Two months did not run Android, then Google will fly back to backup data

Multimedia desk If you do not use Android phones for two months, all your backup data will be deleted. If you are using the phone, but there is no connection to the net, you may also have to face this problem.

This information was given by Reddinger Tangerbrook. He told that he left the Android phone for two months and went on the iPhone. Then they came to know that Google only keeps your Android data back up for two months. When he thought that you are inactive, he deleted the data.

Now they have to use their Nexus 6P again as a new Android phone. Most Android users believe that Google keeps a backup of everything that we sync with it. But, even after being prolonged, it removes it from the server.

In the Android Headlines report, it also states that Tangle Brooks did not get any notification about this background activity. They also talked to a Google representative in this case and found that backups can not be placed in Google Drive or any other place.

Google's official policy also states that if a user remains inactive for two weeks or his data is not used, then he is removed from the server.