What is zarfund? (Read carefully)

Zarfund is a 2x6 matrix MLM website. You only need to invest 0.03 bitcoin to start. The money on zarfund is not sent to the site admin; rather it is sent to the uplines in your team. You will also get paid by your downlines.
At Zarfund, you only need to invite two people to start with. This two referrals will then invite another two people, your team begins to grow like that.
To scale easily on zarfund, you need to join a team that is constantly promoting their referral links to enjoy the benefit of spill overs.
Spill overs
You can't refer more than two persons. When a new user clicks the referral link of someone that already has two users, the zarfund system assigns this new user to someone else in the team that does not have up to 2 referrals. Like I said earlier, if you join a team that is constantly promoting their referral links via social media, blogs and other ways, you enjoy the benefit of spill overs.
Zarfund is based on Bitcoins, every transaction is made with bitcoin. At level 6, you earn 128 Bitcoins. As at the time of posting this answer, a Bitcoin worth around 744 USD.
0.03 bitcoin worth 22 USD. It's not bad to give Zarfund a trial.
I'm also into Zarfund. My team and I are constantly promoting through sponsored post and paid adverts. You can join through my referral link and enjoy the benefits of spill overs. Though, you can still invite your loved ones to join. Here's my link www.zarfund.com/ref/88175ae8b8. When you register, someone in the team will contact you and guide you.

The Price to Join ZarfundT
To get started here you will need some good old Bitcoins. Just to get started, you need to pay your sponsor $17. This will be a monthly payment and so will all the other packages that are offered here.
  • Level 1 – $17
  • Level 2 – $29
  • Level 3 – $57
  • Level 4 – $114
  • Level 5 – $570
  • Level 6 – $1,140
Don’t forget that these are all monthly recurring payments and they all require you to main active in order to make any money.
The Compensation Plan

There are 6 levels worth of commissions here. Now you can get paid in all 6 levels, but of course you remember that you need to purchase each one in order to qualify.
Don’t buy any of the levels and the person that you enrolled decides to make a purchase, you can expect to lose out on some commissions.