1. 3 times deposit free in your account. After more than 3 times deposit, you will pay 50/- per deposit.

2. Minimum 5000/- balance to be maintained in metro city branch account holder.

3. Minimum 3000/- balance to be maintained in city/town branch account holder.

4. Minimum 2000/- balance to be maintained in semi urban area branch account holder.

5. Minimum 1000/- balance to be maintained in villages branch account holder

6. If you do not maintain minimum amount in your account, you will pay upto Rs.200/- + extra surcharge.(depending on how many days)

7. SBI ATM free for 5 times use, after 5 times you will pay 10/- per transaction.

8. Other bank ATM free for 3 times use, after 3 times you will pay 20/- per transaction.

9. Unlimited SBI ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account.

10. Unlimited SBI & OTHER BANK ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 100000/- in your SBI savings account.

11. 15/- SMS charge you will pay after 3 months, (SMS charge free, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account)


Let the banks also experience the public power.
They are thieves.
To withdraw your own money you have to pay service charge to the Bank and you pay Service Tax on the Service Charge to the Govt.

To this end, April 06, 2017 will be a no transaction day with banks.
If they don't rollback, let's plan April 24, 25, 26, 2017 as no transaction days.
We will continue this until there is no roll back on service charges .

Keep spreading this message every 5 days to all ur FB , mails and WharsApp contacts.

It is difficult but not impossible
Otherwise banks will go on adding various  new charges now and then.

This protest is for our benefit to control banks to adding new charges. 

Let's come together and show the POWER OF UNITY.

Banks have started to increase transaction fee!

Check your Internet speed quickly..!

Check your Internet speed quickly..!
Start the speed test by clicking on the big button in the center of the page. The check will start by downloading a file and will measure your download speed. Once the download has finished, the broadband speed test will try to upload a file and will measure your upload speed.

How to run the Speed Test
Click the “Start Speed Test” button on the broadband speed test to the right and then the speed test will automatically run and figure out what your broadband speed is for both download and upload.

Make sure your internet connection is not being used for anything else while the broadband speed test runs it speed test (takes less than half a minute) so that we can give you an accurate result! Speed Test Gadget is a special web widget, that allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection and so much more. Using this gadget, you can get information about maximum bandwidth speed (Internet Speed Test), your own website or blogspot download speed, response time and errors, hard drive space and activity, WIFI signal strength, upload and download data transfers and single process memory usage.
How to run the Speed Test
Click the “Start Speed Test” button on the broadband speed test to the right and then the speed test will automatically run and figure out what your broadband speed is for both download and upload.
Make sure your Internet connection is not being used for anything else while the broadband speed test runs it speed test (takes less than half a minute) so that we can give you an accurate result!

Can you imagine Horse can dance SALA:)

Can you imagine Horse can dance SALA:)

Really, Horse can dance, I saw with my eyes, it really amazing, when I going to my cosine marriage ceremony in Kalwan, that time I saw before marrying time, that Horse really dancing with their Band, I was shocked, immediately I capturing Horse dance live video. yes, you can see Horse Dance with following given URL, see it and share it with your lover.

20+ Important Websites That Every Google User Should Know

20+ Important Websites That Every Google User Should Know

20+ Important Websites That Every Google User Should Know

Time to have a look on all the amazing URLs of google services that you might not have used till now, but you will get amazed while you will use these services, So have a look on all these URLs in the below guide.
You all might have noticed that different kind of letter combinations in the address bar of your web browser while browsing the internet and visiting up any of the network sites. That unique address is called the URL for any of the website’s location. You might be visiting many websites daily on your devices and most of that you might have searched through the Google as it is the most popular search engine for the web. So, to let the users know about the best and the most important websites from Google that every Google user should know we have listed them all below in this article.

20+ Important URLs That Every Google User should Know

Below we have listed all the important URLs of Google that need a must check from the users. So have a look on all these.

#1 Android Device Manager

Through this website, one can easily trace the location of his/her lost Android Device if and only if they have made the feature enabled on their device before. You can also remotely delete the whole data of your lost device.

#2 View and Listen to your Audio History

Check your all of the Google searches that you had ever made on your device through using your voice commands.The Google records every of your search command automatically so you can check that out from this URL.

#3 Content Removal from Google

Found your content copied from some other website or blog, you need not worry just raise up the DMCA complaint with the Google, and if the culprit is found to be guilty, then the content shall be removed from that another website.

#4 Checking all Saved PasswordsImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

If you are using either Google Chrome or the Android web browser, then you should know that all your typed usernames and passwords for the accounts are saved by the Google which you can check as a plain text on this website.

