Free mobile service will now offer free shopping, JIO

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): Reliance Telecom companies have come in from other companies in the telecom industry. Now Geo has started for the next planning grocery sector. According to sources, Geo is preparing to make free shopping for its customers. Considering the increasing digital payment in the country, Geo is now in the e-commerce market. On huge networks and millions of customers, Geo Amazon will compete with big players like Flipkart.

According to the company's sources, Geo Corner Store is in touch with grocery stores and consumer brands. In fact, Geo company's customers are using this facility from Geo Money Platform. Shopping is being done from neighborhood shops through digital coupons. At present, Geo is doing e-business in many big stores and brands in cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Maybe this plan will reach other cities in the next year.

132 million Consumers have been connected from Geo in the last one year. It includes their platform Ajio. The company is now focusing on companies like PettyMon and PhonPo, who have entered online-to-offline e-commerce. Companies like PetiMe are doing business by connecting with Corn Stores and other brands. These companies help investors to aggressively increase their network. At the same time, e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart are also preparing to invest more in their grocery stores delivery business.

However, Reliance Jio refuses to comment on the news of landing in e-commerce. According to sources, the company is currently working on an online-to-offline business model. According to a report, Indians account for about $ 650 billion in retail business, whereas in the e-commerce sector, this figure is only 3-4 percent. Apart from this, there are 8 percent organized retailers who run from stores such as Shoppers Stop and Big Bazaar. The remaining 88 percent to 89 counterparts are small shops or nook stores available in the market.

According to sources, Geo has not yet finalized the e-commerce business model. It will be changed only after research in other cities. Geo has included brands such as ITC, Wipro, Dabur, Tata Beverages, Godrejjunjumar and Amul for the pilot project.

In the present situation, Live will give digital coupons to the special brands of their mobile products. Users will be able to shop on these brands through this digital coupon. These coupons will work at any neighborhood store. However, digital coupons will run on the same stores as those with which the partnership will be. Brand Partners can send promotional offers to their products to GeoCustomers. This will also strengthen connectivity between makers and sellers. Sales through offers will also increase.

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