Increase in water levels of Godavari river in Nashik, alert alert

Nashik, D. 22- Visitor of Gangapur, Darna and Nanduram Buddhi dams has been increased due to the continuous rains in Igatpuri, Trimbakeshwar, Peth taluka of Nashik district. Due to the continuous increase in the city, due to the continuous progress of all the dams, it has started from the morning on Saturday.
On this backdrop, warnings have been given to the tourists coming to the river banks, as well as for the tourists. The importance of security should be addressed, appealed by District Disaster Management, District Administration.
The water level of Godavari has increased due to the release of 2496 cusec water from Gangapur dam at 10am on Saturday morning. Over 4,000 cusecs of water in the Godavari are in the Godavari under the Ahilyadevi Holkar bridge of the river. Out of 13980 Cusec Kadva dams, 6834 cusec has been released from Darna dam and 30945 cusecs of water has been released from Nandur Madhyeshwar Dam.

By Lokmat