#5 Viewing the Google Web History

Check for all your web actions while using any of the Google services or applications in the Google Account under the My Activities option panel.

#6 Google Fonts

The best place where you can find up any of the font files for your projects or your websites etc. You can also get these fonts in many other languages too.

#7 Google Analytics

Have you created your website or you are using any of your blogs? if yes then this web service by Google is a must have for you as through this only you can most accurately track the traffic on your website or blog etc.

#8 Recently Used Devices

You can also find up the Recent devices through which your account has been opened or used before through this service by the Google. To check your account details for recent devices, you can use up this link.

#9 Signup without GmailImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

You won’t know that you can also create your Gmail account without the username of “” type, but you can use any other username like “” etc. through this Link.

#10 Backup Data

Want to keep your Google data safe? you can do that easily, and for that, you will just need to head out to the Google Takeout URL, and you can do that from there.

#11 Google Map Location HistoryImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

By using up the Google Map Location History service, you can find out your whole details for all your previous locations that you have either searched in the Google Maps or Google Now.
Important URLs That Every Google User should Know
Just head over to this link to make all your Google Accounts and services much safer by reviewing all your security settings.

#13 Google Alerts

Just fill up some details for the products or company etc. for which you want to get alerts, and this Google service will do that for you.

#14 Google DevelopersImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

Featuring many of the developer tools this URL is a worth for any of the programmer or developer. Just head to this URL to enjoy lots of features and functionings that helps in programming etc.

#15 Url ShortenerImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

Found up any URL for the website but is too long to be shared easily, don’t worry as the Google URL Shortener is the tool offered by the Google. This tool just makes up the short length version of the same URL that reaches the same destination on clicking.

#16 Google Translate

An amazingly great tool by Google that can help you to translate more than 100 different languages easily to any of the other available languages.

#17 Google App WorkingImportant URLs That Every Google User should Know

Here on this URL, you can find up some great tricks and tips for many of the Google Apps which you might not come to know during basic surfing through the apps.

#18 Google Application Security and Bug Bounty Program

Find up anything related to the Bug Bounty Program, and for that, the only thing you will have to do is to visit the above link.

#19 Reverse Image Search

Important URLs That Every Google User should Know
You might have used up the keywords till now on the web search engines to find up any images but to get the related images accurately, you can use up the image to search the similar kind of pictures. Just upload the image in the Google Reverse Search, and you will get up the resulting images.

#20 Inactive Account Manager

If you have many Google accounts, then it might be possible that some of the accounts you might not be using for long, and that turns that accounts to become inactive. Through the inactive accounts manager, you can quickly set up your accounts to become active again.

WhatsApp text Status feature is back on Android, update your app now

WhatsApp text Status feature is back on Android, update your app now
WhatsApp has started rolling out the old “text status” feature. The feature, which was removed after WhatsApp introduced a new feature that too was called Status, is now part of the user profile. This feature is now called “About and phone number” and users can access it by going to their profile tab into settings.
For now the feature is only available to Android users. But in the coming weeks it will also be rolled out to iOS users. The app version that includes this new feature is WhatsApp 2.17.111.
The instant messaging app nowadays comes with a new feature almost daily. But recently it introduced a major feature called Status, which allowed users to add short video and pictures and share it with their friends, similar to how they do it on Facebook.
This new feature works pretty much similar to that of the Snapchat and Instagram stories. Alongside all the new upgrades, WhatsApp removed the option for adding text to the status. But not many WhatsApp users liked it and demanded the text status back.
So vocal were the protests that WhatsApp apprently decided to bring the feature back. “We heard from our users that people missed the ability to set a persistent text-only update in their profile, so we’ve integrated this feature into the About section in profile settings,” a WhatsApp spokesperson had said. “Now, the update will appear next to profile names anytime you view contacts, such as when creating a new chat or looking at Group info.”

How it works

First of all you should update the app to get the feature back. It is not yet available to all as the update rollout is gradual. In case you haven’t got it, just wait for a day or two.
To set a text status on an Android smartphone, first, upgrading the messaging app via Google Play Store is mandatory. After which, the user can simply click on the three dots icon situated at the top right corner of the WhatsApp interface.
From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings and then head over to the “About and phone number” section and set a text status just like before. To note, the text status looks exactly like the old one. It comes with the all the default status options like – Available, Busy, Urgently call only, At school, At the movies and the rest.
WhatsApp brings no change to the old text status interface and works the same. Unlike the newly released video and photo status feature, the text status doesn’t disappear in 24 hours time. The iOS users might have to wait a little longer to get back and enjoy the old status feature.

