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Take a generation education
The donkey became and now
 While learning new generation
Race horse is making.

100% should be tested,
Black in karate class
Want to get the belt?
After that, Dance Class
to attend
In the Bhagwadgita competition, I used to go
That's it. Know the meaning of the verses
Neither can they miss it
Want to
Because the first prize was found
 Wanted !!
Then there is a drawing competition.
That went out from there
Playing on the tabla ...
Make music master

Making Albert Einstein
 Delivering Multi -National
 Came to school Well
Albert Ha Einstein
Went to school to become
Was not there
If one becomes Amitabh, then
Thousands of acting school
But Amitabh is the actor
To become any
Did not go to school.
Soon Modi is ready
 Schools that make up vertical
Will remain. And spinach
Filling millions of rupees
They will send them to the kids.
Today for the child's education
The cost of one year,
 As much as his bucks
Full education for parents
They also got to take

Now start school
There are no investors
 Demand for supply
On principle. Parents
Your son or daughter
To make a race horse,
This demand is more than the demand
More studies kids
The beginning of shaking on the head
Kelly. Dapatra and
 The expectations of parents-teachers
Odd-seeing children are
Running the ghosts become walking
Are going on.
There was a slight improvement
"what is square of 12?" By asking this, their childhood
They are crushed.

Mr. Modi is one of the children
The question was asked- "
How many of you
How long does sweat play? "
So a boy hand
Not raised above.
Because now children in AC
Get born, in the AC
 Grow. Eat chips,
Drink soft drinks and
mobile on game
Sit in play
 Wool, rain, wind
There is no connection with this.
Falling-on, lose the game
Do not know.
School bus is not there
Walking to school
The strength to go
If the age does not exceed 6 years then
 The eye needs glasses.
One hand on the legs
Otherwise, it would not have happened
Obesity increases.
Because of the physical pain ended
And Modified food starch, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed corn gluten, disodium inosinate / guanylate, yeast extrac, hydrolyzed soy protein
Eat mixed foods
Got started These
The specialty of ingredients is that they are in the stomach of the child
 Spend and last longer
And nutrients in the stomach
 Absorb. Children's
 hormonal and
Prevents organic growth
So the children are weak
Are gone This component
There are pizza-burgers.
So India will soon have the highest level of diabetes
Becoming a Patient Country
That's it. Along with others
Disorders are coming.

Peanuts, Chana, Semolina, Rice,
Bajra, dry fruits and dry fruits
There are no hazardous ingredients in the fruit.
Leopards, barley, vein, poha
Or made in egg house
 Substances provide better nutrition to children.
Because they are not getting it
Physical enhancement of children
It does not get well. Resistance
Capacity ends. Then
vitamins, DHA, minerals product
 Buy it and eat it
Offer them Actually, the body is haunted
The world's largest
The factory is there. The same
Sufficient diet, pain in the body
If not got ready anywhere
 Blood that can be done
Was ready. Simple vegetable,
Authentic Indian meal
We got that body
The mechanism works itself.
 So fresh vegetables,
Eat and eat
Minerals, calcium,
Non-known proteins
 People lived for 100 years
 And this is known
 Only 60 years of men
Live ... very many diseases
Taking drugs, taking medicines !!

Sports, Exercise, Wandering
And without quality reading
Having children mental
 Feeling shortage.
The struggle does not know
And team work
I do not know. Friends only
 WhatsApp, face book
Meet on Not a real gift.
Happiness and sorrow
There is no exchange
And friend-friend
 There is no mental support.
Smile and laugh
Oxaboxie cry
For mental health
It is good. Both of these
Action can be done by children
No. Automatically, just a little
 That happened against the prohibition
Kids-Girls Suicide
 They do. Too many unity
Mobilize one of the kids
 Because there is no habit of taking it
After getting married later
Divorce within a year.
Children who do not have a sister
Not a good friend
Look at their women
 The approach becomes compressed.
In the education of these shortcomings
Not even thought.
Indian teaching method
It is not universal learning
As the experts were saying
The education business started.
Big business leaders, leaders
 Investing in schools
By concept of education
Dust stove
A woman is pregnant
If born then born
Of the living beings
Preparation of admission
It starts.
Before Krishna was born
Maiyachi preparations
 Had been.
Now the child is born
The race before he came
Horse preparation
It starts. Now the boy
They started talking
 That's live
E = MC square
 To say it is left
That's it.

Such children all formula
 Show as fast as possible
But its own formula
Will never be able to find.

Guitar learns but
Let us compose your own music
Can not be.
Lata Mangeshkar,
Sachin Tendulkar,
Mary Kom
The simulation will be perfect.
But they will not create their own identity.

Because they just emulate
 Are taught to do.
 The art of living,
Song-music joy,
Nature's magnificence,
The creation of new concepts,
Old Idea,
Not worth the price