Keep track of these things to avoid credit card fraud

New Delhi (JnN). If you are also a credit card holder, then you can not deny that you can be a victim of fraud like millions of people in the world. In the 80's, there was tremendous increase in the use of credit, debit and pre-paid cards internationally. According to the Nielsen report on October 1, 2016, 31 million US dollars was withdrawn in 2015 through these payment systems globally. This figure is 7.3 percent more than the year 2014.

During the year 2015, seventh of the eight purchases in Europe were used to purchase electronic media payment systems. Although there is also a separate loss of shopping from the cash to the electronic medium shift. There are many types of frauds in relation to credit cards, which vary with changing technology, so it is almost impossible to list all frauds associated with credit card in one place. But still there are two types of credit card fraud ...

Card Not Present Fraud (CNP):

This, the most common type of fraud occurs when the cardholder's information is stolen and such fraud is done without the physical prominence of the card. This kind of fraud is usually through online phishing mail, and the result is that a phishing mail is sent to you from the fraudist and after clicking on the link given to this mail, you have information about hackers She goes away.

Card Present Fraud:

Such frauds are usually low: but it is still being used. It usually occurs in the form of skimming. The cellar switches the consumer's credit card to the device so that the information can be stored. Once the data is used for purchase, the consumer account is charged from the account.

Fraud's fear of credit card gets even faster because it is a process of two steps: authorization and settlement.

How to Avoid This Fraud:

First, do not click on any mail link in which you have been asked for your personal details, even if the sender is of your respective bank.

Second, before buying anything from any unknown cellar through online medium, search the name of vendor on Google and see what kind of feedback the consumer has given to it.

By Surbhi Jain