BSNL Beats Reliance Jio, Offers 56GB Data At Rs 339

BSNL Beats Reliance Jio, Offers 56GB Data At Rs 339
BSNL just beats Reliance Jio and Airtel. BSNL has introduced the Rs 339 plan without any particular membership. Well, the Rs 339 plan brings unlimited calls to BSNL network and users will get 2GB data every day for 28 days.

BSNL Beats Reliance Jio, Offers 56GB Data At Rs 339

Many Indians are using free services that are provided by Reliance Jio from past six months including free voice calls, unlimited internet, and SMS. However, the free streak is going to end soon.
March 31 will be the last day to enjoy the free services. However, Jio users can join the prime membership and can enjoy the same offer at the price of Rs 303. Almost every other telecom operators in India are now offering unlimited data at similar price group.
Recently Airtel started offering 14GB of data along with unlimited Airtel to Airtel calls for 28 days at just Rs 145. Now, BSNL has finally taken the plunge into one of the fiercest battle going on in the telecom arena.
BSNL has introduced the Rs 339 plan without any particular membership. Well, the Rs 339 plan brings unlimited calls to BSNL network and users will get 2GB data every day for 28 days. The customers will also get 25 minutes of a free call to another network every day and after that users will be charged 25 paise per minute long phone call.
BSNL In a statement said “The benefits customer will get under the Combo STV (special tariff voucher) of Rs 339 are unlimited calls in BSNL network and unlimited data with fair use policy of 2 GB per day with validity of 28 days,”
However, one thing to note here is that the data BSNL is offering is 3G, not 4G. However, if we take a look at the speed provided by Reliance Jio, BSNL’s 3G pack might be the best choice for many because Reliance Jio’s 4G speeds are very slow.
BSNL Director for Consumer Mobility RK Mittal said “We are committed to providing affordable and efficient services to all segment of our loyal mobile customers. We offer best prices to our customers considering present trend of Indian telecom industry,”
So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

Jio Reliance Added to Paytm’s List of Operators for Prepaid Recharges

Jio Reliance Added to Paytm’s List of Operators for Prepaid Recharges


1.Consumers can recharge Jio prepaid numbers on Paytm now.
2.MobiKwik and RechargeItNow also allow users to recharge Jio numbers.
3.Jio is yet to be added to list of operators for postpaid bill payment.
With free Reliance Jio services set to end on March 31, Paytm has added Reliance Jio in its list of telecom operators for prepaid recharges. The announcement was made on social media by India’s biggest digital payments company on Twitter.
On the other hand, the option to pay Jio postpaid bills is yet to be added on Paytm. While there is no official word on it yet, the Jio pospaid bill payment option may be added once the Jio billing cycles come to a completion towards May.
Other third-party recharge websites such as MobiKwik and RechargeItNow also have Jio in their list of telecom operators for prepaid recharges. On the other hand, FreeCharge, another leading name in this domain, is yet to add Jio to its list.
Jio users will need to start paying for services starting April 1, once the Jio Happy New Year Offer comes to an end. While the voice calls and roaming services will remain free indefinitely, services such as 4G and the bundled apps will become chargeable.
To soften this blow, the company has launched the Jio Prime subscription plan that provides the option to avail extra data per month at the same prices as the prepaid recharges, along with bundled apps worth Rs. 10,000.

Vboard- Quick, affordable & durable construction

Quick, affordable & durable construction

Fiber cement boards have taken the international market by storm. The strong portfolio of advantages these products bring, have been widely endorsed and appreciated by architects and customers worldwide, many of whom are replacing conventional building products with Fiber cement board solutions. Fiber cement boards have been used in some of the most iconic buildings of our time because they save time & money, are safer and are aesthetically more beautiful. With Vboard, we have taken this fiber cement board phenomenon for interiors and exteriors, to the next level.

Vboard is a non-asbestos, autoclaved, fiber cement board, manufactured using the Hatschek process and High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology. Vboard has the composite matrix of non-asbestos cellulose fibers, ordinary portland cement, fine silica, quartz, fly ash and mineral additives. Vboard is manufactured as per IS 14862-2000 norms and it also comes with textured surface finishes, to meet the requirements of modern building applications.

