has been started by Inden at the moment. According to the Indian Oil Company, if you want to book Inden LPG from Facebook, you will have to go to the company's Facebook page for this.

You can get there from As soon as the page opens in front of you. You need to cling to the new option in the given page on page 9. As soon as you click on this, a new page will open for you gas booking. Here you will have to enter all the information required for gas booking and your kitchen gas will be booked in minutes.

If you want to book Inden LPG from Twitter instead of Facebook, then you have to register your Twitter handle first. To register yourself, you have to tweet something like this - dont @ indanerefill # register will register your Twitter handle.

After registering, you will not have to register yourself for booking the kitchen gas for the second time. After this you will have to tweet @ indanerefill # refill to book the kitchen gas In this way you can easily book your LPG gas cylinder using social media.

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