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1. The sunrise first happens here:

There is a village on the border of Myanmar and China. Whose name is 'Dong'. The population of this village is very low. But believe in the first sunrise here in India only people see. The sun rises at 5 am to 55 minutes in the morning and at 4:30 in the evening.

How to reach: 200 km away from Teju from Arunachal Pradesh. You can easily go from bus or private vehicle here.
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2. The cleanest village in Asia:

Mavelang Indian state is a village in eastern Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Mawlong is known for its cleanliness. The waste stuff is put in the garbage made from bamboo and its manure is prepared by putting it in a paddle. In 2003 this village was declared as the clean city, village of India in Asia and in the year 2005.

How to reach: Shillong is located at a distance of 90 kilometers to the India-Bangladesh border. You can go by bus or taxi.
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3. Safe Village:

Shani Shiganapur village in Maharashtra is considered to be the safest. Actually people do not put a door in their homes and shops, nor do they lock a lock. According to local beliefs, God Shani protects them.

How to reach: From Shirdi you can easily reach here by road.

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4. The most educated villages:

Dhora village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh is considered to be quite read-written. It is at the top of the list of the most educated villages. There are close English medium schools here. The education rate here is about 75 percent.

How to get: Aligarh, you can catch the bus directly to the village.

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5. Surrounded by sunlight village:

For 30 years, in Dharanai village of Bihar, it is completely dependent on the solar panel. There was no pill for electricity. The whole village is flabbergasted only by just and only solar energy. There is a solar powered micro grid which provides electricity for 24 hours.

How to reach: This village is located 26 km away from Gaya of Bihar.
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6. Highest village village:
Pansari village of Gujarat is quite hitech. Here you will find everything from AC to Wi-Fi optic fiber billboards and mini bus transport. There are CCTV cameras on each pillar.

How to reach: This village is located 74 km from Ahmedabad. Here is the nearest railway station.

7. The richest village:

There is a village named Hivere Bazar in Ahmedabad, Maharashtra. Where one does not have 60 millionaires live. There is hardly any family that comes down from the poverty line.

How to reach: Around 20 km away from Ahmednagar.

8. First Green Village:

Khonoma village of Nagaland is the most green. Here you will find greenery around. It is also called India's first green village. Cutting trees is strictly forbidden here.

How to reach: From Dimapur you can get here by road and air. It falls about 20 km away from Kohima.

9. Here is the Olympics with the villages:

There is a village in Ludhiana, Punjab, named as Qila Raipur. There is a huge sports festival here. Which is also called the Olympics of Indian villages. It is organized in the month of February, which lasted for three days.

How to reach: 15 km away from Ludhiana by road.

10. 111 trees on the birth of a girl:

There is a Pipalantri village in Rajasthan, where the practice is quite unique. Here, 111 trees are planted on the birth of a girl.

How to reach: This village falls 64 km away from Udaipur.