What is a bonus?

Read carefully ...

Workers were the first method in India to pay salaries every week to the employer.
When the British came to India, they brought the method of paying the salary of the English month. During the week's salary, there were 52 rupees in a year. For one month of 4 weeks, you have to get 13 salary in a year. But according to the English method they get twelve.
When this matter was noticed, there were demonstrations in Maharashtra for getting 13 salary. And when he thought about how to give it the thought that he would have to pay the 13th salary, he decided to give it when he thought about exchange. According to Indian culture, the big festival of the year is Diwali. They decided to pay a salary before the festival. The rule of thumb for Diwali was introduced in India.
Now the companies give bonuses so that they feel they favor the workers. But it is a good way to combine the English method and the Indian economy. It should all be remembered.
It was decided on June 30, 1940 that the law was enacted.
Many do not know this importance. That is why today you are giving it here.

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About Swami Vivekananda's Tathagat Buddha and Buddhism 12 Ideas.

"If I had a stock of Buddha's heart, I would have considered myself blessed."

"The only Buddha is the only great man in the world who are willing to sacrifice his life instead of an animal sacrificed in sacrifice to stop the animal sacrifice."

"Buddhism was the first preaching religion in the world and he entered all civilized world during that time, and yet a drops of blood did not have to be dispersed for the promotion of this religion."

"Buddha is more adventurous, more intelligent than all other religious people. They said, "Do not believe in any of the texts, the Vedas are Thapadas, if the scriptures match with my perceptions or achievements, then it is the fate of that scripture, I am the best science itself." Yagyyagyan and Devdewarten is inefficient " The Buddha was the first human to deliver. "

"Buddha was a great social reformer. Buddha was the only one among the great philosophers of India who did not admit to caste discrimination ... All other philosophers or philosophers have softly embraced social superstitions. The open beliefs of the community are made of pleasure. "

"Lord Buddha, Tyagi's great man, there is no one else on this Avneet."

"What is in human beings, but also the inequality found in humans and animals is found by the Buddha. Buddha preached that 'all the beings are the same'. Buddha is the first recipient of drinking alcohol. "

"Buddha is the only one among all the masters or religions founder of the world, whose motive was beyond any motivation for his work. All others have declared that we are God, the God, the God, and have also been told that the belief that they will have will go to heaven and will be free. But Buddha used to say to the very last moment of death, "No one can help you to get rid of. Help yourself, save yourself the freedom of your efforts. "It is related to themselves, that the word Buddha means the infinite wisdom like the sky; I have attained that state by Siddhartha Gautama. If you try, you can attain 'Buddha'. "

"The monastic monastery that appears today in India is under the control of all Buddhist religions. Hinduni has now made himself self-colored by painting them. The foundations of Sanyasashra were established from the Buddha itself. He only breathed life in the dead shit of Sanyasashra. "

"Thousands of Buddha's were in me, and I would have felt blessed myself."

"Buddha taught a tremendous power of truth. He taught all the world without discrimination, because 'human parity' was one of his great messages. All men are equal, this is no exception. "

"Buddha was a great counselor of equality. Every man and woman have the same right to receive spirituality. Only ĺ
. Their teaching was. "

References - Lord Buddha and his teachings: Author - Swami Vivekananda

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Vipassana hatred means 'Dharma Druham'

          It is wrong to argue over the issue of vipassana. Vipassana Buddha's preaching is.
It is a satyagasthan sutta of the Majhijim body. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkarani Buddha and what is Dhamma in his Dhamma? This precept is mentioned in this case.
If you have some misunderstandings, try to remove it.

Vipassana Camp means a workshop. There is a Dhamma training. Superstitions do not even exist. Tin Ratnas surrender and take oath of Panchsheel
This workshop begins.


Vipassana camp
10 Paramita and Panchsheel, Ashtangraag and Friendliness are also trained.

What are Paramita? Many do not know how they get done.

Tell us how Paramita develops in 10-day Vipassana camp.
There is no guidance for Paramita anywhere except Vipassana camp.
In Vipassana camp, training is given to Panchasheel, Ashtanga Road, Matrimonial and Paramita Kashya, which is not available elsewhere.

These ten virtues are ten Paramita.

1) Shil: - Shil is a means of right
Avoiding bad things in accordance with religion and being good
To do things is modest!