1. Fire Resistant
2. Water Resistant
3.Termite Resistant
4.Weather Resistant
6.Aesthetics with durability
7.Energy Efficient
8.Easy Workability
9.Value for Money
10.Time Saving
11.Asbestos Free

Where can use?
1.Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves
2.Internal Wall Panelling
3.False Ceiling
4.Internal Partitions
5.Shelves / Wardrobes
6.Mezzanine flooring

Top Linux interview questions for One year experience

What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs. 
Kernel is used in UNIX like systems and is considered to be the heart of the operating system. It is responsible for communication between hardware and software components. It is primarily used for managing the systems resources as well.
Kernel Activities:
The Kernel task manager allows tasks to run concurrently.
Managing the computer resources: Kernel allows the other programs to run and use the resources

Resources include i/o devices, CPU, memory.
Kernel is responsible for Process management. It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously allowing user to multitask.
Kernel has an access to the systems memory and allows the processes to access the memory when required.
Processes may also need to access the devices attached to the system. Kernel assists the processes in doing so.
For the processes to access and make use of these services, system calls are used.
What is Linux Shell? What is Shell Script?
Linux shell is a user interface used for executing the commands. Shell is a program the user uses for executing the commands. In UNIX, any program can be the users shell. Shell categories in Linux are:
Bourne shell compatible, C shell compatible, nontraditional, and historical
A shell script, as the name suggests, is a script written for the shell. Script here means a programming language used to control the application. The shell script allows different commands entered in the shell to be executed. Shell script is easy to debug, quicker as compared to writing big programs. However the execution speed is slow because it launches a new process for every shell command executed. Examples of commands are cp, cn, cd.
What are Pipes? Explain uses of pipes.
A pipe is a chain of processes so that output of one process (stdout) is fed an input (stdin) to another. UNIX shell has a special syntax for creation of pipelines. The commands are written in sequence separated by |. Different filters are used for Pipes like AWK, GREP.
e.g. sort file | lpr ( sort the file and send it to printer)
Uses of Pipe
Several powerful functions can be in a single statement
Streams of processes can be redirected to user specified locations using >

Explain trap command; shift Command, getopts command of linux.
Trap command: controls the action to be taken by the shell when a signal is received.
Trap [OPTIONS] [ [arg] signspec..]
Arg is the action to be taken or executed on receiving a signal specified in signspec.
e.g. trap “rm $FILE; exit” // exit (signal) and remove file (action)
Shift Command:  Using shift command, command line arguments can be accessed. The command causes the positional parameters shift to the left. Shift [n] where n defaults to 1. It is useful when several parameters need to be tested.
Getopts command: this command is used to parse arguments passed. It examines the next command line argument and determines whether it is a valid option
Getopts {optstring} {variable1}. Here, optsring contains letters to be recognized if a letter is followed by a colon, an argument should be specified. E.g (whether the argument begins with a minus sign and is followed by any single letter contained inside options ) If not, diagnostic messages are shown. It is usually executed inside a loop.
What Stateless Linux server? What feature it offers?
A stateless Linux server is a centralized server in which no state exists on the single workstations. There may be scenarios when a state of a partilcuar system is meaningful (A snap shot is taken then) and the user wants all the other machines to be in that state. This is where the stateless Linux server comes into picture.
It stores the prototypes of every machine
It stores snapshots taken for those systems
It stores home directories for those systems
Uses LDAP containing information of all systems to assist in finding out which snapshot (of state) should be running on which system.

What does nslookup do? Explain its two modes.
Nslookup is used to find details related to a Domain name server. Details like IP addresses of a machine, MX records, servers etc. It sends a domain name query packet to the corresponding DNS.
Nslookup has two modes. Interactive and non interactive. Interactive mode allows the user to interact by querying information about different hosts and domains.
Non interactive mode is used to fetch information about the specified host or domain.
Interactive mode:
Nslookup [options] [server]

What is Bash Shell?
Bash is a free shell for UNIX. It is the default shell for most UNIX systems. It has a combination of the C and Korn shell features.  Bash shell is not portable. any Bash-specific feature will not function on a system using the Bourne shell or one of its replacements, unless bash is installed as a secondary shell and the script begins with #!/bin/bash. It supports regular and expressions. When bash script starts, it executes commands of different scripts.
Explain Some Network-Monitoring Tools in Linux: ping, traceroute, tcpdump, ntop
Network monitoring tools are used to monitor the network, systems present on the network, traffic etc.
Ping: Ping command is used to check if the system is in the network or not. To check if the host is operating.
e.g. ping ip_address
When the command is executed, it returns a detailed summary of the host. Packets   sent, received, lost by estimating the round trip time.
Traceroute : the command is used to trace the path taken by the packet across a network. Tracing the path here means finding out the hosts visited by the packet to reach its destination. This information is useful in debugging. Roundtrip time in ms is shown for every visit to a host.
Tcpdump: commonly used to monitor network traffic. Tcdump captures and displays packet headers and matching them against criteria or all. It interprets Boolean operators and accepts host names, ip address, network names as arguments.
Ntop : Network top shows the network usage. It displays summary of network usage by machines on the network in a format as of UNIX top utility. It can also be run in web mode, which allows the display to be browsed with a web browser. It can display network traffic statistics, identify host etc. Interfaces are available to view such information.

