Reliance Geophone's three-year lock-in period can be big challenge

New Delhi (JnN). According to a new report by JP Morgan, it may be that Mukesh Ambani's company Reliance Geo did not live up to the expectations of Geophone users or the feature phone users could prepare Geo to take feature phone. This is because the 3-year lock-in period has been given with Geophone. This means that users will get a deposit of 1500 rupees only after three years, for which users have to use Geophos for three years.

Lock-in period can become Challenge:

According to the Brokerage based in New York - some of Geophon's challenges are related to viability, some have the potential to change the behavior of the people due to its affordable prices according to some. Reliance Jio, which brought services based on 4G technology in September 2016 Now the company has launched Geophone some time ago. It has been introduced with a deposit of 1500 rupees. There is a lock-in period of three years with this deposit amount. Geophone is going to be in the market in September. However, its pre-booking will begin on August 24.

Users can be faster Shift:

The US-based firm was confused about the situation of attracting subscribers of Geo with a plan of Rs 153 per month. According to the report- "If the consumer is able to pay 153 rupees per month for three years, then he can become a smartphone user even before the completion of these three years.