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Friends, scientists experimented with one ...

In one room 8-10 monkeys were placed. A rug stood in the center of the room and a bunch of bananas were hanging on top of that saddle. In a short time, a monkey's attention goes to the banana tree and goes to the banana clay and they try to climb the monkey ladder and go to the banana. He gets hot water on his body and the other remains on the remaining monkeys and the monkey who is trying to climb the ladder comes back down.

The next day another monkey tries to do the same, then too there is hot water on his body and all other monkeys. It happens for 3-4 days, so the reason for this is that monkeys realize that this is happening with us because of the running of bananas. Then on the fifth day when another monkey tries to climb the banana, then all the other monkeys bend it, so that the monkey can come back and sit in the corner. It does not fall on anyone on that day. This happens continuously for next 3-4 days. Someone turned to a monkey ladder that killed all the other bees and killed him.

None of these monkeys are ready to see bananas in this way. Then the scientists stopped blocking hot water. Then the scientists pulled out a monkey from that monkey and
Another new monkey entered inside. This new monkey tried to climb up the stairs while watching bananas. The same old monkey joined together to get rid of that new monkey. The next day, the scientist takes out another monkey from the old monkey and puts it in a new monkey. Other new monkeys also try to climb the bananas and try to climb them. But it is very special that the new monkey that has come in the future also joins the rocky monkey, which never gets hot water.

Now the killer does not know why we are killing? And the killer does not know why are you killing? After that, the scientist puts the old monkey daily and the new monkey inside it. And the same type happens every day. When the new monkey turned to banana, the remaining monkeys hit him. The monkeys who knew the monkeys knew who were killing them and along with them new monkeys who had never caught hot water.

In this way, all the old monkeys are taken out one by one and each day is inserted into new monkeys.
If every newcomer is trying to climb up the ladder, he is beaten. Now there are new monkeys in the room, who have never seen any type of hot water in their room. But if someone tries to climb a monkey, all other monkeys will kill him. Because this practice has become stereo, even if you do not know the root cause of why you are being killed, only someone knows that the person who kills him or kills him knows that much.

Perception: -
This is how human beings are, we consider many customs traditions. But we do not know their root cause. Because those customs were not when you started tradition, so we do as others do. We never try to understand the reasons behind them.

Well, the reasons we are told are that according to the rules of nature, this nature is not in accordance with the rules of science, but at the same time, there are no definitive reasons. Even then, we do "imitation" like those monkeys and consider ourselves a 21st century educated person in science science.

* Therefore, do not believe in the backstage of any thing, customs and tradition, without knowing whether it is scientifically, logically, or not.

* Just because others do this, then it does not mean that the education you have taken ... !!!!! *

Dedicated to all well-educated knowledgeable people