Who were Tanaliram? About Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman was born in 16th century in village Gurnapadu in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh state of India. Tenaliram was born in a Telugu Tenaliram stories in Hindi Brahmin family. He was a poet by profession, and was a great magician of Telugu literature. He was quite famous due to his point of view. And they were addressed by the nickname "Vikat Poet". Tenaliram's father Garlapati Ramayya used to be a priest of the Ramalingawaraswamy temple of Tenali village.

When Teenaliram was young at the time, his father, Garalapati Ramayya, died. And after that his mother took them and went to live with his brother Tenali, his brother. Tenalirama Shiva was also a devotee. That is why he was called by the name of Tenali Ramalinga. According to the history cars, after some time they adopted Vaishnavism.

Tenaliram did not get the duly practiced of the school, but his desire to learn and the tune of knowledge, he received rascal. But being a former Shiva devotee, he was not accepted as a disciple by the Vaishnava followers, then a great saint advised him to worship Kali. And it is said that according to the saint's statement, Tanaliram has done a lot of penance of Kali Devi. And as a result, Tenaliram got a boon from Devi Kali to become an outstanding comedic poet.

Tenaliram has associated with "Bhagwat Mela" Mandal in his later life. And one day "Bhagwat Mela" Mandal reached Maharaja Krishnadev Rai's court to show his program. He impressed Raja Krishnadev Rai with his impressive performance and Krishnadev Ray Tayaliram was given the eighth scholar in his court In the post of comedy poet,

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai - were sitting on the throne of Vijayanagar from 1509 to 1529, when Tenaliram used to present himself in the court as a comedic poet and minister in the role of Assistant. According to historians, Tenniliram was a humorous and wise man along with being a poet. Many times Maharaj used to help Krishnadev Rai to emerge from trouble related to the state of Telaliram. There are many stories related to his intelligence and wisdom, some of which are described below.

One day in the court of Maharaja Krishna Deva Rai, a merchant comes to sell horses of one Arab territory. By conveying his horse, Maharaj convinces Lord Krishna to buy all the horses and sells his horse. Now the horses of Maharaj become so many horses that they do not save the place of keeping them, so many horses are given to the common citizens of Vijayanagar and some people of the Rajdarbar for three months to take care of the order of Maharaj. Every single caregiver is given a gold coin per month for horse keeping expenses and training.

Like all citizens of Vijayanagar, Chasur Tenaliram was given a horse as well. Tenaliram took the horse home and tied the backyard of the house to a small mansion and tied it. And he started feeding a small quantity of food every day with a small window of the horse.

The rest of the people also started playing the responsibility given by Maharaj Krishna Deva Rai. Do not let the king become angry and do not punish him; With this fear, all the people cut their stomach and started feeding the horse for a good fodder.

Three months have passed by doing this. On the day of the day all the citizens take the horse and collect together before Lord Krishna Deva Rai. But Tenaliram comes empty handed. Rajguru asks for reasons not to bring the Tenaliram horse. Tenaliram says in the north that the horse has become very big and he does not want to go near that horse himself. Rajguru, Maharaja Krishna Deva Rai says that Tenalirim is lying. Maharaj Krishnadev Rai send truth to Takhtiram and to Rajguru to find out the truth.

Seeing a small horse behind Tenaliram's house, Rajguru says, "You fool, you call this little cottage horse?" Tenaliram says with great discretion, Rajguru is sorry I am not a scholar like you. Please watch the horse first by peeping from the window. And after that step inside the horse.

As soon as Rajguru peeks inside the window, the horse grabs his beard by seizing it. People start accumulating. After a lot of hardship, the hungry horse does not leave the beard of Rajguru. Finally, breaking the cottage, cutting off the beard of Rajguru with a strong weapon, they are redeemed from the clutches of the horse. Troubled Rajguru and Chasur Tenaliram take the hungry horse and reach the king.

Seeing the weak condition of the horse, Maharaj Krishnadev Rai asks Tenniliram for its reason. Tenaliram says that I used to give the horse a little bit of food every day, just as the poor people of your country do a little food. And due to less facility than needed, the horse became distressed and worn out. Just as the people of your family, in addition to the responsibility of fostering the family, suffer from the burden of handling the horses.

