The mutual fund is right? (SIP)

All the time today on the radio, on the radio, in the current paper, the advertised "Mutual Fund is right" is in the cinema hall. The mutual fund is right ... It is understandable, but what does the Mutual Fund and SIP mean? There is a lot of confusion in this.
Today, there are many bad experiences when working in the investment sector ... One of them is to invest in SIP as I want to invest. especially for them today article .... SIP is not an investment option but the type of investment Remember this ... take the self and your community forward in financial literacy.

Mutual fund: SIP (a systematic way of investment)
In the last 5-10 years, the investment options of SIPs have reached the house-to-house with the advertisement of mutual fund companies. It is not as easy as the mutual fund companies, thanks to the current newsletter of the magazine about investment, to divert the Indian people out of their traditional mentality and to invest in the stock market such as mutual funds, but today there is a big change happening today. Today, many customers want to invest in SIP, but they still do

What exactly is SIP?
What is a mutual fund?
How does a mutual fund or SIP work?
SIP is not an investment product but an investment strategy.

When there is no information about such things, then it is noticed that here also the investor's mindset is similar to other investments. Whenever I ask you why you want to SIP, get reasons.
Do my co-workers ..
My brother does ..
All my friends
So I want to get started.

That is, today you have the surest way to create a wealth, but you do not know its strength. Is not that? What should we ask if we get the lamp of Allahdin today?

Also, this mutual fund: Through SIP you can get a lot of money. Only you need to know the correct information about this investment option. Today we will see the SIP method of investing in mutual funds.

* Mutual Fund Investing Types: *

There are different types of mutual funds to invest in a mutual fund, and there are some methods to invest in this type, such as
Lumsum Investment
Systematic Invesment Plan
Systematic Withdrawal PlanS
Systematic Transfer Plan
You can invest in a mutual fund as per your convenience in the above 4 method. The most popular form of this is mutual fund: SIP and today you will learn about it.

What exactly is Systematic Invesment Plan?
Systematic Invesment Plan means that every month in the bank or post, the money is deposited to the RD account and the small amount is a huge amount in the next 5-10 years, as well as investing in mutual funds every month as per the Systematic Invesment Plan. The difference is that this is an automated system and till now all the investments you made every month have to be done in the bank or post itself, so there are some errors in the investment that have been filled up in the SIP of the mutual fund.

Let's see how the process of SIP is being funded.

Decide how much you want to invest in a month
Selecting a Mutual Fund Company and Scheme
Decide on the date of the month going to the SIP for the SIP from the bank on the date of the month
Decide how long you will be investing
Filling a SIP form with a mutual fund

In this way, we can do Shree-Ganesh in the investment of a mutual fund SIP.

 Some of the features of the mutual fund SIP can be seen here:

1. Pursuant to investment: - A discipline is received from the investment bank account every month for a SIP deduction from Direct Bank Account.

2. Power of increased interest; - The more time you spend, the more you earn. If a 30-year-old person is investing 10000 rupees per month for his age of 60, then if he receives 15% returns in 30 years, his investment of 36 lakh will be 7 crores. This compound is the power of interest.

3. Availability: - In SIP, you can begin investing from Rs 500-1000 a month. Which does not have a big impact on your month's budget.

4. Wide Cost Averaging: - This is an investment strategy. The market has a fast-recession advantage in this technique. If the market is below, then more units can be bought because they have broken prices.

5.Earth time each time: - Very smart investor in the stock market is investing money on the volatility of the stock market. The Warren Buffett himself is not yet gathered. This topic does not remain in the SIP option because the market is growing or the market continues to grow.

Mutual funds: SIP is a great way to invest in equity markets and to meet your financial goals. *

Here you only have to decide the amount of the month according to your ability and invest in it by investing in different Mutual Fund Company's schemes. If you are investing in a SIP for a longer period, you can get a 15-16% refund if you are investing 5000-10000 in a mutual fund instead of going in search of some jackpot shares. So you can face inflation.