2) Donation: - without expecting repayment
To sacrifice for the good of others, to sacrifice it.

3) Ignorance: Ignorance, unrestrainedness, and not being distracted. Keeping an endless pursuit.

4) Negative: -  It is for the sake of renouncing worldly pleasures that hinder the creation of themselves and others' bright personality.

5) Semen:  Completion of completed work is done by completing power.

 6) Peace: -  means forgiveness. End of hatred hatred ends
No Hate ends with apologies.

7) Truth: - is to be true. To speak truth

 8) Establishment: - means the firm determination to achieve the goal.

 9) Compassion: -  means all animals and humans
Kindness, Compassion

 10) Friendship:  means all
Brother-in-law brotherhood

It is said by the ten virtues Tathagata Buddha ...

 🔸 * Dham Vandana and Vipassana *

Uttamangan Vande Hya, Tambhak Tiwi On,
Dhammo yo khalito doso, dhammo khamantu mam

Dhamma Vande mole is a very tough one. It means Marathi, I bow to the best of three types of worship and bow down. If I have some unskilled work done by me, then I am sorry for meditation.

The instruction given by Buddha is Dhamma. Dhamma is on three sides and it is of three types of dhamma

1) Paradise
2) Patipatti
3) Patidhan

1) Pariyatti means principle,
Study practice dhamma material
2) Pattipatti means practical, Vipassana meditation, Dhamma conduct, Sanskar e.

3) Pativadan means experiencing sensation, sensation and dharmic experience.

Dhamma is not poppy. So it has to be understood through experience. B Buddha told Dhamma his practical Satyapatthan told the sources that he would get the experience of the way. That is why * Uttam Ganesh Vandheh is written on Dhamma Vichar * in the Dhamma Vandana * Vipassana path of human welfare *

ण Receiving Nirvana means acquiring a state of pure mind. The Buddha told the only way for this, that Sati Pratishthan is the only one who will give him the power. The installation of memory is the Vipassana. This meditation is not of the vedic method but of the Buddha's preaching. Do not let the word of meditation be misunderstood.

      Lord Buddha was a great psychologist and researcher. They have seen the world and have the best elements. He discovered the Vipassana * rituals two and a half thousand years ago. Vipassana * The actual experience of the truth and wisdom that has been researched by the Buddha has been studied. That is why he has stressed his mind on the pureness of mind, but for the * focus.
      Vipassana * This meditation is simple and simple and equally difficult and unique. It is a kind of ritualistic practice to bring a blissful happiness and peace of mind.
      The study of these medicines helps in resolving the problems that are hidden in their own body and mind. The development of latent powers in us develops. That power can be used for the welfare of others and others. This instrument eliminates only physical problems, and not only does the revolutionary mental changes in life happen.
         This welfare education spread to the world through India. Through the guidance of Guru-Shishya tradition, Vidya has been preserved in the absolute absolute form for the last 2500/2600 years in the country.
Paramapujya Satyanarayan Goenka Guruji has brought this ritual from India through Brahmantha to Igatpuri near Nashik and teaching people through 10-day camps organized by trained teachers.

* In Vipassana Camp, the first study * Anapanasati * (breathing inspection) and second * Vipassana * (inspection of each person's muscular stimulation) and the third * Mangal Mitri * (Pride for all animals in the world).
      * Anapasatti Vipasana * is an introductory part. This is a primary action. Therefore, in this camp, the study of concentration of mind is practiced and practiced by teaching Anapanasati * initially. This practice is a pre-requisite for 'Vipassana' meditation. One is Assoua, Apan means Prayas and Sati means awareness. That is to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing breathing. That is, this study focuses on breathing and coming out of the body easily and inherent in the nostrils. Your mind is kept awake.
      * Vipassana is called 'Vipassana' in Pali language. There are two words in which there are v and pasanna. V. Specialization and Passana is known, watching or experiencing. So look at the world as it is. Understanding the Reality of the World. To look at all aspects of their issues - religion-look (Satyartan) means Vipassana. *
            In this ritual, the general and natural condensation system, which is generated in your own body, is systematically monitored. Because on the basis of compassion we experience the real reality. While doing Vipassana * the whole truth of body and mind is understood at the level of experience. * Vipassana * The process of changes in the mind of the mind begins.
      Since the origin of any problem is in our mind, it should be faced with a mental level. Hence * Vipassana * is taught in the camp. This study is highly researched in a scientific way in the natural environment, in the guidance of the teacher, in India and abroad.
      The mind is constantly wandering. An elephant can do anything harm, but if he is kept under control then it can be useful in good work.
        It is also mind. Vipassana * is a good tool to keep the mind in control. You can do well in studying your mind, mind, or activities, and be fully aware of it and study it efficiently. * Anapasasati, Vipassana and Mangal Mitri *
     This study is very transitory, how long life is fleeting. This level of experience is realized at the level of. Therefore, concentration, awareness and intelligence benefit from this meditation.
      The only way to realize the reality of truth is the self-inspection done by one's own self. So this way the Lord Buddha said
          There is a way to self-examination, to be examined by the classical method. Therefore, by knowing the knowledge of our own nature, we can destroy our faults and disorders. The darkness in the heart can be removed. Nature rules can be understood through experience. This practice can be solved by searching for reasons that cause sadness, sadism and stress. So our mind becomes pure, calm and happy.

