From 1Number Information, you have a great opportunity to complete the New 2018 Year's planning.

Today's Sunday, the last day of this year (2017). Since Sunday is a holiday, you have a great opportunity to complete the New Year's planning.

I request you to make some resolutions, plans for the new year 2018 that ends on Monday 01.01.2018, starting from 00.00.01 and at the end of Monday, 31.12.2018 at 12.00 pm.


☞ (01) First love yourself.
☞ (02) Honor elders.
☞ (03).Learn to save
☞ (04) Try to stay healthy.
☞ (05) Good friends increase family.
☞ (06) Stay away from addiction.
☞ (07) devotional journey
☞ (08) Social service.
☞ (9) Do everything with advice.
☞ (10) Read the achievements.
☞ (11) live the natural life
☞ (12) Life is very short. Enjoy every moment.
☞ (13) Do not forget that today's youth is dependent on tomorrow's aging.
☞ (14) Always remember that there are people behind you.
☞ (15) Finding and finding means will be found and found. If you act like this then you can go ahead.

To live the ideal life

☞ (01) If you make a mistake then agree.
☞ (02) Consider the opinion of the front.
☞ (03) Praise for good work.
☞ (04) Do not forget to accept gratitude.
☞ (05) I would rather use the words instead.
☞ (06) Being constantly laughing
☞ (07) Identify the other good qualities.
☞ (08) Do not laugh at anybody.
☞ (9) Identify your strengths and strengths.
☞ (10) Do not spend time in the problem of complaint.
☞ (11) Think about the recipe.
☞ (12) Do not fail people's shoulders.
☞ Control the anger.
☞ (14) Let friendship remain forever.
☞ (15) Always keep your eye on the truth.
☞ (16) Treat others well.
☞ (17) Talk about thinking.
☞ (18) Divide the product of multiplication and misery.
☞ (19) Take care of yourself while driving and avoid high self-confidence.

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Create and remember lifetime password in 7 simple step.

Hello all

this is help for lifetime remember password,  don't need to write or remember password to all websites

Now i am going to create password in 6 step
for example. is your domain name

step .1 Domain First latter with small +

step .2 Domain Last Latter with Caps +

step .2 Domain Length+

step .4 Domain Extention with small caps +

step .5 Mobile Number Last 5 Number with Shift Key


step .5 Your Short Name e.g: my Name is Jon Gunsmith Smith then it will jgs

step .6
now find the number for your each word

a  b  c  d   e  f  g  h  i  j    k   l    m   n   o   p  q    r   s    t    u   v   w   x   y   z
1  2  3  4  5  6 7  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

jgs= is my uniq name (Whatever you think)

step .7 Now press Shift key on your keyboard and press this above number 10719 is will return

Now my password is eE7com7!)&!)jgs

* If Accept Special Character

   For unlimited Length : eE7com!)&!)jgs

* If you need to create password in 10 character so Remove your Extension e.g. com and your
    Short name e.g. jgs
    Now your password become: eE7!)&!)

*If not Accept Special Charactor
     For unlimited Length : eE7com10719jgs

* If you need to create password in 10 character so Remove your Extension e.g. com and your
   Short name e.g. jgs
   Now your password become: eE710719

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Invalid from 1 January 2018, which has been merged with SBI.

If you are an SBI account holder then this news is of course your job. From the new year i.e. i.e., the check books. of those banks will be invalid from 1 January 2018, which has been merged with SBI. Not only that, SBI has changed the IFSC codes of some of its bank branches. In such a case, if you also have an account with an old bank associated with SBI, then you should change your check book before December 31, or you may have to face difficulties later.

These banks have been merged with SBI: On April 1, 2017, the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Patiala (SBP) State Bank of Travancore (SBT) and Indian Women Bank have been merged.

What SBI has to say: In this regard, SBI made a tweet on October 11, 2017. It said that the validity of the check book of six associate banks of SBI will continue till December 31, 2017 and if anyone has a check book from these banks then they should change them. You can contact the nearest branch of SBI for the new check book. At the same time, tell you that SBI has made changes to the IFSC code of some of its bank branches.

