A new feature of Whatsapp, now you know your location

Now your friends will be able to know your location on WhatsApp, because WHATSAPAP has launched a new live location feature.

WhatsappApatch is a new feature and is encrypted. It is in your hands that someone should see your live location and no one else. This feature is the short term. You can turn on the live location when you want it. If you are traveling, people nearby will know where you are on the journey and you can close this feature after the journey is over. Not only this, your live location can also send messages to your friends. You can also share it on a group. This new feature of WhatsAppApps will help you to stay connected with your friends continuously.

Use this feature

Go to Apple Play Store or Google Play Store. Go there and update your WhatsApp update. Then go to Whatsapp's contact. There you can update this live location feature. Also, you can share this app with your friends by selecting it. At present, this feature is only for Android and

I can use it on IOS.