Offer: With this app, you can win a transaction of 50 rupees, 1 lakh rupees

Google launched its new payment app "Sharp" on Monday in India. Explain that the digital payment is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Android users can download this app from Google PlayStore. While iOS users have to go to iTunes to download it.
Through fast, users will be able to make payments related to money. At the same time Google has given them an opportunity to win up to a million rupees every week. Google has named this offer as Lucky Sunday.
Under this offer, the user has to transpose the rupees from the faster app to any other fast id user. Remember that this transaction is of at least Rs. 50.

After this, if you are fortunate and win one lakh rupees then this money will go to your savings account. If a user becomes the winner of the Lucky Sunday's Lucky Day offer, he will not be able to win the winner for the second time until the end of the current financial year.
There is also a chance to win 1000 rupees on every transaction
In addition to winning one lakh rupees every week, Google is giving another chance. Users who will use the fast to pay for the money, can win a thousand rupees on every transaction.

Google launches digital payment app tez in India, know all those things about this app

Technology big Google has launched on-line payment service in Republic of India. A special app is offered for this, that is called quick. This app is meant for each humanoid and iOS platforms and may be downloaded for gratis. we have a tendency to told you earlier that Google may launch this app on Mon and currently the corporate has formally launched it. That is, Google is prepared with this app to relinquish competition to Patyam. Let's shrewdness this app works and the way a lot of you like it.

Set up Tez's setup in your mobile

1 transfer from the App Store / Play Store on humanoid App and iOS.

After downloading a pair of you have got to line a Google PIN or a screen lock.

3 As a {3rd} step, you have got to link the checking account. For this, if your account is joined to a mobile variety, then the quantity should be entered. you may be a message from the mobile and therefore the variety of accounts joined to the current variety are mechanically superimposed.

Now you'll be able to head to the choice and send cash to anyone.

These ar the specialty of tez app

Transfer cash to a bank with a tez app

With quick app, you'll be able to build payments together with your checking account. That is, Google won't take any commission for this and therefore the cash can stay safe in your bank and can not head to Google. consistent with Google, the client won't ought to open any explicit account of the account.

Which banks can support

The UPI-based Google service can work with most major banks. As a partner bank, Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and banking concern of Republic of India ar enclosed.

With the quick protect you may be able to build secure payments

According to Google, the sharpened transactions are shielded from Tez protect. This protect can work 24/7 so fraud and hacking may be detected. Not solely this, it'll conjointly facilitate in distinguishing the identity of the shoppers.

All payments made up of Tez app are secured through UPI PIN, besides it'll even be secured with Google PIN. for instance, if your smartphone encompasses a fingerprint scanner, it'll conjointly work as Associate in Nursing authentication. For support Google says that they're going to be out there daily via phone and chat support. That is, any info you'll be able to remark in support.

Pay Neareebie Feature

It will be easier to transfer cash to quicker apps than quicker apps. for instance, if your friend encompasses a quick app within the smartphone and he's around you then you may not ought to share a checking account or signaling. Bright can search the quickest app close to you, then you'll be able to transfer cash.

You can conjointly build on-line payments through quick

According to Google, wherever the UPI is accepted in on-line transactions, it'll work quicker. Payments may be created on your account by clicking the quick emblem throughout payment checkout.


Like alternative e-wallet apps, Google can supply offers for transactions. Lucky customers will get an opportunity to win one,000 rupees on the group action. No coupon codes are needed for this. Lucky customers can get the money won by them in their account.

Google vice chairman César Sengupta aforementioned on the occasion of launch that this app has been specially developed for Hindustan.

Customers also will be rewards below the supply. there's conjointly a referral theme through that you may consult with some other person and if they install it with this link then a gift of Rs. fifty one are out there. there's no limit to referencing, you'll be able to consult with as many of us as you wish, however up to nine,000 rupees is offered.

Tez runs the network of payments created by the govt. of Republic of India on the premise of UPI and you are doing not even ought to provide your checking account variety your name and even the bank's name to anyone to form cash transactions through it. It may also be simply transmitted by simply providing a signaling.

Google has designed this app in such how that you just will fancy chat yet like the group action

Messaging app woesapp's group admin can get more strength soon.

Messaging app woesapp's group admin can get more strength soon. Whatsapp is going to bring a new feature for every group admin. Under this change, the group admin will now be able to decide which members of the group can now change their subject, icons and states.

According to, a fan site has tested this new feature of WhatSapp. Whatsapp has subscribed to this new update via Google Play Beta Program 2.17.387. According to Google Play Store these features are currently available for testing. This feature will be available to users only when WhatsApp will enable it.

Whatsapp has already announced the advance feature for promoting group management before. If you think of recent reports, What's amazing is what's going to be for fast users. If WABetaInfo thinks that Whatsapp is also testing for delete feature.

A new feature of Whatsapp, now you know your location

Now your friends will be able to know your location on WhatsApp, because WHATSAPAP has launched a new live location feature.

WhatsappApatch is a new feature and is encrypted. It is in your hands that someone should see your live location and no one else. This feature is the short term. You can turn on the live location when you want it. If you are traveling, people nearby will know where you are on the journey and you can close this feature after the journey is over. Not only this, your live location can also send messages to your friends. You can also share it on a group. This new feature of WhatsAppApps will help you to stay connected with your friends continuously.

