A nice and touching article ....

A nice and touching article .....

'' If there is any, no no ''

             Even though you have gained a lot in life, always going to every step of life, this question always goes to everyone ...
"If there is anything, can not you?"

        When the mother asks the mother to go for a job by throwing a baby in the womb of her year-old
"Purses, did not you take anything, if nothing is there, would not you?"
       How will that mother tell me that the one who is so busy for the future remains the same !!!

           In the hope of seeing the parent, The bag got settled abroad. As granddaughter was born grand grandmother tourists went to rest. After 3 months, it's easy to talk
"Check it all out, if nothing is there, do not you?"
The elderly did not know what to answer, "What's left behind"

           When the young man gets married and goes with him, he asks his father
"Dadaji, do not forget anything, no, no, no, no?"
In the past, the father who has been in the past is seen to have flowers blossomed in a paternity room. Hiding the tears hiding the father said, "She went but the memories stayed here, what else would be?"

            At 60 years of age, it was the last day of Saheb's office. The peon spoke
"Saheb, if there is anything, why not?"
        When all eyes closed, it was realized that the whole life was done at this place. Everything is here then "what will be left behind"

         A friend asks the boy for the burial of a mother in a cemetery
"Mitra, if there is anything, why not?"
He ran back and ran to the fire. The attempt to see the mother's face failed.
      He did not believe what had happened. He said with a glance on his face, "Nothing ray, what remains, it will be remembered forever"

           Take time to take a moment to check out. Refresh old memories. The eyes will be filled. The mind will be swell
And ........
      This moment of momentum will give us new life to live. Then nothing will be left behind .....
☝ # Beat the beat # one day # from 'death' ... *

* Till #your life # win 'win'

Good news: Government will start 5G service by 2020, know what is the plan and how much speed will be

5G service by 2020

The government formed a high-level committee on Tuesday to give advice on starting the 5G service by 2020. With this technology, the speed of wireless broadband will be around 10,000 mbps in urban areas and 1,000 mbps in rural areas.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha gave this information on Tuesday. The government is contemplating to make a fund of Rs 500 crore under an effort to facilitate research and development activities to start 5G services.

Sinha said, "We have constituted a high level 5G committee which will work with 5G approach, mission and goals. When in the world in 2020 5G

Technology will be applicable, I believe that India will stand with them.
Telecom Minister announced to set up a high level 5G India 2020 platform. It will include telecom secretary Aruna Sundarajan, IT secretary Ajay Kumar Sahni and science and technology secretary Ashutosh Sharma and experts from the technology sector.
Sinha said that the country could not fully demonstrate its potential in 3G and 4G technologies, but now the government wants India to actively contribute to the development of 5G standards and products.

They said, we will try to develop competitive products globally and manufacture it here. Our goal is to achieve 50 percent of Indian market and 10 percent global market share in the next 5 to 7 years.
Sinha said that under the 5G technology, the government aims to provide 10,000 megabytes per second (Mbps) in urban areas and 1000 Mbps in rural areas.
Officials said that the government is contemplating to create a fund of 500 crore rupees for financing 5G activities. This fund will mainly be for research and product development.

Let's know ten big things related to "GOOD LUCK PLAN"

Let's know ten big things related to good luck plan

1. The budget of good luck will be 16,320 crore, which will benefit about 2 to 2.5 million people.

2. By the end of the year, 20 thousand MW electricity is generated from wind energy and 20 thousand MW of solar power is the target.

3. The goal of reaching 24 hours of electricity to every house will be completed by March 31, 2019.

4. Under this scheme, subsidy will be given on transformer, meter and wire equipment. The poor will get electricity free.

5. Rs. 1,402 crores will be spent on providing electricity to rural households. 2295 crores will be spent on electricity to the urban areas home.

6. 60 percent of the central government will pay the money, 10 percent of the state government will have to spend, 30 percent of the money will be taken from the bank.

7. Where electricity can not be reached, they will be packed 200 to 300 VP solar power, in which 5 LED bulbs, one DC fan, one ten power plug will be given.

8. The needy people will be identified on the basis of census of 2011 for free electricity connections. Those whose names are not in the list will be given a benefit of Rs. 500, which will be recovered by adding electricity bill to 10 installments.

9. Under the scheme, the government's goal is that they will get the option of kerosene. Additionally, educational services will be better with this. This will increase employment opportunities too.

10. Government will resort to mobile app for power supply to every household. The information will be collected through this. This will improve the lives of women especially for women.

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PM Modi launches 'Good luck' scheme, aims to power everyone by 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 8 important plans for the public after the meeting of the National Executive

On the last day of the BJP National Executive meeting, on Monday (September 25th) PM Narendra Modi gave the country's general public many important responsibilities. Prime Minister Modi announced 8 big plans for the welfare of the poor. PM Modi launches good luck plan The plan is to give electricity to every village in the village and the city. Under this scheme, electricity will be given to 500 rupees. Along with this, we plan to provide 200-300 VP solar power packs. If electricity supply does not arrive, then solar pack will be given as an option. There will be 5 LED bulbs, batteries, a fan In the event of its deterioration, the government will bear the cost of repair for five years. The goal of the government is that every house will be given electricity till March 31, 2019. This plan will benefit 30 million families. Prior to Diwali, Modi has given a gift to illuminate every house. Under this scheme, every household will get 24 hours electricity.

PM Modi said that today the country got Deen Dayal Energy Bhawan. I have got many things from my luck

Prior to this, PM Modi inaugurated the Deen Dayal Energy Bhawan, ONGC's corporate office, PM Modi. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Minister of State for Power RK Singh were also present on this occasion. PM Modi inspected the energy building along with the two leaders. PM Modi said that I am very happy to release this building.

1. The budget of good luck will be 16,320 crore, which will benefit about 2 to 2.5 million people.

2. By the end of the year, 20 thousand MW electricity is generated from wind energy and 20 thousand MW of solar power is the target.

3. The goal of reaching 24 hours of electricity to every house will be completed by March 31, 2019.

4. Under this scheme, subsidy will be given on transformer, meter and wire equipment. The poor will get electricity free.

5. Rs. 1,402 crores will be spent on providing electricity to rural households. 2295 crores will be spent on electricity to the urban areas home.

6. 60 percent of the central government will pay the money, 10 percent of the state government will have to spend, 30 percent of the money will be taken from the bank.

7. Where electricity can not be reached, they will be packed 200 to 300 VP solar power, in which 5 LED bulbs, one DC fan, one ten power plug will be given.