      Lord Buddha entered the room of his heart with the sharp concentration of his mind and reached the bottom of the truth. They found that our body is made of very small atoms. They are constantly destroyed and destroyed. This means that the intensity of life becomes aware. Due to the feeling of perfection, man turns to doing auspicious work. Attempts to reduce self-defects. In our mind, anger, hatred, temptation, craving, desires, greed, fear etc. are overcome. Rather than being overwhelmed with the rest of his life, he goes to pleasure and happiness. Many such benefits come from * Vipassana meditation meditation * man.
       Since every particle in the body is variable and changing, nothing is stagnant that is called 'Me'. Therefore, there is an inherent sense of atonement. Another truthful seeker is clear that this is the reason for 'I' and 'my' desire. This is the reason for the creation of misery. All these things are understood not by anyone, but by our own experience, because of the observation of sensation.
      It is taught in this study that if anybody is happy about the feeling that is raised in the body, be sad or unhappy - do not drink due to observation by merely observing the reaction and not being complacent. Because the senses are constantly changing. They do not last forever. Rise, expenditures, feel that it is its natural nature. Therefore, consciousness and equality can lead to sadness, we can be relieved of sadness.

It also generates every sentiment, it is achieved. They are reproduced, rhythm. This action continues continuously. If you monitor the development of wisdom by neutralizing it, then reproduction of sanskars will stop. Even the present and the pre-emptied Sanskar can be eradicated, that can be enjoyed by the seeker.
      Prajnya is developed instead of compassion. Due to wisdom, misery breaks. New reactions to anger and hatred do not arise. Therefore, sadness does not arise due to creation. The decision taken in the dull state of mind is a reaction. The positive action is not taken, but it becomes a negative action.
When the mind is calm and balanced. When the decision taken is not always a misery, it is enjoyable. When the reaction stops, the tension gets disturbed. At that time, the seeker can be happy that he can enjoy the true happiness of his life.
      We are happy and delighted that we wish happiness and happiness to others as well. It is the purpose of Vipassana meditation meditation, that all should be well-pleased, all suffering should be done. This is what is called 'Maitra spirit' ie 'friendship sense'.
      Through this study Lord Buddha realized that suffering due to man does not happen due to some divine reason. If he does not do anything else without cause, then there are reasons to be sad as well.
      Lord Buddha gave the teachings of four Arya Satya and Ashtangani Marg to unite all mankind. Sadness in the four Aryans. The causes of sadness, prevention of grief, and the way to eradicate grief include the Arya Ashtangaik Marg.
      In the Ashtangi Route 1. Right vision, 2. Proposal resolution, 3. Read it, 4. Right to action, 5 Sanyak Livelihood, 6. Exercise Exercise, 7 Proper memory and 8 This includes Samyak Samadhi. To keep our body healthy, such as physical exercise, and to keep the mind healthy, it is the exercise of mind that is 'Vipassana'.
      The World Health Organization has said that a person who is physically fit and healthy is said to be healthy and capable. * Vipassana * is based on the mind of the human mind. The reaction on the body arises from this mind. Therefore, only if the mind is healthy, it helps in keeping the body healthy.
      People of various languages, castes, religions, sects, and sexes are attracted to this scientific learning. Therefore, there is a great deal of help in raising communal harmony.
Today, there is unrest and unrest in the world due to fear of terrorism and nuclear weapons. So, Vipassana * is a great help to peace in the world. Vipassana Cadre is being established everywhere in the world. Therefore, this ritual is spreading rapidly throughout the world.
      India's first woman IPS Officer Kiran Bedi had arranged * Vipassana * study for the prisoners. That's why this ritual is being used to improve the crime world.
      Governance is arranging to send Vipassana * to the camp so that their officers can learn this knowledge. Mental stress is overcome when performing administrative tasks. Since learning about the ritual, when the teachings of the Lord Buddha are received and the teachings of Panchsheel are obtained, the seeker class becomes the leader. So there is no scope for corruption. These qualities of punctuality and dignity are increasing in the seekers category.
      Today camps are being organized from small children to big people. Therefore, friendship of Lord Buddha in compassion, compassion in the mind is rooted in public. This system is very useful to create social reconciliation and to make people righteous, friendly, healthy in today's immoral world.
      * Vipassana * Regular practice of personal, anger, hatred, passion, craving, lust, greed, and other diseases can be destroyed. It was the welfare of the human being free from grief and disease. It also brings social development to the social status, sanctity, virtue, ethics and social development.
      Today, equality, independence, brotherhood and justice as well as nonviolence, wisdom, devotion, compassion and friendship philosophy, * Vipassana Rituals, to prevent the hunger, poverty, casteism, violence, terrorism, dictatorship, wariness, and the situation in which we are seeing today. This is the only answer. Hence * Vipassana * is a way of human welfare.