SBI changed the names of 1200 branches and IFSC code: Public sector lender State Bank of India (SBI) has changed the names, codes and IFSC codes of more than 1200 branches, taking a big step. It also includes bank branches which have recently merged with SBI. Not only this, SBI has issued a complete list of bank branches on their official websites whose names have been changed.

Name of the bank branch of Qin cities changed: The changes in the bank branch of SBI include Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Patna and Bhopal.

What has changed: Gopipura Branch of Ahmedabad has been renamed as Surat Main (Chowk Bazar) while its Branch Code has been changed to 488, which was 2649 earlier. Its IFSC code has been changed to SBIN00488, which was previously SBIN02649. The branch of Delhi's IFSC Tower has been renamed as Nehru Place Branch. Its branch code has been changed to 04688, which was 32602 first. Its IFSC code has been changed to SBIN04688, which was previously SBIN32602.

Now, Twitter, Facebook, LPG booking, know how

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): The booking of LPG had to go before the agency's office. After this, the facility of booking from registered mobile phone with the Petroleum Company is provided. Now giving more convenience to the people, the Petroleum Company is tweeting - the facility of booking kitchens is also providing. You can also book a LPG cylinder while posting something on Facebook. This will not only save you time, but it will also be quite convenient.

However, this facility will be available to the same customers who take gas from Inden because this facility has been started by Inden at the moment. According to the Indian Oil Company, if you want to book Inden LPG from Facebook, you will have to go to the company's Facebook page for this.

You can get there from As soon as the page opens in front of you. You need to cling to the new option in the given page on page 9. As soon as you click on this, a new page will open for you gas booking. Here you will have to enter all the information required for gas booking and your kitchen gas will be booked in minutes.

If you want to book Inden LPG from Twitter instead of Facebook, then you have to register your Twitter handle first. To register yourself, you have to tweet something like this - dont @ indanerefill # register will register your Twitter handle.

After registering, you will not have to register yourself for booking the kitchen gas for the second time. After this you will have to tweet @ indanerefill # refill to book the kitchen gas In this way you can easily book your LPG gas cylinder using social media.

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What is social work?

What is social work?
Social work
1. Social work - When you give up the sounds of changing yourself and emphasize the overall development of society.
2. - Simple tasks - When you accept people as they are.

3. Social work - When you start to understand that everyone is right in their place in life.
4. Social work means - When you pay more than paying, you pay more.
5. Social work means  - When you give up the expectation of relationship and accept the feeling of sacrifice.
6. Social work means  - When you know what your spiritual pleasure really is.
7. Social work means - You do not fall prey to convincing the world how smart you are.
8. Social work means - When you work from others without expecting praise or goodwill from others.
9. Social work means - When you have stopped comparing yourself with others.
10. Social work is meant - When you were silent in others.
11. Social work means  - When you feel clearly the difference between need and desire.
*Now last but important!
12 Social work means - When you stop linking the spiritual happiness of all the material things.
Let's work for a little bit of mental satisfaction.

Jio has launched launch 199 and 299 Plans New year 2018

Mukesh Ambani's company Reliance Jio has launched two prepaid plans on the occasion of Happy New Year 2018. Ltd. Deli Data Benefits have been offered to benefit consumers with budgets. In addition to high speed data, free voice calling, national roaming, SMS and app are also being provided.

Geo's first plan is 199 Rs, which includes free waves, unlimited SMS and premium live app and 1.2 GB high speed 4G data will be available daily for 28 days.

This means that users will get 33.6GB high speed data in total, i.e. all these benefits will be available at the rate of less than 6 rupees per GB per day.

Talking about the plan for Rs 299, the free wage, unlimited SMS and premium live app and 2 GB high-speed 4G data will be available daily for 28 days in the plan of 299 rupees. Validity of this entire plan is also 28 days.

In this plan, 2GB high speed data will be available for the specified days, which will speed up to 128Kbps, the other benefits will be similar in the same.

V.V.IMP message from Supreme Court. This is definitely going to save ur money..

