NASA will apply about a planet of metal, know about it!

NASA is always active for studies on the stars launched last year, such as OSIRIS-Rex. Let us know that for this, NASA can study the quadrillion star made of metal. Psyche is a star and NASA's new mission is Tara 16 is found between Psyche Jupiter and Mars. The reports say that the mission is a low cost and NASA was chosen to locate the bodies in the solar system.
The solar-powered spacecraft is likely to fly up to 2023 Spacecraft is expected to reach the target destination by 2030. This mission will inspect the stars and map them. 16 Psyche will detect a massive metal star in the Astro belt. 16 Psyche is approximately 130 miles (210 kilometers) in diameter. Components of metal can be compared to the core of the earth along with nickel and metal iron.
16 Psyche is the only solar system of its kind in the Solar System. We learn about the interval going into outer space. In a statement, 16 Psyche's chief investigator at the Arizona State University, Lindy Elkkins-Tanton said that it is an opportunity to explore a new type of world. Not a rock or ice but of metal. 16 Psyche will get additional support from NASA's N-Earth Object Camera (Neocam) because Nasa will be funded for another project for another year. The agency is also looking for mining of minerals found on the wires.