Do all of you * vipassana *, keep doing it regularly
This is Buddha's preaching is. Sati Pattan is in the Sujata Patka Majjim body book.

🔸 On December 4, 1954, Dr. Did Vipassana reject speech in Babasahebani Rangoon?
 On December 4, 1954, there was a World Buddhist Dhamma Conference at Myanmar La Rangoon. At this conference Dr. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's speech was addressed. He made memorandum Part 1 and Part 2 of his speech. In India, various schemes of the Buddhist monastery can be raised about how to uplift them. The issue of the 6th point was that in order to follow the Buddhist dhamma, a small form of Dhamma Grantha is necessary because it is necessary to meet the needs of the converted Buddhist scriptures. He said that it is not possible for ordinary people to expect to read 73 volumes in Pali language. In this book Emphasis needs to be emphasized on the social and moral teachings of Buddha. He said that meditation, mind observation and abstrahm are being emphasized very much. This way, in India, if Buddhist scriptures are presented in the newly created book, there will be obstacles in our mind. Dr. What did Babasaheb say in English?
6) I will turn to the initial steps which should be taken for the revival of the Buddhism in India.
1) The preparation of Buddhist Gospel which was a constant companion of the convert. The idea of ​​a small Gospel is a great handicap in propogation of Buddhism in the message of christ, a small booklet in the contained. The Bible in the form of the propagation of Buddhism must be removed. In regards to the preparation of Buddhas Gospel care must be taken (emphasis) the social and ethical principles of the Buddh I have to emphasis (because I am paying heavily) This is because what is emphasis is meditation, contemplation and Abhidhamma. (More attention is paid to Meditation, Anupadhna and Abhimma) This way of presenting Buddhism to Indian will be fatal to our cause (If this way, if Buddha presented in India, it will be a hindrance to our purpose or it would be dangerous). Fatal also means obstruction. When there is an accident in the road, a fatal term called fatal oxidant is used for a fatal term. Otherwise it means obstacle. Well, why should they be something, from this point they will realize that when they write Dhamma texts, they do not want to focus more on meditation and non-violence, emphasizing Emphasis. Do not refrain from refusing. These issues are also included in Buddha and Dhamma books while writing a book. What is Dhamma? In this case, Kaanupasena, Chittanupasana, Vednapashna, Dhammanupasana have been mentioned. Samyak Samadhi is also mentioned, 35 times is also the word of meditation. How can the Buddha Dham be able to meet without ahamadharma?
Babasaheb talked about what he should give more emphasis on writing, and when he went to the forest in Myanmar at that time, Babasahebani was seen as a beggar meditation. They did not want to have a dhamma campaigner. Recently, the people who came out of Hinduism wanted to make self-esteem movement. It was necessary to teach both morally and morally. Immediately after focusing on meditation, movement would not have been possible. But Dr. It is clear that Babasaheb Ambedkar did not deny it. Not Emphasis means no more emphasis. If it was rejected, then obviously I would not accept or I would have written it, it was clear. This issue was above the draft in the book. The writer maintains the issue without emphasizing anything else. Baba Saheb said. Sathyapaththan Sutta Dr. How can Babasaheb refuse? It is a discovery of Buddha. It is an integral part of the sutpita.
We also do not say too much to Vipassana, we say that the sunlight is so clear that the Buddha's satyagraha is a fair precept. Do not criticize, do not tinkle, do not hate
Promote. Whether you make vipassana or not, but do not spread the misunderstanding by chattering the word 'Dhumma'.
Contemplation means Vipassana, meaning that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has written in Pali Kosh (writing and speeches Volume 16) Contemplation is written in the case of Dhamma, following the Vipassana Buddha and Babasahebani in his Dhamma Granth.