8. The needy people will be identified on the basis of census of 2011 for free electricity connections. Those whose names are not in the list will be given a benefit of Rs. 500, which will be recovered by adding electricity bill to 10 installments.

9. Under the scheme, the government's goal is that they will get the option of kerosene. Additionally, educational services will be better with this. This will increase employment opportunities too.

10. Government will resort to mobile app for power supply to every household. The information will be collected through this. This will improve the lives of women especially for women.

This information was given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He has said that the country has given a lot to the BJP, now it is the turn of the BJP. In this order, PM Modi will give the nation a new grace. The BJP gave information about these new plans of the Prime Minister through a tweet. Power Minister RK Singh had said on September 22 that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will announce the plan on September 25 to provide electricity to all houses 24 hours a day. 25 September is also the birth anniversary of the RSS thinker Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's brief announcement shortly after for for the poor people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make a big announcement in a short span of time. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has informed about this. Arun Jaitley said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement is a plan for the poor.

The meeting of the National Executive of BJP is in Delhi. Jaitley has given this information at this time. The UPA's agenda was never against black money and corruption. Jaitley said that the UPA is suffering due to the BJP taking up the challenge.

Jaitley has reacted to the fact that he is our main target of scrapping the farmers' income. He also assured that BJP will win in 2019.

Flipkart Sale: Up to Rs 4,500 disc on SBI card

Flipkart's 'Big billion days' cell has started. Good news for the customers of State Bank of India (SBI). Customers of SBI, if they make a purchase with their debit and credit card during the sale, will get a discount of 10 per cent or 4,500 rupees.

Discount on shopping via website and app
A discount of up to 4,500 will be available only when the customers buy Flipkart's website from flipkart.com or its mobile app using their SBI debit or credit card. In the first day of Flipkart, SBI card will be entitled to a customer discount of a minimum purchase of 1,500 rupees. On the first day SBI will get a discount of a maximum of Rs 1,500 on shopping with a debit or credit card.

Discounts on Sale of All Categories
At the same time, on the second day of Flipkart's Sale (September 21, at 11.59 pm), you will get a discount on SBI card worth Rs 4,999. On the second day, a maximum of 1,500 discounts will be available on SBI card. Flipkart has stated in its website that this offer is valid for almost all categories except for some products.

Discount on SBI card payment through PhonePe
On the third, fourth and fifth day of Big Billion Days Sale, if customers purchase a minimum of Rs 4,999 using SBI cards, they will get a discount. The maximum discount is Rs 1,500. If a customer pays the SBI card through Flipkart's online payment app PhonePe, it is also entitled to the discount. This offer does not apply to payments from SBI NetBanking. There is no limit to the number of transactions done using the SBI card. However, any customer can get discounts of up to Rs 4,500 on each card during the offer period.

The feature that gives you the ability to send messages back to WhatsApp

There are reports of WhatsApp and the Revoke feature being tested for the past several months by Whatatsapp. However, the company has not rolled out this feature in a stable version so far. Now the feature that returns the message has been introduced in the Beta version of What'sapp for Android and iOS. This indicates that the feature is no longer very far from the common user's access.

WABetainfo has reported that Whatsapp is testing the recall feature 'Delete for everyone' on Android and iOS apps. In this report, sources have claimed that now a contact will get the facility to delete the message sent by mistake to the reader before it can be deleted. It is reported in WABetainfo that a separate Recall server has started working now and the message is being successfully deleted. However, this feature is not currently available for most users, and wait-throughs for the feature to be released by the WhatsApp user. Screenshots released by WABetainfo are not clear how this feature will work. But it has been mentioned that when Android and iOS delete the Sender Message, the message will also be deleted from the Notification panel.

Earlier this year, Whatsapp released the Recall feature for the Windows Beta app. The Wi-Fi beta version on Windows Phone introduced the multi-expected recall feature in 2.17.218. The preview of the feature of editing and deleting or recalling messages sent in the old report was found on the Beta version of Whatsapp Android App. Android version 2.12.22 and 2.17.26 of Whatatsapp were present in the edit and review feature.

Apart from the edit option, as we said, WhatsApp will now get a 'Revoke' button. Which means that the message to be sent will now be deleted. However, it is expected that this feature will work if the receiver has not seen the message. Right now, WhatsApp users can only delete messages in their device but the message keeps showing the receiver. The incoming edit or the revoke feature will appear on the long press on the message to be sent.

Two months did not run Android, then Google will fly back to backup data

Multimedia desk If you do not use Android phones for two months, all your backup data will be deleted. If you are using the phone, but there is no connection to the net, you may also have to face this problem.

This information was given by Reddinger Tangerbrook. He told that he left the Android phone for two months and went on the iPhone. Then they came to know that Google only keeps your Android data back up for two months. When he thought that you are inactive, he deleted the data.

Now they have to use their Nexus 6P again as a new Android phone. Most Android users believe that Google keeps a backup of everything that we sync with it. But, even after being prolonged, it removes it from the server.

In the Android Headlines report, it also states that Tangle Brooks did not get any notification about this background activity. They also talked to a Google representative in this case and found that backups can not be placed in Google Drive or any other place.

Google's official policy also states that if a user remains inactive for two weeks or his data is not used, then he is removed from the server.


Jio Offering iPhone 7 Winning Offer, Give From Your Mobile Answer Just One Question

Flipkart has just pulled out a new contest just a week before its Big Billion cell started. Its name is Flipkart Geo Play Dhan Dhana Dhan Contest (Flipkart Jio Khelo Dhan Dhan Contest). Flipkart has started it with Reliance Jio. It started on September 13 and will run until September 24. Under this contest, every winner will get an opportunity to win an iPhone 7 or JioFI device. Let us now tell you how you can take part in this contest.
Step 1- You need to download Flipkart mobile app in your phone to participate in this. After that it has to login to it. Here you will find money for money and money will be seen. It has to be clicked on.
After clicking on it, you will be asked a question here. In this you have to add your details. Such as name, mobile number, and postcode. After this I want to subscribe for a Jio Connection. Also click on the exempt term and condition.

Step 2-- After this, submit it. After submitting it will be confirmed that your reply has been submitted. The list of names of the winners is also given at the bottom of the same form.

Step 3- Those who will win the iPhone 7 or GeFi device in it Their name will be announced within 48 hours. List of old winners' names is also given on Flipkart.
Step 4- The winners of this contest can take their prize from Flipkart between September 26 and September 30.

If you are thinking of buying iPhone X then you may have to wait till 2018!

