A nice and touching article ....

A nice and touching article .....

'' If there is any, no no ''

             Even though you have gained a lot in life, always going to every step of life, this question always goes to everyone ...
"If there is anything, can not you?"

        When the mother asks the mother to go for a job by throwing a baby in the womb of her year-old
"Purses, did not you take anything, if nothing is there, would not you?"
       How will that mother tell me that the one who is so busy for the future remains the same !!!

           In the hope of seeing the parent, The bag got settled abroad. As granddaughter was born grand grandmother tourists went to rest. After 3 months, it's easy to talk
"Check it all out, if nothing is there, do not you?"
The elderly did not know what to answer, "What's left behind"

           When the young man gets married and goes with him, he asks his father
"Dadaji, do not forget anything, no, no, no, no?"
In the past, the father who has been in the past is seen to have flowers blossomed in a paternity room. Hiding the tears hiding the father said, "She went but the memories stayed here, what else would be?"

            At 60 years of age, it was the last day of Saheb's office. The peon spoke
"Saheb, if there is anything, why not?"
        When all eyes closed, it was realized that the whole life was done at this place. Everything is here then "what will be left behind"

         A friend asks the boy for the burial of a mother in a cemetery
"Mitra, if there is anything, why not?"
He ran back and ran to the fire. The attempt to see the mother's face failed.
      He did not believe what had happened. He said with a glance on his face, "Nothing ray, what remains, it will be remembered forever"

           Take time to take a moment to check out. Refresh old memories. The eyes will be filled. The mind will be swell
And ........
      This moment of momentum will give us new life to live. Then nothing will be left behind .....
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