Herin is a monk abides contemplating the body as body, (Cainupsina) strenuous, mindful and self possessed, having overcome both the bankering and discontent common in the world
He is experiencing the feelings as feeling
He abides contemplating the mind as mind? (Chittaupasana)
He abides contemplating the ideas as ideas, (Dhammukhshasana)
Dr. Without understanding the meaning of Babasaheb's English memorandum, December 4, 1954, Babasahebani vipassana is shouted as it is denied. The direction of the common man is being forgotten.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has given the meaning of Anapaan, 'Inhaled, extended, breath, inspiration, respiration' in the Pali dictionary (volume 16). Changdeo is mentioned in the book written by Khairmo. Be cautious of those who are anti-Vipassana while being anti-Vipassana.

Such a clear mention of Vipassana is to Dr. Despite the fact that Babasaheb Ambedkar had done in Buddha and his Dhamma, he was misguiding the society to propagate up that he rejected Vipassana.

Meaning of words: -
1) Emphasis: - (giving) Special attention or attention (given to somebody) Special attention or priority (given to him), emphasis.
(Oxford English-English-Dictionary Dictionary Page No, 452)

2) Anapan: - Inhaled, extended breath, inspiration, respiration (On + Apan)
(Pali vocabulary section 16 author Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar)
3) Vipassako is the word of the word; Its English meaning has been given to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkarani by the thought of Vipassana, Such contemplating, endowed with
(Pali Dictionary Volume 16 Writer Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar)
From this, we will note that Dr. Babasahebani did not reject Vipassana. If accepted.
What is the advice of Samyak Samadhi? To come out of the bad thoughts of not letting bad thoughts come out. How to achieve this ?? Is it possible that only vandana is said? Not only this, Sattipatthan Sutta is a practical one for this. That will make the mind pure, that means the purpose of Samyak Samadhi will be fulfilled. Samyak Samadhi of Buddhist Dhamma is not Hindu Samadhi, but it is not a booze. The devotee is constantly aware of the Buddha's Vipassana meditation technique. Keeping it in mind. Once this meditation is known, you can do 24 hours without doing Vipassana and only 24 hours. To keep a constant awareness of what you do. This is called the installation of the memory, called Sattipthan Sutta and it is done exclusively as Vipassana is called.
Adoption of Vipassana camp is compulsory; 10 Paramita studies also understand that which is not understood anywhere. Sermons of Buddha are spoken and spoken in the sermons of Buddha. Vipassana Shibir means the use of Dhamma Preaches is a school and nothing else is nothing.

- Vipassana warrior group *

Send to all groups immediately if like

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How to create a cPanel account within WHM

  1. Log into your WHM
  2. In the left menu under "Account Functions", click "Create a New Account
  3. Fill in the details for the new account. Here's a brief outline of the settings you'll be putting in:
    • Domain Information
      • Enter the main domain name on the account, set a cPanel username and password for it, and then enter the email address to be associated with the account.
    • Package
      • WHM allows you to create packages, which make it easier to manage cPanel accounts. For Example, you may have a "Power Plan" package like InMotion Hosting offers. Within that package you could set limits such as the number of addon domains to associate to the account. If you don't have any packages set, select the "Select Options Manually" option and set those limitations now.
    • Settings
      • Choose the cPanel theme to assign the user (InMotion Hosting currently uses x3) and select the appropriate language for the user.
    • Reseller Settings
      • If you have the access to create a cPanel account, it means that you have reseller permissions. Decide here if this new account you're creating should have WHM access and be able to create accounts themselves.
    • DNS Settings
      • Decide how the domain's nameservers should be configured on the server. If the nameservers specified for this domain name are going to be on another server, choose the option "Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Regsitrar"
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  4. After you have filled in all of the details above, click the "Create" button at the bottom of the page.
 Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account!
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The mutual fund is right? (SIP)

