The last chance for the eleventh admission process on July 26

Nashik -The students who have been absent from eleventh entrance process have got the ultimate opportunity to participate in this process, and part of the online application form can be filled up to two filled students on 26th July. For this, the education department has been arranged by the three colleges in the city. Students who are eligible to apply for admission will get a lot of relief and they will be able to get admission.

Nashik City Deolali Katak Mandal (Cantt. Bard) is the first time in-line entrance process for 57 junior colleges, for which 26 thousand students have been admitted for 24 thousand 720 seats. Most applications are for science branch, and for this there is an application for the commerce branch. Thirty-seven 774 students took 50% of the 14 thousand 9 65 students on the first merit list. The second quality list was announced by the Department of Education on Thursday (20th). Six thousand 737 students were selected in this list. The selected students must take admission in the relevant college from July 21 to 24.
Another list has been published on this website at Students admitted for admission in the online admission will also be able to apply on July 26. Eligible students for third list can change the preference category by July 26. The choice for the last round of preferring students will be accepted for the third round. They do not need to fill out a new form, said the Education Directorate's office.