Use this feature

Go to Apple Play Store or Google Play Store. Go there and update your WhatsApp update. Then go to Whatsapp's contact. There you can update this live location feature. Also, you can share this app with your friends by selecting it. At present, this feature is only for Android and

I can use it on IOS.

NASA will apply about a planet of metal, know about it!

NASA is always active for studies on the stars launched last year, such as OSIRIS-Rex. Let us know that for this, NASA can study the quadrillion star made of metal. Psyche is a star and NASA's new mission is Tara 16 is found between Psyche Jupiter and Mars. The reports say that the mission is a low cost and NASA was chosen to locate the bodies in the solar system.
The solar-powered spacecraft is likely to fly up to 2023 Spacecraft is expected to reach the target destination by 2030. This mission will inspect the stars and map them. 16 Psyche will detect a massive metal star in the Astro belt. 16 Psyche is approximately 130 miles (210 kilometers) in diameter. Components of metal can be compared to the core of the earth along with nickel and metal iron.
16 Psyche is the only solar system of its kind in the Solar System. We learn about the interval going into outer space. In a statement, 16 Psyche's chief investigator at the Arizona State University, Lindy Elkkins-Tanton said that it is an opportunity to explore a new type of world. Not a rock or ice but of metal. 16 Psyche will get additional support from NASA's N-Earth Object Camera (Neocam) because Nasa will be funded for another project for another year. The agency is also looking for mining of minerals found on the wires.

The mutual fund is right?

On the TV today, on the radio, in the current paper, the ad is running "Mutual fund is right" in the cinema hall.. mutual fund is right.

It is difficult to understand yet but the Mutual Fund and SIP What exactly is that? There is a lot of confusion in this.

Today, there are many bad experiences when working in the investment sector ... One of them is to invest in SIP as I want to invest ... especially for them today article .... SIP is not an investment option but the type of investment Remember this ... Take the self and your community forward in financial literacy ....

Mutual fund: SIP (a systematic way of investment)

In the last 5-10 years, the investment options of SIPs have reached the house-to-house with the advertisement of mutual fund companies. It is not as easy as the mutual fund companies, thanks to the current newsletter of the magazine about investment, to divert the Indian people out of their traditional mentality and to invest in the stock market such as mutual funds, but today there is a big change happening today.

Today, many customers want to invest in SIP, but they still do
What exactly is SIP?
What is a mutual fund?
How does a mutual fund or SIP work?

SIP is not an investment product but an investment strategy.

When there is no information about such things, then it is noticed that here also the investor's mindset is similar to other investments. Whenever I ask you why you want to SIP, get reasons.

My colleagues ...
My brother does ....
All of my friends do ... so I want to get started.

That is what is the surest way to create a wealth today, but you do not know its strength, it is a tragedy. Is not that? What should we ask if we get the lamp of Allahdin today?

Also, this mutual fund: Through SIP you can get a lot of money. Only you need to know the correct information about this investment option. Today we will see the SIP method of investing in mutual funds.

Types of Mutual Fund Investing:

There are different types of mutual funds to invest in a mutual fund, and there are some methods to invest in this type, such as
Lumsum Investment
Systematic Invesment Plan
Systematic Withdrawal PlanS
Systematic Transfer Plan
You can invest in a mutual fund as per your convenience in the above 4 method. The most popular form of this is mutual fund: SIP and today you will learn about it.

What exactly is Systematic Invesment Plan?
Systematic Invesment Plan means that every month in the bank or post, the money is deposited to the RD account and the small amount is a huge amount in the next 5-10 years, as well as investing in mutual funds every month as per the Systematic Invesment Plan. The difference is that this is an automated system and till now all the investments you made every month have to be done in the bank or post itself, so there are some errors in the investment that have been filled up in the SIP of the mutual fund.

Let's see how the process of SIP is being funded.

Decide how much you want to invest in a month
Selecting a Mutual Fund Company and Scheme
Decide on the date of the month going to the SIP for the SIP from the bank on the date of the month
Decide how long you will be investing
Filling a SIP form with a mutual fund

In this way, we can do Shree-Ganesh in the investment of a mutual fund SIP.

 Some of the features of the mutual fund SIP can be seen here:

1. Pursuant to investment: - A discipline is received from the investment bank for the SIP from month-to-month direct bank account.

2. Power of increased interest; - The more time you spend, the more you earn. If a 30-year-old person is investing 10000 rupees per month for his age of 60, then if he receives 15% returns in 30 years, his investment of 36 lakh will be 7 crores. This compound is the power of interest.

3. Availability: - In SIP, you can begin investing from Rs 500-1000 a month. Which does not have a big impact on your month's budget.

4. Wide Cost Averaging: - This is an investment strategy. The market has a fast-recession advantage in this technique. If the market is below, then more units can be bought because they have broken prices.

5.Earth time each time: - Very smart investor in the stock market is investing money on the volatility of the stock market. The Warren Buffett himself is not yet gathered. This topic does not remain in the SIP option because the market is growing or the market continues to grow.

Mutual funds: SIP is a great way to invest in the stock market and to fulfill your financial goals.

Here you only have to decide the amount of the month according to your ability and invest in it by investing in different Mutual Fund Company's schemes. If you are investing in a SIP for a longer period, you can get a 15-16% refund if you are investing 5000-10000 in a mutual fund instead of going in search of some jackpot shares. So you have to face inflation