Apple has launched an iPhone X with its bezel-less, OLED screen on September 12. According to the information given by the company, it will be available for sale in markets across the world from November 3. It will be booked from October 22. But the news is that the demand for the iPhone X will not be able to meet even next year. That means that your phone will not even come in 2018.

According to Ming-Shi Kou, well-known analyst at KGI Securities, there will be problems in getting the demand from the company on the market due to the iPhone X. It is possible that in the first quarter of the iPhone X2018, people will not be able to easily find it.

In addition, he spoke that Apple has kept the pre-booking and shipping date of the iPhone X much after the iPhone 8 series so that the price of the iPhone 8 series does not have much impact on the launch of the iPhone X.

If these reports prove to be true, it is a disappointing news for those waiting for the iPhone X worldwide, including India.

Speaking of the price, the iPhone X has been launched in two storage models 64 GB and 256 GB. This will be the world's most expensive mainstream phone. In India, its 256 GB model will cost Rs 1,02,000. At the same time, the price will start from Rs 89,000.

IPhone X comes with full screen retina display. It has a 5.8-inch OLED screen that comes with a bezel less screen. This is the biggest screen ever from any iPhone. Before this, the iPhone 7 Plus has a screen up to 5.5 inches. Apple has named its super retina display. Which comes with 1125 × 2436 pixel resolution and 458 pixel density. This is the highest resolution of any iPhone on the screen. This glass body phone comes with wireless charging.

The company has upgraded the iPhone's processor to the A11 Bionic chip and claims to be fast for A10 to 70 percent. The most important thing is that the Touch ID has been removed from the new iPhone X and now Face ID has replaced it. Can be unlocked by seeing the iPhone X. This will use your face as an ID and will unlock the phone.

The physical home button has also been removed from the iPhone X and now you have to swipe up from the bottom to come home screen and you will be on the home screen. This is very easy.

NASA's Cassini Spacruff in the Sky over Saturn was destroyed after a 20-year journey

American space agency NASA's Cassini Spacrufft was destroyed on Saturn on Friday after a 20-year spectacular journey into space. On Friday morning the signal from Specraffic suddenly stopped coming. Cassini spacecraft was destroyed like a meteorite mass. It was in the orbit of Saturn.

Cassini was sent for space research in 1997. About 83 minutes after its destruction, its news came to Earth. Cassini was the only Spacruck to date which reached the orbit of Saturn. He showed the Saturn planet, its rings and its moons closely. Cassini took the last pictures of Saturn's planet on Thursday. He entered the atmosphere of Saturn on Friday morning.

In a formal declaration of the end of the Cassini expedition, Program Manager Earl Table said, "It was an incredible mission, it was a wonderful spacecraft and you are all incredible team. I will call it the end of the mission. ' On this occasion, the Cassini watcher team was wearing purple colored shirts and they embraced each other and shook their hands.

More than 1500 people gathered in California's Jet Propulsion Lab, most of whom were former or existing members of the Cassini missions team. These people celebrated the end of the mission.

Project Scientist Linda Spilkar pointed out that for 13 years on the planet Saturn, Cassini sat on the marathon scientific investigation. He said that we are here to celebrate here because Cassini has completed our journey.

At the time the SPSCRAFT was destroyed, its speed was more than 1,22,000 kilometers per hour. After spending 13 years in the orbit of Saturn, Cassini's fuel tank started to finish. After this, NASA named it Grand Finale.

Cassini left Spacraatt in 1997. In 2004, it reached Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system. In 2005, it landed on Saturn's largest moon Titan. No spacruck has been fixed so far from the earth. Cassini took more than 4, 53, 000 photos and traveled a total of 4.9 billion miles. It was an international campaign in which 27 countries participated. This campaign spent $ 3.9 billion.

How does the petrol of 26 rupees be of 70 rupees : Petrol pole shell

Petrol and diesel costs have reached the very best level when 2014. fossil oil costs within the international market are halfway up compared to a few years agone, despite the value of hydrocarbon and diesel within the country.
Costs of hydrocarbon and diesel have reached the very best level when 2014. The fossil oil costs within the international market are halfway higher than 3 years agone, despite the value of hydrocarbon and diesel within the country. In Mumbai, the value of hydrocarbon went up by Rs eighty per metric capacity unit on Wed. Since the arrival of the Modi government, fossil oil costs have born by fifty three p.c within the international market, however rather than decreasing the value of hydrocarbon, diesel has raised wildly. the important reason behind this can be that in 3 years the govt. has raised excise duty on hydrocarbon, diesel many times.

According to rough estimates, duty on hydrocarbon has raised from Rs ten liters to concerning twenty two rupees. North American nation|allow us to} tell you the way the hydrocarbon of around twenty seven rupees involves us and gets seventy and eighty rupees. Today, hydrocarbon prices seventy rupees thirty eight paise in metropolis. the value of shopping for a metric capacity unit of hydrocarbon from the works is Rs twenty six.65. It prices Rs four.5 and promoting margins and expenses. At constant time, it's a central tax of Rs twenty one.48.

After this the overall becomes fifty two rupees eighteen paise. On this, the dealer's commission is three rupees twenty four paise and when this, native VAT and cess value Rs fourteen.96. I.e. twenty six rupees sixty five paise, the hydrocarbon you purchase from the works becomes seventy rupees for you.

Launched iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Learn all the features and pricing

Apple today launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with its 10th anniversary iPhone X at its event in California. It has been significantly improved compared to the older iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, there is a new design with glass in front and back. Customers can pre-order it in select countries from September 15 and will be made available on September 22.

These smartphones have been launched in 64GB and 256GB storage variants. The 64GB iPhone 8 has been priced at $ 699 (about Rs 44,800) and the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus is priced at $ 799 (about Rs 51,200). These iPhones are likely to be launched in India on September 29.

These new smartphones have the latest Apple A11 Bionic Six-Core Chipset, New Camera, Louder Stereo Speaker and Dualable Glass. It has a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display like the iPhone 7-7 Plus. Users will still be given 3D touch in them The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are offered in Silver, Space Gray and a new Gold Color Option.

The 12MP camera with f / 1.8 aperture in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus rear has been given, as well as a dual camera setup in 8 Plus, hence the second 12MP telephoto camera with f / 2.8 aperture in its rear. has gone. Here are the best features for video recording.

These cameras have been given for 12MP but according to Apple's claim, new sensors have been given behind glass with improvised ISPs. The A11 Bionic chipset will specifically make low light focus. The telephoto camera offered in the iPhone 8 Plus is presented with a special portrait lighting feature.

