200 rupees note will come in market from September, government issued notifications

The Reserve Bank of India will issue a new note of 200 rupees in the first week of September or by the end of this month. This will be the first time in the country, when 200 rupees note people will be able to use. RBI will make this note available across the country through banks and ATM machines. The central government has issued notification for this.
See Government notification here

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Steps taken to prevent black marketing
According to the Economic Times, RBI has already taken steps to prevent black marketing of Rs 200 notes. RBI hopes that people will take hands on new notes and hoard up. To avoid this, 50 crore notes have been printed so that they do not have any deficiency in the whole country.

No currency notes between 100 and 500
An official of the RBI told that there is no note between Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes. For this reason people can use more of this new currency note. This note is expected to be of much use in small expenses.

2000 note was hoarding
When the RBI issued a note of 2000 after the ban, people started hoarding it. It is going to launch a new note market of 200 after the central bank prepared for taking lessons and prevent hoarding. Please note that there were 1,717 crores of 500 notes before circulation and 686 million notes of 1000. According to SBI Research, the share of large notes after the ban was reduced by 70 per cent.