All the time today on the radio, on the radio, in the current paper, the advertised "Mutual Fund is right" is in the cinema hall. The mutual fund is right ... It is understandable, but what does the Mutual Fund and SIP mean? There is a lot of confusion in this.
Today, there are many bad experiences when working in the investment sector ... One of them is to invest in SIP as I want to invest. especially for them today article .... SIP is not an investment option but the type of investment Remember this ... take the self and your community forward in financial literacy.

Mutual fund: SIP (a systematic way of investment)
In the last 5-10 years, the investment options of SIPs have reached the house-to-house with the advertisement of mutual fund companies. It is not as easy as the mutual fund companies, thanks to the current newsletter of the magazine about investment, to divert the Indian people out of their traditional mentality and to invest in the stock market such as mutual funds, but today there is a big change happening today. Today, many customers want to invest in SIP, but they still do

What exactly is SIP?
What is a mutual fund?
How does a mutual fund or SIP work?
SIP is not an investment product but an investment strategy.

When there is no information about such things, then it is noticed that here also the investor's mindset is similar to other investments. Whenever I ask you why you want to SIP, get reasons.
Do my co-workers ..
My brother does ..
All my friends
So I want to get started.

That is, today you have the surest way to create a wealth, but you do not know its strength. Is not that? What should we ask if we get the lamp of Allahdin today?

Also, this mutual fund: Through SIP you can get a lot of money. Only you need to know the correct information about this investment option. Today we will see the SIP method of investing in mutual funds.

* Mutual Fund Investing Types: *

There are different types of mutual funds to invest in a mutual fund, and there are some methods to invest in this type, such as
Lumsum Investment
Systematic Invesment Plan
Systematic Withdrawal PlanS
Systematic Transfer Plan
You can invest in a mutual fund as per your convenience in the above 4 method. The most popular form of this is mutual fund: SIP and today you will learn about it.

What exactly is Systematic Invesment Plan?
Systematic Invesment Plan means that every month in the bank or post, the money is deposited to the RD account and the small amount is a huge amount in the next 5-10 years, as well as investing in mutual funds every month as per the Systematic Invesment Plan. The difference is that this is an automated system and till now all the investments you made every month have to be done in the bank or post itself, so there are some errors in the investment that have been filled up in the SIP of the mutual fund.

Let's see how the process of SIP is being funded.

Decide how much you want to invest in a month
Selecting a Mutual Fund Company and Scheme
Decide on the date of the month going to the SIP for the SIP from the bank on the date of the month
Decide how long you will be investing
Filling a SIP form with a mutual fund

In this way, we can do Shree-Ganesh in the investment of a mutual fund SIP.

 Some of the features of the mutual fund SIP can be seen here:

1. Pursuant to investment: - A discipline is received from the investment bank account every month for a SIP deduction from Direct Bank Account.

2. Power of increased interest; - The more time you spend, the more you earn. If a 30-year-old person is investing 10000 rupees per month for his age of 60, then if he receives 15% returns in 30 years, his investment of 36 lakh will be 7 crores. This compound is the power of interest.

3. Availability: - In SIP, you can begin investing from Rs 500-1000 a month. Which does not have a big impact on your month's budget.

4. Wide Cost Averaging: - This is an investment strategy. The market has a fast-recession advantage in this technique. If the market is below, then more units can be bought because they have broken prices.

5.Earth time each time: - Very smart investor in the stock market is investing money on the volatility of the stock market. The Warren Buffett himself is not yet gathered. This topic does not remain in the SIP option because the market is growing or the market continues to grow.

Mutual funds: SIP is a great way to invest in equity markets and to meet your financial goals. *

Here you only have to decide the amount of the month according to your ability and invest in it by investing in different Mutual Fund Company's schemes. If you are investing in a SIP for a longer period, you can get a 15-16% refund if you are investing 5000-10000 in a mutual fund instead of going in search of some jackpot shares. So you can face inflation.

Some very important financial tips that everyone should know..!