Like every time Apple has also given a new chipset in its iPhone lineup this time too. Apple has given the six core A11 bionic chipset with Apple's designed GPU for the first time, moving ahead from the Quad Core A10 Fusion. Glass backs of these smartphones support Qi wireless charging. Both fingerprint scanners are provided in the home button in the iPhone.

Who were Tanaliram? About Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman was born in 16th century in village Gurnapadu in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh state of India. Tenaliram was born in a Telugu Tenaliram stories in Hindi Brahmin family. He was a poet by profession, and was a great magician of Telugu literature. He was quite famous due to his point of view. And they were addressed by the nickname "Vikat Poet". Tenaliram's father Garlapati Ramayya used to be a priest of the Ramalingawaraswamy temple of Tenali village.

When Teenaliram was young at the time, his father, Garalapati Ramayya, died. And after that his mother took them and went to live with his brother Tenali, his brother. Tenalirama Shiva was also a devotee. That is why he was called by the name of Tenali Ramalinga. According to the history cars, after some time they adopted Vaishnavism.

Tenaliram did not get the duly practiced of the school, but his desire to learn and the tune of knowledge, he received rascal. But being a former Shiva devotee, he was not accepted as a disciple by the Vaishnava followers, then a great saint advised him to worship Kali. And it is said that according to the saint's statement, Tanaliram has done a lot of penance of Kali Devi. And as a result, Tenaliram got a boon from Devi Kali to become an outstanding comedic poet.

Tenaliram has associated with "Bhagwat Mela" Mandal in his later life. And one day "Bhagwat Mela" Mandal reached Maharaja Krishnadev Rai's court to show his program. He impressed Raja Krishnadev Rai with his impressive performance and Krishnadev Ray Tayaliram was given the eighth scholar in his court In the post of comedy poet,

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai - were sitting on the throne of Vijayanagar from 1509 to 1529, when Tenaliram used to present himself in the court as a comedic poet and minister in the role of Assistant. According to historians, Tenniliram was a humorous and wise man along with being a poet. Many times Maharaj used to help Krishnadev Rai to emerge from trouble related to the state of Telaliram. There are many stories related to his intelligence and wisdom, some of which are described below.

One day in the court of Maharaja Krishna Deva Rai, a merchant comes to sell horses of one Arab territory. By conveying his horse, Maharaj convinces Lord Krishna to buy all the horses and sells his horse. Now the horses of Maharaj become so many horses that they do not save the place of keeping them, so many horses are given to the common citizens of Vijayanagar and some people of the Rajdarbar for three months to take care of the order of Maharaj. Every single caregiver is given a gold coin per month for horse keeping expenses and training.

Like all citizens of Vijayanagar, Chasur Tenaliram was given a horse as well. Tenaliram took the horse home and tied the backyard of the house to a small mansion and tied it. And he started feeding a small quantity of food every day with a small window of the horse.

The rest of the people also started playing the responsibility given by Maharaj Krishna Deva Rai. Do not let the king become angry and do not punish him; With this fear, all the people cut their stomach and started feeding the horse for a good fodder.

Three months have passed by doing this. On the day of the day all the citizens take the horse and collect together before Lord Krishna Deva Rai. But Tenaliram comes empty handed. Rajguru asks for reasons not to bring the Tenaliram horse. Tenaliram says in the north that the horse has become very big and dangerous, and he does not want to go near that horse himself. Rajguru, Maharaja Krishna Deva Rai says that Tenalirim is lying. Maharaj Krishnadev Rai send truth to Takhtiram and to Rajguru to find out the truth.

Seeing a small horse behind Tenaliram's house, Rajguru says, "You fool, you call this little cottage horse?" Tenaliram says with great discretion, Rajguru is sorry I am not a scholar like you. Please watch the horse first by peeping from the window. And after that step inside the horse.

As soon as Rajguru peeks inside the window, the horse grabs his beard by seizing it. People start accumulating. After a lot of hardship, the hungry horse does not leave the beard of Rajguru. Finally, breaking the cottage, cutting off the beard of Rajguru with a strong weapon, they are redeemed from the clutches of the horse. Troubled Rajguru and Chasur Tenaliram take the hungry horse and reach the king.

Seeing the weak condition of the horse, Maharaj Krishnadev Rai asks Tenniliram for its reason. Tenaliram says that I used to give the horse a little bit of food every day, just as the poor people of your country do a little food. And due to less facility than needed, the horse became distressed and worn out. Just as the people of your family, in addition to the responsibility of fostering the family, suffer from the burden of handling the horses.

The duty of the king is to protect the people. Do not put too much burden on them. Horses got stronger by order of ordering your horses, but your people have become weak. Maharaj Krishnadev Rai is able to understand this story of Tenaliram, and he gives prizes to Tanisha Ram, praising him.

Tenali Raman Stories - Paradise Search
Maharaja Krishna Deva Raya, in his childhood

Tenali Raman Stories in Hindi - Paradise Search
According to Maharaj Krishnadev ray heard in his childhood, he believed that the world's best and most beautiful place of Paradise is Paradise. One day, the lord desires to see the heaven, therefore, he asks the ministers present in the court, "Where is Paradise?"

 All the ministers keep sitting on their heads, but Chasur Tenaliram Maharaj promises to tell Lord Krishna to know the address of Paradise. And demand ten thousand gold coins and two months for this work.

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai give Tenaniliram gold coins and two months' time and bet that if Tanaliram can not do this, he will be punished with severe punishment. The other courtesy of Tenniliram burns efficiently enough. And the mind is very happy with the fact that Tenaliram will not be able to find heaven and will give punishment.

The period of two months passes, Maharaj Krishnadev Rai summon Tayaliriram in the court. Tenaliram says that he has found heaven and he will depart for tomorrow to see heaven.

Next day, Tenaliram, Maharaj, Krishnadev Rai and his special ministers take them to a beautiful place. Where there are plenty of greenery, twisted birds, and trees that purify the environment are planted. Maharaja Krishnadev Rai is very pleased to see the beauty of the place. But his other minister, Gan Paradise, reminds Maharaj Krishna Deva Rai of seeing him.

Maharaj Krishnadev Rai also asks Tenaliram to fulfill his promise. In response, Tenaliram says that when we have fruits, flowers, trees, plants, infinite types of animals, birds, and wonderful atmosphere and supernatural beauty on our earth. Then why heaven wished? There is no evidence that there is a place like heaven.

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai understands the matter of clever Tanaliram and he praises them. The rest of the minister reminds Maharaj about ten thousand gold coins by burning jealous. Then Maharaj Krishnadev Roy asks Tenaliram what did he do to Sikoku?