The duty of the king is to protect the people. Do not put too much burden on them. Horses got stronger by order of ordering your horses, but your people have become weak. Maharaj Krishnadev Rai is able to understand this story of Tenaliram, and he gives prizes to Tanisha Ram, praising him.

Tenali Raman Stories - Paradise Search
Maharaja Krishna Deva Raya, in his childhood

Tenali Raman Stories in Hindi - Paradise Search
According to Maharaj Krishnadev ray heard in his childhood, he believed that the world's best and most beautiful place of Paradise is Paradise. One day, the lord desires to see the heaven, therefore, he asks the ministers present in the court, "Where is Paradise?"

 All the ministers keep sitting on their heads, but Chasur Tenaliram Maharaj promises to tell Lord Krishna to know the address of Paradise. And demand ten thousand gold coins and two months for this work.

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai give Tenaniliram gold coins and two months' time and bet that if Tanaliram can not do this, he will be punished with severe punishment. The other courtesy of Tenniliram burns efficiently enough. And the mind is very happy with the fact that Tenaliram will not be able to find heaven and will give punishment.

The period of two months passes, Maharaj Krishnadev Rai summon Tayaliriram in the court. Tenaliram says that he has found heaven and he will depart for tomorrow to see heaven.

Next day, Tenaliram, Maharaj, Krishnadev Rai and his special ministers take them to a beautiful place. Where there are plenty of greenery, twisted birds, and trees that purify the environment are planted. Maharaja Krishnadev Rai is very pleased to see the beauty of the place. But his other minister, Gan Paradise, reminds Maharaj Krishna Deva Rai of seeing him.

Maharaj Krishnadev Rai also asks Tenaliram to fulfill his promise. In response, Tenaliram says that when we have fruits, flowers, trees, plants, infinite types of animals, birds, and wonderful atmosphere and supernatural beauty on our earth. Then why heaven wished? There is no evidence that there is a place like heaven.

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai understands the matter of clever Tanaliram and he praises them. The rest of the minister reminds Maharaj about ten thousand gold coins by burning jealous. Then Maharaj Krishnadev Roy asks Tenaliram what did he do to Sikoku?

Then Tenaliram says that he has spent it!

Tenaliram says that from the ten thousand gold coins you gave me, I have purchased this great plant and high cropping seeds from this place. Whom we will extradite in the land of our state Vijaynagar; So that our state will also become attractive and fertile near this beautiful place.

The chef becomes more pleased with this and gives Tenniliram a lot of reward. And once again, the rest of the ministers are taking their mouth!

Tenali Raman Stories  - Rasgigulla root

An Iranian Sheikh trader from Middle Eastern country comes as a guest of Maharaja Krishnadev Rai. Maharaj blesses his guest in a grand manner and arranges for his good eating and living, as well as many other facilities.

One day the chef's chef cook begins to make rosets for the businessman. The trader says that he does not have to eat rasgulla. But if possible, tell them what is the root of Rasgulla. The chef gets into thinking. On occasions, Maharaj tells Krishnadev Rai the demand of the businessman. To catch the root of Maharaj Rasgulla, his clever minister called Tenniliram.

Tenaliram accepts the offer of challenge to find the root of Rasgulla. He demands an empty bowl and sharp knife and demands a day's time from the chef.

On the next day, the robe filled with pieces of root of Rasgulla, brought in a cloth covered with muslin, and the Iranian Sheikh, sitting in the Raj Darbar, gives to the trader and he is asked to remove the cloth and see the root of Rasgulla. Iranian traders are shocked to see the pieces of sugarcane in the bowl. And all the court officials and Maharaj Krishnadev Rai asks Tenniliram what is this?

Clever Taneliram explains that every sweet dish is made of sugar and Sugarcane is a source of sugar. Therefore, the root of Rasgulla is sugarcane. From this mathematics of Tenaliram, all the Darbari, the Iranian businessman and Maharaj Krishnadev Rai get flamy and laugh. And also agree with the logic of Tenaliram.