Remember this date well 31 December and 6 February 2018

You may also be thinking that this is the date, let me tell you that you should remember this date well 31 December and 6 February 2018.

This is a very important date in the ongoing support link process of the government. Now everywhere the government has made the base necessary, whether there is a bank account or pen card or mobile number is being processed linking the base everywhere.

It is important to link these bases to keep all the necessary services operational, otherwise the work will be stuck without it, the government is warning for several months.
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To let you know that the government has given the last date of December 31, 2017 to link the bank account with the base, after which the bank account will be closed for not linking the Aadhaar link.

Apart from this, the mobile number is required to be linked from the base and the last date for this has been given on 6th February 2018, as soon as possible, link your mobile network to the base, otherwise the mobile number will be blocked.