Then Tenaliram says that he has spent it!

Tenaliram says that from the ten thousand gold coins you gave me, I have purchased this great plant and high cropping seeds from this place. Whom we will extradite in the land of our state Vijaynagar; So that our state will also become attractive and fertile near this beautiful place.

The chef becomes more pleased with this and gives Tenniliram a lot of reward. And once again, the rest of the ministers are taking their mouth!

Tenali Raman Stories  - Rasgigulla root

An Iranian Sheikh trader from Middle Eastern country comes as a guest of Maharaja Krishnadev Rai. Maharaj blesses his guest in a grand manner and arranges for his good eating and living, as well as many other facilities.

One day the chef's chef cook begins to make rosets for the businessman. The trader says that he does not have to eat rasgulla. But if possible, tell them what is the root of Rasgulla. The chef gets into thinking. On occasions, Maharaj tells Krishnadev Rai the demand of the businessman. To catch the root of Maharaj Rasgulla, his clever minister called Tenniliram.

Tenaliram accepts the offer of challenge to find the root of Rasgulla. He demands an empty bowl and sharp knife and demands a day's time from the chef.

On the next day, the robe filled with pieces of root of Rasgulla, brought in a cloth covered with muslin, and the Iranian Sheikh, sitting in the Raj Darbar, gives to the trader and he is asked to remove the cloth and see the root of Rasgulla. Iranian traders are shocked to see the pieces of sugarcane in the bowl. And all the court officials and Maharaj Krishnadev Rai asks Tenniliram what is this?

Clever Taneliram explains that every sweet dish is made of sugar and Sugarcane is a source of sugar. Therefore, the root of Rasgulla is sugarcane. From this mathematics of Tenaliram, all the Darbari, the Iranian businessman and Maharaj Krishnadev Rai get flamy and laugh. And also agree with the logic of Tenaliram.

Xiaomi's first dual camera smartphone sales in India today

Xiaomi's first dual camera smartphone sales in India today

Xiaomi's first Android One smartphone, i.e. MI A1, has begun to be launched in India for the first time today. Recently it has been launched. Customers can buy it from 12 noon on the flipkart, amazon and company's official website. Apart from this, Mi A1 is priced at Rs 14,999. Under the launch offer Airtel will give 300GB Extra 4G data. Significantly, this smartphone has only one variant, which has 64GB of internal memory with 4gb RAM. Customers will be able to buy it in Gold and Black color variants at the moment.

Know what this smartphone is special

Dual-SIM Mi A1 has a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) LTPS display. This smartphone runs on Android One NuGat version. It has a 2GHz speed 64-bit Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM. The internal storage of this smartphone is 64GB, which can be increased with the help of the card.

The company informed that by the end of the year, this smartphone will be supported by the latest Android Orion. Customers will be able to buy it with Black, Gold and Rose Gold Color option.

Talk about the most important department camera, dual camera setup is provided in the rear of Mi A1. The first camera is with 12 megapixels with f / 2.2 aperture and this camera is a wide angle camera while the other camera is only 12 megapixels with a f / 2.6 aperture and it is a telephoto camera. Its camera gives 2X optical zoom, while digital zoom up to 10X can be obtained from this camera. It has a Bokeh effect for the portrait, that means it can be clicked with photo with background blur. Comparing it to the iPhone 7, the company has said that the camera remains for the best smartphone photography.

If you talk about the front camera of this smartphone, then it has a 5 megapixel front camera. For connectivity, it has given other standard features including WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, USB Type C, GPS, AGPS. Its battery is 3,080mAh. According to the company, the DHS Audio calibration algorithm for high quality audio has been given that the audio will be better.

Time Remembered Read Out Timeout Tradition

Friends, scientists experimented with one ...

In one room 8-10 monkeys were placed. A rug stood in the center of the room and a bunch of bananas were hanging on top of that saddle. In a short time, a monkey's attention goes to the banana tree and goes to the banana clay and they try to climb the monkey ladder and go to the banana. He gets hot water on his body and the other remains on the remaining monkeys and the monkey who is trying to climb the ladder comes back down.

The next day another monkey tries to do the same, then too there is hot water on his body and all other monkeys. It happens for 3-4 days, so the reason for this is that monkeys realize that this is happening with us because of the running of bananas. Then on the fifth day when another monkey tries to climb the banana, then all the other monkeys bend it, so that the monkey can come back and sit in the corner. It does not fall on anyone on that day. This happens continuously for next 3-4 days. Someone turned to a monkey ladder that killed all the other bees and killed him.

None of these monkeys are ready to see bananas in this way. Then the scientists stopped blocking hot water. Then the scientists pulled out a monkey from that monkey and
Another new monkey entered inside. This new monkey tried to climb up the stairs while watching bananas. The same old monkey joined together to get rid of that new monkey. The next day, the scientist takes out another monkey from the old monkey and puts it in a new monkey. Other new monkeys also try to climb the bananas and try to climb them. But it is very special that the new monkey that has come in the future also joins the rocky monkey, which never gets hot water.

Now the killer does not know why we are killing? And the killer does not know why are you killing? After that, the scientist puts the old monkey daily and the new monkey inside it. And the same type happens every day. When the new monkey turned to banana, the remaining monkeys hit him. The monkeys who knew the monkeys knew who were killing them and along with them new monkeys who had never caught hot water.

In this way, all the old monkeys are taken out one by one and each day is inserted into new monkeys.
If every newcomer is trying to climb up the ladder, he is beaten. Now there are new monkeys in the room, who have never seen any type of hot water in their room. But if someone tries to climb a monkey, all other monkeys will kill him. Because this practice has become stereo, even if you do not know the root cause of why you are being killed, only someone knows that the person who kills him or kills him knows that much.

Perception: -
This is how human beings are, we consider many customs traditions. But we do not know their root cause. Because those customs were not when you started tradition, so we do as others do. We never try to understand the reasons behind them.

Well, the reasons we are told are that according to the rules of nature, this nature is not in accordance with the rules of science, but at the same time, there are no definitive reasons. Even then, we do "imitation" like those monkeys and consider ourselves a 21st century educated person in science science.

* Therefore, do not believe in the backstage of any thing, customs and tradition, without knowing whether it is scientifically, logically, or not.

* Just because others do this, then it does not mean that the education you have taken ... !!!!! *

Dedicated to all well-educated knowledgeable people


Read the lesser than reading extraordinary jokes, today's generation has a pungent essay.