Dear All,
This is to inform you that medicines are prescribed (by doctors) by brand name & not by the generics (Ingredients). Hence we end up paying more money for the same medicine.
Follow these few steps to know more & start saving on your medical bills.
1. Simply go to (Medicines and Doctors online) go to medicines secton
2. Search the medicine name
3. Type the medicine name which you are using (e. g. Lyrica 75mg (Pfizer company)
4. It will show u medicine company, prices and Ingredients
5. Now main point CLICK ON 'SUBSTITUTE'
6. Don't be surprised to see that same drug is available at very low cost also. And that to,.. by other reputed manufacturer. e. g. Lyrica by pfizer is for Rs. 768.56 for 14 tab (54.89 per tab). Whereas same drug by Cipla (Prebaxe) is available ONLY @ Rs. 59.00 for 10 tab (5.9 per tab)
Please don't delete   without forwarding.
Forward to all the contacts in your phone book.
Let the move by Supreme Court benefit everyone...
There was a big lobby by Pharma companies to stop generic medicines. But court kept the interest of common man and the medical need.
"Kindness Costs Nothing" - please share it with your groups
I am sharing as received.....

WhatsApp can shut down on these phones once December 31, check if yours is within the list

WhatsApp can finish its variety of smartphone platforms by the top of this year. the corporate has confirmed this web log on its official web log post. The electronic communication app can pull its mobile platforms like BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry ten, Windows Phone eight.0 and older on December 31, 2017. In straightforward words it means users won't be ready to use WhatsApp once December 31, 2017.

WhatsApp initial declared regarding these obsolete mobile platforms within the year 2016. It aforesaid that it'll finish support for these mobile platforms. However, it absolutely was later updated its web log stating that it extended its point in time to Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2017. This point in time was more updated to thirty one December 2017.

"This may be a powerful call for United States of America to create, however the proper one so as to grant individuals to friends, family, and wanted ones mistreatment WhatsApp. If you utilize one in every of these affected mobile devices, to a more moderen automaton, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the top of 2016, WhatsApp is on its web log.

This is the mobile OS that may stop supporting WhatsApp by the top of the year:

- Nokia Symbian S60 once Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2017

- BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry ten once December 31, 2017

- Windows Phone eight.0 and older once December 31, 2017

- Nokia S40 once December 31, 2018

- automaton versions a pair of.3.7 and older once Feb one, 2020

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Sell and obtain previous things on Facebook!

Facebook has brought a brand new feature to marketplace to shop for and sell previous articles. Currently, these options square measure presently being tested in Bombay. If this experiment is prosperous, then this feature are provided throughout Bharat. Through that you'll be able to sell the nice stuff you use. Facebook users like Olx and Quickr will currently use this feature. This feature is already in twenty five countries with US. Out of those seventeen countries, this feature was recently roll-out. This includes European country, France and European nation. within the Facebook app, users can see the icon of look. during this you have got to transfer the pic of that you would like to sell.

Customers can contact you thru Facebook and acquire any details. the corporate has already processed that no payments are created through Facebook. Olx was a illustrious thanks to obtain previous product. However, Facebook can even see the seller's profile on Facebook, this can be the largest advantage.

Apart from this, Facebook's users have a good quantity of your time to check however this feature works.

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Google Maps currently Feature A Two-Wheeler Mode

Did you ever end up at the beginning of the pike wherevermotorcycles aren't allowed to enter? likelihood is that that you just followed Google Maps in small stages however as a result of the app couldn'tdifferentiate between the roads that aren't meant for motorcycles,you finished up defrayment longer on your journey. however that’s a issueof the past as Google Maps currently feature a two-wheeler mode.
India being a two-wheeler dominated market, Google has additional the foremostnecessary update to its Maps application. Google Maps version nine.67.1, updated on Nov thirty, 2017 for automatonoptions the two-wheeler mode thus just in case you haven’t got it, await the app update.