Explain file system of linux. The root "/" filesystem, /usr filesystem, /var filesystem, /home filesystem, /proc filesystem.
Root "/" file system: The kernel needs a root file system to mount at start up. The root file system is generally small and should not be changed often as it may interrupt in booting. The root directory usually does not have the critical files. Instead sub directories are created. E.g. /bin (commands needed during bootup), /etc (config files) , /lib(shared libraries).
/usr filesystem : this file system is generally large as it contains the executable files to be shared amongst different machines. Files are usually the ones installed while installing Linux. This makes it possible to update the system from a new version of the distribution, or even a completely new distribution, without having to install all programs again. Sub directories include /bin, /include, /lib, /local (for local executables)
/var filesystem : this file system is specific to local systems. It is called as var because the data keeps changing. The sub directories include /cache/man (A cache for man pages), /games (any variable data belong to games), /lib (files that change), /log (log from different programs), /tmp (for temporary files)
/home filesystem: - this file system differs from host to host. User specific configuration files for applications are stored in the user's home directory in a file. UNIX creates directories for all users directory. E.g /home/my_name. Once the user is logged in ; he is placed in his home directory.
/proc filesystemthis file system does  not exist on the hard disk. It is created by the kernel in its memory to provide information about the system. This information is usually about the processes. Contains a hierarchy of special files which represent the current state of the kernel .Few of the Directories include /1 (directory with information about process num 1, where 1 is the identification number), /cpuinfo (information about cpu), /devices (information about devices installed), /filesystem (file systems configured), /net (information about network protocols), /mem (memory usage)

What are the process states in Linux?
Process states in Linux:
Running: Process is either running or ready to run
Interruptible: a Blocked state of a process and waiting for an event or signal from another process
Uninterruptible:-  a blocked state. Process waits for a hardware condition and cannot handle any signal
Stopped: Process is stopped or halted and can be restarted by some other process
Zombie: process terminated, but information is still there in the process table.

What is a zombie? 
Zombie is a process state when the child dies before the parent process. In this case the structural information of the process is still in the process table. Since this process is not alive, it cannot react to signals. Zombie state can finish when the parent dies. All resources of the zombie state process are cleared by the kernel

Explain each system calls used for process management in linux.
System calls used for Process management:
Fork () :- Used to create a new process
Exec() :- Execute a new program
Wait():- wait until the process finishes execution
Exit():- Exit from the process
Getpid():- get the unique process id of the process
Getppid():- get the parent process unique id
Nice():- to bias the existing property of process

For more questions with answers, follow the link below:

What is zarfund? (Read carefully)

What is zarfund? (Read carefully)
Zarfund is a 2x6 matrix MLM website. You only need to invest 0.03 bitcoin to start. The money on zarfund is not sent to the site admin; rather it is sent to the uplines in your team. You will also get paid by your downlines.
At Zarfund, you only need to invite two people to start with. This two referrals will then invite another two people, your team begins to grow like that.
To scale easily on zarfund, you need to join a team that is constantly promoting their referral links to enjoy the benefit of spill overs.
Spill overs
You can't refer more than two persons. When a new user clicks the referral link of someone that already has two users, the zarfund system assigns this new user to someone else in the team that does not have up to 2 referrals. Like I said earlier, if you join a team that is constantly promoting their referral links via social media, blogs and other ways, you enjoy the benefit of spill overs.
Zarfund is based on Bitcoins, every transaction is made with bitcoin. At level 6, you earn 128 Bitcoins. As at the time of posting this answer, a Bitcoin worth around 744 USD.
0.03 bitcoin worth 22 USD. It's not bad to give Zarfund a trial.
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The Price to Join ZarfundT
To get started here you will need some good old Bitcoins. Just to get started, you need to pay your sponsor $17. This will be a monthly payment and so will all the other packages that are offered here.
  • Level 1 – $17
  • Level 2 – $29
  • Level 3 – $57
  • Level 4 – $114
  • Level 5 – $570
  • Level 6 – $1,140
Don’t forget that these are all monthly recurring payments and they all require you to main active in order to make any money.
The Compensation Plan

There are 6 levels worth of commissions here. Now you can get paid in all 6 levels, but of course you remember that you need to purchase each one in order to qualify.
Don’t buy any of the levels and the person that you enrolled decides to make a purchase, you can expect to lose out on some commissions.