Read the lesser than reading extraordinary jokes, today's generation has a pungent essay.
A very nice article written by Nana Patekar in his blog

Really show this information to the kids and you also read.
Blog by Nana Patekar Everyone MUST read fully .. Its too good & Realistic ...

Take a generation education
The donkey became and now
 While learning new generation
Race horse is making.

100% should be tested,
Black in karate class
Want to get the belt?
After that, Dance Class
to attend
In the Bhagwadgita competition, I used to go
That's it. Know the meaning of the verses
Neither can they miss it
Want to
Because the first prize was found
 Wanted !!
Then there is a drawing competition.
That went out from there
Playing on the tabla ...
Make music master

Making Albert Einstein
 Delivering Multi -National
 Came to school Well
Albert Ha Einstein
Went to school to become
Was not there
If one becomes Amitabh, then
Thousands of acting school
But Amitabh is the actor
To become any
Did not go to school.
Soon Modi is ready
 Schools that make up vertical
Will remain. And spinach
Filling millions of rupees
They will send them to the kids.
Today for the child's education
The cost of one year,
 As much as his bucks
Full education for parents
They also got to take

Now start school
There are no investors
 Demand for supply
On principle. Parents
Your son or daughter
To make a race horse,
This demand is more than the demand
More studies kids
The beginning of shaking on the head
Kelly. Dapatra and
 The expectations of parents-teachers
Odd-seeing children are
Running the ghosts become walking
Are going on.
There was a slight improvement
"what is square of 12?" By asking this, their childhood
They are crushed.

Mr. Modi is one of the children
The question was asked- "
How many of you
How long does sweat play? "
So a boy hand
Not raised above.
Because now children in AC
Get born, in the AC
 Grow. Eat chips,
Drink soft drinks and
mobile on game
Sit in play
 Wool, rain, wind
There is no connection with this.
Falling-on, lose the game
Do not know.
School bus is not there
Walking to school
The strength to go
If the age does not exceed 6 years then
 The eye needs glasses.
One hand on the legs
Otherwise, it would not have happened
Obesity increases.
Because of the physical pain ended
And Modified food starch, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed corn gluten, disodium inosinate / guanylate, yeast extrac, hydrolyzed soy protein
Eat mixed foods
Got started These
The specialty of ingredients is that they are in the stomach of the child
 Spend and last longer
And nutrients in the stomach
 Absorb. Children's
 hormonal and
Prevents organic growth
So the children are weak
Are gone This component
There are pizza-burgers.
So India will soon have the highest level of diabetes
Becoming a Patient Country
That's it. Along with others
Disorders are coming.

Peanuts, Chana, Semolina, Rice,
Bajra, dry fruits and dry fruits
There are no hazardous ingredients in the fruit.
Leopards, barley, vein, poha
Or made in egg house
 Substances provide better nutrition to children.
Because they are not getting it
Physical enhancement of children
It does not get well. Resistance
Capacity ends. Then
vitamins, DHA, minerals product
 Buy it and eat it
Offer them Actually, the body is haunted
The world's largest
The factory is there. The same
Sufficient diet, pain in the body
If not got ready anywhere
 Blood that can be done
Was ready. Simple vegetable,
Authentic Indian meal
We got that body
The mechanism works itself.
 So fresh vegetables,
Eat and eat
Minerals, calcium,
Non-known proteins
 People lived for 100 years
 And this is known
 Only 60 years of men
Live ... very many diseases
Taking drugs, taking medicines !!

Sports, Exercise, Wandering
And without quality reading
Having children mental
 Feeling shortage.
The struggle does not know
And team work
I do not know. Friends only
 WhatsApp, face book
Meet on Not a real gift.
Happiness and sorrow
There is no exchange
And friend-friend
 There is no mental support.
Smile and laugh
Oxaboxie cry
For mental health
It is good. Both of these
Action can be done by children
No. Automatically, just a little
 That happened against the prohibition
Kids-Girls Suicide
 They do. Too many unity
Mobilize one of the kids
 Because there is no habit of taking it
After getting married later
Divorce within a year.
Children who do not have a sister
Not a good friend
Look at their women
 The approach becomes compressed.
In the education of these shortcomings
Not even thought.
Indian teaching method
It is not universal learning
As the experts were saying
The education business started.
Big business leaders, leaders
 Investing in schools
By concept of education
Dust stove
A woman is pregnant
If born then born
Of the living beings
Preparation of admission
It starts.
Before Krishna was born
Maiyachi preparations
 Had been.
Now the child is born
The race before he came
Horse preparation
It starts. Now the boy
They started talking
 That's live
E = MC square
 To say it is left
That's it.

Such children all formula
 Show as fast as possible
But its own formula
Will never be able to find.

Guitar learns but
Let us compose your own music
Can not be.
Lata Mangeshkar,
Sachin Tendulkar,
Mary Kom
The simulation will be perfect.
But they will not create their own identity.

Because they just emulate
 Are taught to do.
 The art of living,
Song-music joy,
Nature's magnificence,
The creation of new concepts,
Old Idea,
Not worth the price

Full Forms related to all categories like P D F and H T M L, N E F T etc

Full Forms related to all categories like P D F and H T M L, N E F T etc
 ☞. * P D F * mean?
Answer: - * Portable Document Format. *

☞. * H T M L *?
Answer: - * Hyper Text Markup Language. *

☞. * N E F T *?
Answer: - * National Electronic Fund Transfer. *

☞. * M I C R * mean?
Answer: - * Magnetic Inc Character Recognition. *

☞. * I mean F S C *?
Answer: - * Indian Financial System Code. *

☞. * I mean S *?
Answer: - * Internet Service Provider. *

☞. * E C * * Meaning?
Answer: - * Electronic Clearing System. *

☞. * C * T * means?
Answer: - * Central Sales Tax. *

☞. * CRR * means?
Answer: - * Cash Reserve Ratio. *

☞. * Meaning of UD P *
Answer: - * User Datagram Protocol. *

☞. * R T C *?
Answer: - * Real Time Clock. *

☞. * I mean P *
Answer: - * Internet Protocol. *

.☞ * C A G * mean?
Answer: - * Comptroller and Auditor General. *

.☞ * F E R A *?
Answer: - * Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. *

☞. * I S R O * mean?
Answer: - * International Space Research organization. *

☞. * I mean S * N *?
Answer: - * Integrated Services Digital Network. *
☞. * What does SAARC mean?
Answer: - * South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation. *