1. Avoid buying property on loans as it eats most of your earnings unless you have a clear plan for its repayment. It's important to monitor cash flow. Though, the house will be your asset, your liability will be much more.

2. Start a SIP at a very young age. Try to save atleast 15–25 % of your earnings.

3. Avoid buying a car unless you use it everyday.
4. Do not let this sentence scare you. “Mutual fund investment are subject to market risk. Please read the offer documents carefully before investing”. Most people avoid investing in mutual funds just because of this one warning. Yes, there is a market risk, but look at the history and growth of mutual funds.

5. Try having a simple wedding.

6. Atleast 20% of your wealth should be liquid so you can utilize it when necessary.

7. Considering inflation, you are actually losing money if it is in savings bank account. Do not keep huge money in savings bank account.

8. If you invest in stocks, pay due attention.

9. If you invest in stocks have a separate account for delivery investment and Intraday investment. It is easy to monitor this way and also makes tax calculation easy

10. Do not have a belief that property and car make you rich. Its what you save and invest, that is important.

11. Never invest in insurance for returns. Insurance is not an investment option. It is a risk management tool.

12. Never use credit cards for lavish spending. Use credit cards intelligently and for needs not for wants.

13. Cancel all credit cards before you die. Or inform family about all your accounts, credit cards, loans and saving now itself.  Even a small residue will cost your family much.

14. Invest on yourself and then on other investments.

15. Always try to balance your earnings with your savings first, then on  spending and loans. Never take unnecessary loans. Always have reserve and utilise them and unless no other go never take loan.

16. Always have a plan for future events on your career, life, spending and finance.

17. Always have a reserve on your savings for contingency and urgent situations.

18. Your personal life and health are the most important investment. Do have a regular health check and do healthy workout every day. Stay healthy and live happily.

Free mobile service will now offer free shopping, JIO

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): Reliance Telecom companies have come in from other companies in the telecom industry. Now Geo has started for the next planning grocery sector. According to sources, Geo is preparing to make free shopping for its customers. Considering the increasing digital payment in the country, Geo is now in the e-commerce market. On huge networks and millions of customers, Geo Amazon will compete with big players like Flipkart.

According to the company's sources, Geo Corner Store is in touch with grocery stores and consumer brands. In fact, Geo company's customers are using this facility from Geo Money Platform. Shopping is being done from neighborhood shops through digital coupons. At present, Geo is doing e-business in many big stores and brands in cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Maybe this plan will reach other cities in the next year.

132 million Consumers have been connected from Geo in the last one year. It includes their platform Ajio. The company is now focusing on companies like PettyMon and PhonPo, who have entered online-to-offline e-commerce. Companies like PetiMe are doing business by connecting with Corn Stores and other brands. These companies help investors to aggressively increase their network. At the same time, e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart are also preparing to invest more in their grocery stores delivery business.

However, Reliance Jio refuses to comment on the news of landing in e-commerce. According to sources, the company is currently working on an online-to-offline business model. According to a report, Indians account for about $ 650 billion in retail business, whereas in the e-commerce sector, this figure is only 3-4 percent. Apart from this, there are 8 percent organized retailers who run from stores such as Shoppers Stop and Big Bazaar. The remaining 88 percent to 89 counterparts are small shops or nook stores available in the market.

According to sources, Geo has not yet finalized the e-commerce business model. It will be changed only after research in other cities. Geo has included brands such as ITC, Wipro, Dabur, Tata Beverages, Godrejjunjumar and Amul for the pilot project.

In the present situation, Live will give digital coupons to the special brands of their mobile products. Users will be able to shop on these brands through this digital coupon. These coupons will work at any neighborhood store. However, digital coupons will run on the same stores as those with which the partnership will be. Brand Partners can send promotional offers to their products to GeoCustomers. This will also strengthen connectivity between makers and sellers. Sales through offers will also increase.

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Genie Company Launches World's Cheapest 4G Smartphone, Learn More in Detail

Hello friends, Today you have brought people for you very important things to know who is very important to you.

If you also want to take a 4G smartphone for yourself then this Genie company's 4G smartphone will be very good for you.

Because of this Genoni company mobile you are given a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage is also offered.

Along with this, you are given two cameras, whose quality is much better, the front camera is 16 megapixels and the real camera has been given 28 megapixels. In this mobile phone you are also given a fingerprint sensor and this phone has such amazing features.