YouTube yearly costs for storage/networking – estimate

speculative what quantity it prices Google each year to be running Youtube, and that i set to try to to some fast analysis.
I was Luckily, Google will providesome Youtube press statistics and that we will calculate some metrics employing aYoutube reference video. I additionally used the wonderful youtube-dl tool for analyzing file sizes.
This is what Youtube says concerning what quantitycontent is being placeinformed Youtube:
“60 hours of video ar uploaded each minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube each second.”
OK, that’s a decent begin. And our reference video is fourminutes.
youtube-dl -F (for listing all formats) shows me:
37 : mp4 [1080x1920]
22 : mp4 [720x1280]
45 : webm [720x1280]
35 : flv [480x854]
44 : webm [480x854]
34 : flv [360x640]
18 : mp4 [360x640]
43 : webm [360x640]
5 : flv [240x400]
youtube-dl –all-formats (for downloading all formats) demonstrated that the entiresize of all formats/files is 340 MB of storage – for a fourminute video.
I’m progressing to be to a small degree optimistic and say that not all videos have a HD format and are available in so much fewer size choices (in reality, most likely a minority have HD video), thus let’s say its concerning [*fr1] that: a hundred and sixty MB for a four-minute video (to build my calculation somewhat easier to follow.)
Total storage for one minute = a hundred and sixty MB / fourminutes = forty MB/min
Total storage for one hour = forty MB/min x sixty minutes = two400 MB = 2.4 GB
As per Youtube stats, one hour of video is being uploaded each second, so 2.4 GB of video is uploaded eachsecond.
* 86400 seconds/day = 207.36 TB / day
* 365 days/year = seventy five.686 metallic element / year
So there you go. or so seventy six metallic element of video information is keep in Youtube each year.
At the time of writing, two TB laborious drives price or so$100 or less.
So seventy six metallic element x $50 / TB = $3,784,320 on storage prices
= $3.8 million in storage prices
So there we have a tendency to go. or so $4 million in storage prices each year, victimization goods laboriousdrives. (I suspect the particularvariety might vary wide, given the variable lengths of videos, formats, etc.)
Next, on to networking prices.
Again, from Youtube stats:
“Over four billion videos arviewed a day”
“Over three billion hours of video ar watched every monthon YouTube”
This is somewhat a lot offascinating – not all keepvideos ar served up, in fact, only 1 format of the video is chosen and shown to the user.
Let American state opt for the [360×640] MPEG4 of the reference video, that is fortyMB in size. Also, let’s assume the user solely watches seventy fifth of the video or solely that a lot of is streamed over the network.
40 MB x 0.75 = thirty MB for four minutes of video
30 MB / four minutes * sixtymin = 450 MB / hour
OK, over three billion hours of video ar watched every monthof Youtube. That is:
100 million hours daily = forty five0MB / hour * a hundredM = 45 PB/day
Per month = forty five metallic element * thirty = one350 metallic element = 1.35 EB
Per year = one.35 EB * twelve = sixteen.2 EB (exabytes!)
Wow. So 16.2 exabytes each year ar sent through Youtube alone in line with my calculations.
Now, i think I’m wide off mark here. for instance, in Wikipedia’s entry on Exabytes, it says:
“Internet video can generate over eighteen exabytes per month in 2013.”
And from this laptop Magazine report, it's like Youtube solelyaccounts for 100% of webtraffic. Note that that’s all of web traffic, thus video is maybe an excellent majority of that (if “HTTP”, in line with the report, is 20%, then video is at 80%).
Still, I seem to be off by an element, let’s say of 4x, thuslet’s say Youtube is barelypushing five EB a year.
Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN charges $0.12 per GB for low-end customers. i think that Google/Youtube, through their combination of in-POP networks, operating with ISPs, etc, is ready to stay that pricedown. Let’s say $0.01 per GB.
So $0.015 per GB = $15 per TB = $15,000 per metallic element= $15M per EB
Cost = half dozen EB * $15M / metallic element = $90,000,000
= $90 million
So there we have a tendency to go. or so $90 million a year in networking prices. (Again, this variety might vary wildly given the video sizes, network information measure neededand most significantlyaggressive CDN networking/technology solutions that I’m positiveGoogle is deploying, moreoveras low CDN prices and any existing deals Youtube has with ISPs to scale back traffic for themselves and ISPs.)
So there we have a tendency to go, combining the 2 costs:
$4 million (storage) + $90 million (networking) = ~$100 million each year in networking+storage prices
This doesn't embrace the server count/costs for that, or personnel.
And I got to clarify once more, that this can be a awfullyrough estimate, and that iwouldn’t be shocked my numbers were off by a margin of zero.5x to 4x what I’ve come back up with.