☞. * O M R * mean?
Answer: - * Optical Mark Recognition. *

☞. * A HR L * means?
Answer: - * Asian Human Right Commission. *

☞. * J P E G * mean?
Answer: - * Joint photo Expert Group. *

☞. * U What does R. L. * mean?
Answer: - * Uniform Resource Locator. *

☞. * I R D P * mean?
Answer: - * Integrated Rural Development Program. *

☞. * A Meaning of S. L. V. *
Answer: - * Augmented satellite Launch vehicle. *

☞. * I Meaning of C. u. *
Answer: - * Intensive Care Unit. *

☞. * A Meaning of T. M. *
Answer: - * Automated Teller Machine. *

☞. * C. What does T. S. * mean?
Answer: - * Cheque Transaction System. *

☞. * C. What does T.R * mean?
Answer: - * Cash Transaction Receipt. *

☞. * N E F T *?
Answer: - * National Electronic Funds Transfer. *

☞. * G D P * mean?
Answer: - * Gross Domestic Product. *

☞. * F D I * mean?
Answer: - * Foreign Direct Investment. *

☞. * E P F O *?
Answer: - * Employees Provident Fund Organization. *

☞. * C * R R *?
Answer: - * Cash Reserve Ratio. *

☞. * CFRA * mean?
Answer: - * Combined Finance & Revenue Accounts. *

☞. What does * GPF * mean?
Answer: - * General Provident Fund. *

☞. * GMT *?
Answer: - * Global Mean Time. *

☞. * GPS * mean?
Answer: - * Global Positioning System. *

☞. * GNP * means?
Answer: - * Gross National Product. *

☞. * SEU * means?
Answer: - * Slightly Enriched Uranium. *

☞. * GST *?
Answer: - Goods and ServiceTax. *

☞. * GOOGLE *?
Answer: - * Global Organization of Oriented Group.

☞. * YAHOO * mean?
Answer: - * Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. *

☞. * WINDOW * mean?
Answer: - * Wide Interactive Network Development forOffice work Solution. *

☞. What does * COMPUTER * mean?
Answer: - * Common Oriented Machine ParticularlyUnited and used under Technical and Educational Research. *

☞. * VIRUS * mean?
Answer: - * Vital Information Resources Under Siege. *

☞. * Meaning * UMTS *
Answer: - * Universal Mobile TelecommunicationsSystem. *

☞. * AMOLED * Meaning?
Answer: - * Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. *

☞. * OLED * means?
Answer: - * Organic light-emitting diode *

☞. * IMEI * mean?
Answer: - * International Mobile EquipmentIdentity. *

☞. * ESN * means?
Answer: - * Electronic Serial Number. *

How to make the Earth | Internal Structure Of earth | Earth texture | Earth revolves | Interesting information about the Earth

How to make the Earth: -
Earth / Earth, also called World or The World. The third planet in the order of distance from the sun. Earth name is based on mythology, which is of Mahraj Bisli. Earth is the 5th largest planet in size and it is the only planet of the Solar System, on which there is life. The planet Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and after one billion years of this incident, life began to develop. Scientists believe that at that time, most of our land would have been like lava waxing. Later as the lava became cold, the upper surface of the earth was formed. Since then, the Earth's biosphere has made considerable changes in the atmosphere here. With the passage of time, the ozone layer became the one which made it habitable by stopping the harmful solar distortion coming to Earth with the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's mass is 6.569J1021 tonnes. Earth is a rocky planet, rather than a gaseous planet like Jupiter. Earth is the largest in mass and size of all four solar terrestrial planets. The other three are the Bhowmik planets- Mercury, Venus and Mars All these planets have the highest density, gravity, magnetic field and rotation of the Earth. Earth is not only home but also of other millions of species.

It is believed that the Earth is made with other planets from the remains of the Solar Nebula. Its inner part melts with heat and heavy elements like iron reach the center of the Earth. Iron and nickel melted by heat and turned into liquid and by rotating them the earth turned into a huge magnet containing two poles. Later earth's geological functions such as continental diffraction or deviation were born. Through this process, the Earth will become the continent, the ocean and the atmosphere etc.

Internal Structure Of earth:
The inner structure of the earth is in the form of skulls, such as the onion peels are in the form of layers. The thickness of the thickness of these layers can be based on chemical characteristics or mechanical characteristics. The upper layer of the earth is a solid layer of the horizontal, the intermediate mantle is a very thick layer and the outer crude liquid and the inner core are in solid state.

Earth texture :
The shape of the earth is similar to the white sphere. It is almost circular, which is slightly flat on the poles. The highest point on Earth is Mount Everest, whose height is 8848 m is. On the other hand, the lowest point is the Mariana trench located in the Pacific Ocean, with depth of 10,911 m from the sea level. is. 0.5% of the total volume of Earth is part of Bhuprapati, whereas in 83% partial mantle is wide. The remaining 16% is the crude. The Earth's creation is iron (32.1 percent), oxygen (30.1 percent), silicon (15.1 percent), magnesium (13.9 percent), sulfur (2.9 percent), nickel (1.8 percent), calcium (1.5 percent) and aluminum (1.4 percent) Has happened since. In addition, about 1.2 percent other elements also contributed. The crude is made up of approximately 88.8 percent of iron. Pharmacologist F. According to Dulby, Clark, the earth's crust is approximately 47 percent oxygen.

The area of ​​the center of the Earth is called the central part. This is the largest area. This area is made of Nickel and Ferrous. Its average density is 13 grams / cm3. The central part of the Earth is probably in a liquid or plastic state. It is covering 16% of the total volume of Earth. The average density of Earth is 5.5 gm / cm3 and average radius is approximately 6370 km3. Depending on the bottom of the Earth, the temperature increases at a depth of 32 meters per second.

The earth's surface is uneven. 70.8 percent of the floor is covered with water, in which most of the Oceanic Nitil is below sea level. On the ground there are fertile mountains, somewhere rugged plateau, fertile grounds anywhere. The continent and the oceans are considered to be the first level topography whereas mountains, plateaus, valleys are kept under lower levels. Plate during the time period of the Earth keeps changing constantly due to tectonics and erosion. Due to plate tectonics, the changes on the floor have the effect of weather, rainfall, thermal cycle and chemical changes. Due to factors such as freezing, coastal erosion, the formation of coral reefs, and falling on the earth of large meteor objects, changes also occur on the surface of the earth.

The Earth revolves around its axis It has two motions: -

Rotating: - Rotation of the rotation on the axis of the earth is called rotation. The Earth revolves from west to east and takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds to complete a rotation. This is the day and the night.
Rotation: - The earth completes one revolution in 365 days, 5 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 45.51 seconds on the oval path around the Sun, which is called its rotation speed. Seasonal changes occur due to this motion of the Earth. Adding this to 6 hours which increases one day. It is added every fourth year in February. The month of February is 29 days.