The display of this mobile phone has been made of full Gorilla Glass and this mobile phone has been made by Full Metal Body, so most people like to buy this mobile phone.

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The first mobile app to provide parking space 'Park 24x7'

The app claims that it is the first parking app in the country to rent private garages, which finds public parking spaces from the app to avoid unprotected parking lots, hospitals, pubs, schools, time. The app provides parking availability in real-time and allows users to pre-book on specific hours or monthly basis. Car registration number only serves as the necessary ticket for the booking site. Users can use the smartphone's default QR code scanner to use the parking lot. This redirects the customer to the mobile website where the car number and the duration are imposed and the pricing will be done automatically according to the rate fixed by that city on that particular area basis.

According to Park 24x7 founder and CEO Startup Wishhee Saver, the fee is Rs. 20 per hour and 100 rupees for one day. Customers can make payments using Internet Banking, Wallet, Debit / Credit Card. The company has already established in Mumbai and Bengaluru and plans to expand other Indian metropolis under Smart City initiative. Vice President is a computer engineer. His company is now awaiting a $ 1 million (about Rs 6.5 crore) investment through Dubai-based Venture Capital Fund.

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Five benefits of a PF account, which you do not know yet

PF and EPFO ​​are Employees Provident Fund. This is the account of any person in which he and his employer are credited to a fixed account opened in their names in a fixed amount (through employer) EPFO. In this, the employer collects a specific amount (12% in current case) from your salary in the PF office. Fixed amount is provided by the Central Government and in this amount the employer deposits with his share (part of the CTC).
1) The EPFO ​​had withdrawn its decision last year, in which interest was not available on passive accounts. But now you will get interest on your PF account which is inactive for more than 3 years, irrespective of the exchange of the account, you will get the interest on it. Financial experts say that even though the interest is available, the transfer or withdrawal of active PF accounts should be withdrawn, as the existing rules, for more than five years, when the inoperative account is inactive, the tax has to be paid.
2. Did you know that the PF account also gives you BME default insurance. Under the EDLI scheme, your PF account is worth Rs. Up to 6 lakhs will be insured. This is a plan for Employees Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI).

3. Another important thing is to maintain the PF account for 10 years and you can take advantage of the pension plan throughout your life. That is, the amount should be paid till you have a job in your account for 10 years from the time of depositing the money in your PF account. After retirement in the Employee Pension Scheme 1995, pension of one thousand rupees will be available.
4. You can link more than one PF account (if you change your job) using your UAN number linking to support. It is now easier to transfer money on PF to PF. After participating in a new job, there is no need to file Form-13 separately for claiming EPFO's money. Now it will be done automatically. The EPFO ​​has introduced a new Form 11 inside, which will be used in place of Form 13, will be used in all cases of Auto Transfer.
5. Now let's talk about withdrawal. To withdraw money from PF, you can withdraw a fixed amount in this situation: buying a house, for home repairs, for sickness, higher education, marriage etc. To use these benefits, you must be a member of the EPFO ​​for a specific time.

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Remember this date well 31 December and 6 February 2018

You may also be thinking that this is the date, let me tell you that you should remember this date well 31 December and 6 February 2018.

This is a very important date in the ongoing support link process of the government. Now everywhere the government has made the base necessary, whether there is a bank account or pen card or mobile number is being processed linking the base everywhere.

It is important to link these bases to keep all the necessary services operational, otherwise the work will be stuck without it, the government is warning for several months.
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To let you know that the government has given the last date of December 31, 2017 to link the bank account with the base, after which the bank account will be closed for not linking the Aadhaar link.

Apart from this, the mobile number is required to be linked from the base and the last date for this has been given on 6th February 2018, as soon as possible, link your mobile network to the base, otherwise the mobile number will be blocked.

Facebook relonch app, see what is special in this app

Facebook his events standalone app 'local' once again launch have. This app event with local information will provide the restaurant and general store such information would include. This local name of the app for Android and iOS on both will be available. It now for only in the US launch have been. 'Local' app with the help of Facebook user local business or local business related information and review learn will help. It mobile app them in trade, restaurants, bars and other events together by bringing their information will. Facebook this app 7 million business page as well as review and friends 'check ins such events to add does.' Facebook the past year events name of a standalone app launch was in which specifically calendar was. The user to be around the event of information lives were, However, this app more famous not be found.