About Swami Vivekananda's Tathagat Buddha and Buddhism 12 Ideas.

"If I had a stock of Buddha's heart, I would have considered myself blessed."

"The only Buddha is the only great man in the world who are willing to sacrifice his life instead of an animal sacrificed in sacrifice to stop the animal sacrifice."

"Buddhism was the first preaching religion in the world and he entered all civilized world during that time, and yet a drops of blood did not have to be dispersed for the promotion of this religion."

"Buddha is more adventurous, more intelligent than all other religious people. They said, "Do not believe in any of the texts, the Vedas are Thapadas, if the scriptures match with my perceptions or achievements, then it is the fate of that scripture, I am the best science itself." Yagyyagyan and Devdewarten is inefficient " The Buddha was the first human to deliver. "

"Buddha was a great social reformer. Buddha was the only one among the great philosophers of India who did not admit to caste discrimination ... All other philosophers or philosophers have softly embraced social superstitions. The open beliefs of the community are made of pleasure. "

"Lord Buddha, Tyagi's great man, there is no one else on this Avneet."

"What is in human beings, but also the inequality found in humans and animals is found by the Buddha. Buddha preached that 'all the beings are the same'. "

"Buddha is the only one among all the masters or religions founder of the world, whose motive was beyond any motivation for his work. All others have declared that we are God, the God, the God, and have also been told that the belief that they will have will go to heaven and will be free. But Buddha used to say to the very last moment of death, "No one can help you to get rid of. Help yourself, save yourself the freedom of your efforts. "It is related to themselves, that the word Buddha means the infinite wisdom like the sky; I have attained that state by Siddhartha Gautama. If you try, you can attain 'Buddha'. "

"The monastic monastery that appears today in India is under the control of all Buddhist religions. Hinduni has now made himself self-colored by painting them. The foundations of Sanyasashra were established from the Buddha itself. He only breathed life in the dead shit of Sanyasashra. "

"Thousands of Buddha's were in me, and I would have felt blessed myself."

"Buddha taught a tremendous power of truth. He taught all the world without discrimination, because 'human parity' was one of his great messages. All men are equal, this is no exception. "

"Buddha was a great counselor of equality. Every man and woman have the same right to receive spirituality. Only ΔΊ
. Their teaching was. "

References - Lord Buddha and his teachings: Author - Swami Vivekananda

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