Interesting information about the Earth:
1. On April 1, 1970, America Day was celebrated in America. After which the whole world is made today.
2. The equatorial / equatorial diameter of the earth is 12,756 kilometers and polar diameter is 12,714 kilometers.
3. Earth has leaned 23 1º / 2 on its axis
4. The entire surface area of ​​the earth is 510,100,500 square kilometers, in which the land area - 14,84,00,000 sq km and aqueous area - 36,13,00,000 sq km (71%).
5. 97% of water on earth is saline or not suitable for drinking and only 3% is clean water.
6. The sun's light takes 8 minutes to 18 seconds to reach the ground.
7. Earth is the only planet in the arrangement of the tartanic plates of the Ganga.
8. Scientists believe that 450 million years ago, Mars was a planet in the Solar System. Which was orbiting the Sun with the Earth on the same planetary path. But the planet collided with the ground for some reason and the earth turned to one side and the other became the moon due to the collision that separated the earth's part.
9. In 1989, the deepest pit was dug by humans in Russia. Whose depth was 12.262 kilometers.
10. There is so much gold in the center of the earth, that the whole surface of the earth can be covered with a sheet of 1.5 feet.
11. Carbon is certainly present in every organism present on earth.

The date of filing of GST Returns has been increased to 10th October

Giving the information to the reporters after the 21st meeting of the GST Council, Revenue Secretary Hansukh Adhyya said that the last date for filing of GST for the companies exceeding 100 crore rupees is October 3. For the rest, it will be October 10.

While giving relief to the industries, the GST Council has today extended the deadline for returning the filing of the return one month to 10th October. Apart from this, for easy compliance, the council has given time to businessmen to submit simplified GST 3. Three B to December for the next four months.

Giving the information to the reporters after the 21st meeting of the GST Council, Revenue Secretary Hansukh Adhyya said that the last date for filing of GST for the companies exceeding 100 crore rupees is October 3. For the rest, it will be October 10.

They said that for July, GSTR2 will have to be done by October 31 and GSTR-3 will be done till November 10.

By ABP News

Shaomi will also launch Mi Note 3 with Mi Mix 2 on September 11.

Shaomi is launching its new flagship Mi Mix 2 in China on September 11, and now the news is that the company can also launch its second new smartphone Mi Note 3.

Shaomi is launching its new flagship Mi Mix 2 in China on September 11, and now it is news that the company can also launch its second new smartphone Mi Note 3. Recently, the company had informed about the launch of Mi Mix 2 through the Chinese social media website Weibo. The co-founder Lin-bin of the company has indicated that Mi Note 3 may also be launched with this.

Assuming leak reports, Mi Mix2 will have a 6.4-inch bezel-less screen. This smartphone will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Also, it is expected to be 6GB RAM. The internal memory of this smartphone will be up to 256 GB.

Talking about the photography front, a 16-megapixel dual rear camera will be setup and 13 megapixel front facing camera is given. The screen-to-body ratio will be 92% in Mi Mix 2. This smartphone has been deed by French designer Philip Strack. The same designer designed the company's first smartphone Mi Mix also.

Shamomi Mi Mix's second generation smartphone Mi Mix2 is expected to be worth 3,999 yuan (about Rs 33,949). There is no information that this smartphone will launch in India.

Scientists created a camera with the help of which the doctor can see inside

This technique is so sensitive that it can detect small scars of light, which passes through the endoscope through body tissues

London: In the UK scientists have developed a camera through which doctors can see inside the human body. According to a study published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics Express, this device, designed to help doctors to track the medical devices, is known as endoscope, which will be used to check internal conditions, this new The device can detect the sources of light inside the body.

Professor Kev Dhaliwal of Edinburgh University in Scotland said, "It is a better technique that allows us to look inside the human body. It has huge potential for doing various applications." Dhaliwal said that it is not possible to track without using the X-ray or other expensive methods or without guides, where the endoscope is located in the body.

The light passes through the body through the endoscope, but it usually goes away by jumping on the tissues and limbs or jumping over them instead of going directly. It does not get a clear picture of where the endoscope is. The new camera has taken advantage of advanced technology, through which different particles of light can be detected, which are called photons.

This technique is so sensitive that it can detect small scars of light, which passes through the endoscope through body tissues. Studies have shown that in the initial tests, the prototype device can track the location of the point light source through 20 centimeters of tissue in normal light conditions.

Airtel launches from 8 to 399 rupees to compete with JIO

Special things
1. Special offer from Airtel brought to meet Geo
2. From Rs 8 to Rs 399 Special offers of up to
3. Talktime bumper offer with data

The country's largest telecom company Airtel is also continuously offering new offers to compete with Reliance Jio's daily offers in the telecom sector. Airtel has now announced the data and voice plans starting from Rs 8. The company is now offering plans from Rs 8 to Rs 399. In Airtel's Rs 8-rupee plan, the company is providing local and STD calls in just 30 paise. Airtel customers will be able to make local and STD calls at 56 paise per minute for 56 days on the recharge of Rs 8 in this offer. Airtel will be able to make calls to Airtel's network for only 27 minutes for a call of Rs 15 per minute and users can call only 10 paisa per minute.

Airtel's 40-rupee plan is offering talk time of Rs 35 with unlimited validity to the customer customers. In the 60-rupee plan, the company is offering its customers unlimited validity with talktime of Rs 58. In the offer of Rs 90, Airtel users will get talktime of Rs 88 with unlimited validity. Airtel users will get unlimited Airtel to Airtel calling and 2GB 4G data for 28 days on recharge of 149 rupees.

With a validity of 28 days validity, customers will get 1 GB data with unlimited calling on local and STDs in the plan of Rs. 198. Apart from this, if they open an Airtel Payments bank account, 10% of this will be available as a cashback. Under the plan of 199, Airtel subscribers will get 1 GB of data and unlimited local calls with validity of 29 days. Under the scheme of 295, the company is offering unlimited local and STD calls for 84 days. Not only this, if you open an account in Airtel Payments Bank, then 10% cashback will also be available.

In the plan of 349, the company offers unlimited local and STD calls with 28 days validity and 28 GB data. You will be able to use one GB data from it everyday. In the plan of 399, the company is also offering free outgoing roaming with Unlimited Local and STD calls. Apart from this, the company is also offering 28 GB data. You will be able to use one GB data from it everyday.