What is a bonus?

Read carefully ...

Workers were the first method in India to pay salaries every week to the employer.
When the British came to India, they brought the method of paying the salary of the English month. During the week's salary, there were 52 rupees in a year. For one month of 4 weeks, you have to get 13 salary in a year. But according to the English method they get twelve.
When this matter was noticed, there were demonstrations in Maharashtra for getting 13 salary. And when he thought about how to give it the thought that he would have to pay the 13th salary, he decided to give it when he thought about exchange. According to Indian culture, the big festival of the year is Diwali. They decided to pay a salary before the festival. The rule of thumb for Diwali was introduced in India.
Now the companies give bonuses so that they feel they favor the workers. But it is a good way to combine the English method and the Indian economy. It should all be remembered.
It was decided on June 30, 1940 that the law was enacted.
Many do not know this importance. That is why today you are giving it here.

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