The first mobile app to provide parking space 'Park 24x7'

The app claims that it is the first parking app in the country to rent private garages, which finds public parking spaces from the app to avoid unprotected parking lots, hospitals, pubs, schools, time. The app provides parking availability in real-time and allows users to pre-book on specific hours or monthly basis. Car registration number only serves as the necessary ticket for the booking site. Users can use the smartphone's default QR code scanner to use the parking lot. This redirects the customer to the mobile website where the car number and the duration are imposed and the pricing will be done automatically according to the rate fixed by that city on that particular area basis.

According to Park 24x7 founder and CEO Startup Wishhee Saver, the fee is Rs. 20 per hour and 100 rupees for one day. Customers can make payments using Internet Banking, Wallet, Debit / Credit Card. The company has already established in Mumbai and Bengaluru and plans to expand other Indian metropolis under Smart City initiative. Vice President is a computer engineer. His company is now awaiting a $ 1 million (about Rs 6.5 crore) investment through Dubai-based Venture Capital Fund.